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Images with Amb. Robert L. Gallucci, 4 Feb. 2003

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2003-2003 Notes
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Visit of Ambassador Robert L. Gallucci, Dean, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, 4 Feb. '03

75: Amb. Gallucci with Huntingdon students Margaret Enfinger, Sylvie Kim (S. Korea) and 
Negin Ahmadi (Denmark).

74: Huntingdon students question Amb. Gallucci: Negin Ahmadi (Denmark), Margaret 
Enfinger, and Sylvie Kim (S. Korea).

73: Sylvie Kim shakes hands with Amb. Gallucci.

72: Amb. Gallucci explains a point to Dr. David Lai (AWC) as Lee Sellers, Dr. James Nathan 
and Gen. Cleveland listen.

71: Amb. Earle Scarlett makes a point as Mrs. Scarlett, Amb. Gallucci, Prof. Nathan and 
Prof. Lai listen.

70: ... Amb. Gallucci, Dr. James Nathan (AUM) ...

76: Gen. Cleveland and Amb. Gallucci respond to a questioner.


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