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Brief Teaching Biography: Dr. Jeremy Lewis

revised 2004

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  • Dr. Jeremy Lewis is Associate Professor of Political Science. A British citizen, he holds four degrees from Oxford University (MA, BA) and the Johns Hopkins University (PhD, MA). 
  • He is trained in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, wrote his PhD in American Politics, and has specialized in comparative public information policy.
  • He has previously worked at two state universities (CUNY and UNI) and two liberal arts colleges: Wellesley College and Colby College.
  • He holds dual nationality from United Kingdom and United States.
Teaching Repertoire and Administration
  • He currently teaches fourteen political science courses (in American Government, Public Administration, Comparative Government and International Relations) and directs an internship program.
  • He also has taught several interdisciplinary symposia.
  • He served as director of the college-wide liberal arts symposium on Justice, taught by some twenty faculty for some 200 students. 
External Professional Service
  • For ten years he served as a consultant on official information policy and administrative practice to the federal government.
  • One of his articles was used by the British cabinet office in preparing legislation.
  • His instructor's manuals (for several texts by Peacock Publishers and Chatham House Publishers) are in use with numerous colleges and the US Air Force.
  • He has served frequently as a political commentator on television, including a series on the NBC nightly news.
  • In New York and Washington DC, he has moderated panels on political issues for television -- and a video prepared for the FDA Commissioner.
  • He often served as a guest speaker at civil service conferences, and at community organizations.  (His subjects have ranged broadly: from great deaths of political figures, via the 1946 administrative procedures act, and American values, to the 250th anniversary of the battle of Culloden Moor). 
Other Interests
  • He also occasionally enjoys developing software for classes, and has developed two websites.  He speaks to conferences occasionally on the uses of courseware and on website development.
  • He coordinates an active public affairs club for students of all persuasions; they engage in field trips, bring in guest speakers, hold evening discussions, and occasionally conduct opinion surveys.
  • He takes students to monthly meetings of the Alabama World Affairs Council, and the WAC national conference in Washington DC.
  • He facilitated setting up a college democrats group for students.  (A college republicans group has long been active at the college.)
  • When a student, Dr. Lewis was an active member of three student politial parties: the Conservatives, Liberals and Labour.  He is a life member of the Oxford Union Debating Society.
  • He conducts occasional coed rugby courses, and sponsors the sailing club and College Democrats; he is an honorary member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.
Style of teaching
  • Dr. Lewis believes strongly in breaking the fourth wall of the classroom: rather than just listening to lectures, courses use the internet, speakers, student presentations and multimedia.
  • All courses are run as seminars with student presentations and discussion.
  • All courses involve essays and nearly all require research papers -- but with plenty of help provided on how to design, research and write the paper.
  • He often invites guest speakers to inform classes about practical government or law.
  • He occasionally takes students out for a more informal seminar in a cafe.
  • He likes to take classes out on field trips to the state legislature, governor's office or other political locations.
  • He has taken students to the House of Commons, London and Oxford University for courses on British politics. 
Recent students' placements
  • Coming from teaching in a graduate program in public policy, he is very keen to send well-educated, interdisciplinary undergraduates on to good graduate schools. 
  • Political Science graduates from Huntingdon have matriculated to graduate schools as far afield as Monterrey Institute (CA) and Case Western Reserve (OH)
  • His previous undergraduate students from Wellesley College and Colby College have entered leading graduate and law schools -- including scholarships to Harvard and Yale. 
  • One of his recent former Huntingdon students went on to University of California Santa Clara law school; another to study international law at American University law school in Washington DC; and a few to the University of Alabama or Cumberland law schools.
  • One recent student worked as an assistant press secretary for Gov. Fob James (R) -- and another in the same position for Gov. Don Siegelman (D).
  • Another student has been the Capitol Intern for Gov. Siegelman's legislative liaison staff.  Another worked in Gov. Jeb Bush's policy office (R-FL).
  • Several undergrads have been interns for US senators or representatives from Alabama.
  • Several students have worked in office management for law firms and for the District Attorney.
  • Students have also gone on to work as campaign professionals, political office managers, small city managers, and public interest group researchers.
  • Numerous former students have corresponded by e-mail from their jobs in the US Senate, from grad schools, and from interest group offices in Washington DC.  Thanks!