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Just a few quick scans, created in 2000.

Huntingdon College, 1996-
University of N. Iowa, 1990-96
City University of New York, 1985-1990
Colby College, 1984-85
Wellesley College, 1980-84
Johns Hopkins University, 1976-80

Seminar in Atrium, 2000
Political science seminar in the library atrium, 2000.
(HC photo.)
1999-2000, photo by Kelly Washburn for HC.
January 2000, after the muddiest tackle practice day in the Coed rugby class, and after a hosing down.  How well do I clean up? 
(Photos by Kelly Washburn for HC.)
South Korea, world congress of political science, 1997South Korea, world congress of political science, 1997
South Korea, world congress of political science, 1997
At a restored palace in South Korea, at the world congress of political science, 1997.
Lifelong Learning poster, c. 1997-98Photo from HC Admissions Office.
A deep discussion of the meaning of life, for the Lifelong Learning poster.  I really enjoy teaching lifelong (mature) students in liberal arts courses -- their enthusiasm is infectious.
(HC photos.)
University of Northern Iowa, c. 1994, for the presidential studies group conference.
University of Northern Iowa, 1995, taken before the center for the study of the presidency conference.
After windsurfing in Iowa, c. 1994.
After a windsurfing session in Iowa, about 1994.