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PSC 207: Public Administration
Charles Goodsell, The Case for Bureaucracy (4/e).
Publisher's blurb.
Page revised 21 Aug. 2005, by Jeremy Lewis.
                               The Case for Bureaucracy: A Public Administration Polemic
                               Fourth edition
                               Charles T. Goodsell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
                               and State University
                               © 2003  / 240 pages
                               ISBN 1-889119-69-5 paperback $26.95

                               The Case for Bureaucracy vigorously makes the
                               argument that the public servants and
                               administrative institutions of government in
                               America are among the best in the world.
                               Contrary to popular myth, they are not sources of
                               great waste or threat to liberty, but social assets
                               of critical value to a functioning democracy.  In
                               presenting his case, Goodsell covers many aspects
                               of public administration and draws on current
                               events to bring the material alive and
                               up-to-date.   This new edition incorporates
                               September 11th and its consequences for public
                               administration.  Also a complete assessment is
                               made of the Reinventing Government movement
                               and related reforms.

                               Table of Contents

                               1. Bureaucracy Despised, Disparaged, and Defended
                               2. What Citizens Experience from Bureaucracy
                               3. More Bureaucracy Myths to Delete
                               4. Ask the Impossible of Bureaucracy? Easy!
                               5. Looking Closer at Those Bureaucrats
                               6. Bureaucratic Bigness and Badness Reconsidered
                               7. Fads and Fundamentals of Bureaucracy

                               The Author

                               Charles Goodsell is Professor Emeritus at the
                               Center for Public Administration and Policy, Virginia
                               Tech.  His other books include The American
                               Statehouse: Interpreting Democracy’s Temples;
                               Public Administration Illuminated and Inspired by
                               the Arts, co-edited with Nancy Murray; The Social
                               Meaning of Civic Space: Studying Political
                               Authority Through Architecture.