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PSC 371: Seminar in World Politics & Terrorism

Guest Speakers, Fall 2005.

Compiled by Prof. Jeremy Lewis, revised 27 Oct. 2005.

  •   Guest speakers in classes:
  • Mr. Craig Baab, "Terrorism as a Regional Force: Palestine and the Congo." Th 27 Oct. in PSC 371
  • Ms. Bernadette Lorenzo, "The Peace Corps experience in Paraguay." Tues 25 Oct. in PSC 371
  • Maj. Eduardo Monares, USAF, on his work in Iraq, Afghanistan and (during bombing) in Madrid. Th 6 Oct. in PSC 371

  • Mr. Craig Baab, "Terrorism as a Regional Force: Palestine and the Congo." Th 27 Oct. in PSC 371
  • Mr. Baab earned his BA from Elmhurst college, and the JD from the law college of American University.  He is admitted to the Bar of the District of Columbia.  He was a clerk on the US Senate's (Fulbright) committee on Foreign Relations, directed government liaison for the American Bar Association and later for the Armenian assembly of America.  In the 1990s he served as an international law development adviser for the US Institute of Peace (in Bulgaria); the US Agency for International Development (Congo, Rwanda and Burundi; and in occupied Palestine).  In recent years he has served as an international law and development adviser to US corporate and non-profit clients.
  • Speaker notes: Mr. Craig Baab, by Lauren Carruth, Fall 2005
  • Questions:
    Which non-governmental organization was the first of its kind to be authorized by the UN General Assembly to represent its population in the General Assembly?  Answer: PLO
    As the U.S. prepared to enter WWII, what was the U.S. military rank in the world?  Answer: 13th
    T or F: In the pre-dominated Islamic country Turkey, it is lawful for a woman legislator to wear a headscarf.  Answer: False
    T or F: In the pre-dominated Christian country France, it is unlawful for a French student to wear a headscarf.  Answer: True
    Is it ever lawful to kill another person?  Answer: Yes (war, capital punishment, self-defense)
    Is it ever lawful for a state to torture a person?  Answer: No, it is never authorized to torture
    What percentage of the annual U.S. government budget is devoted to all foreign assistance?  Answer: Less than half a percent
    -Mr. Baab worked in the West Bank Gaza Strip area to help Palestinians strengthen their justice system by training prosecutors, public defenders, and establishing a formal justice structure
    -In Iraq, other than Americans, lawyers and police officers are targeted first
    -Before you can help establish or strengthen a formal justice system, the political will to do so in that country must be present
    -In the fall of 1999, the United States decided the political will was present in West Bank Gaza, and they sent foreign aid to help with the justice system
    -In addition to needing a political will to assure the work will benefit the area, institutions are needed to absorb large sums of money in the form of foreign aid
    -When aiding a foreign country, one must understand the foreign country’s perspective, not just the home country’s way of doing things
    -Money does not cure problems; it must be applied in the right areas where the country actually needs the help
    -Specifically, Mr. Baab aided judges in finding formal spaces to hold court, and law students in gaining computer access thanks to generators and books for research
    -Another point to consider when aiding a foreign country: politics are involved in everything, which makes getting a simple task accomplished difficult
    -An example of this idea is forming a judges organization in West Bank Gaza, which was intended to be non-political could not avoid the politics of the area with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    -The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: the Israelis occupy the Gaza Strip, but it is not theirs to keep and no other country recognizes their control in the Gaza Strip as anything more than occupation
    -The Gaza Strip has rough living conditions
    -More than half its population are refugees
    -Israelis paid people to live there among Palestinians
    -Security roads held by Israelis are strategic military points that can be cut off, dividing the Gaza Strip in thirds
    -They are also centered around the water resources and are high points
    -Israelis leaving the Gaza Strip is an important first step in the conflict
    **Money is not all foreign countries need.  Humans want dignity more than anything else.**

  • Ms. Bernadette Lorenzo, "The Peace Corps experience in Paraguay." Tues 25 Oct. in PSC 371

  • Maj. Eduardo Monares, USAF, on his work in Iraq, Afghanistan and (during bombing) in Madrid. Th 6 Oct. in PSC 371