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PSC 309: Terrorism & Developing Countries, PSC309 GoogOlympics

revised 08/24/19 with events from 309Timetable, by Jeremy Lewis

GoogOlympic Events

GoogOlympic Events

GoogOlympics Event: Executive response to the 9/11 Attacks

Bush Advisor Recalls Telling Bush About 9/11 Attacks | MSNBC (YouTube, 7')

9/11: President Bush's Address To Congress on September 20th, 2001 (ABC News, YouTube,50')

GoogOlympics Event: the clash of civilizations thesis

GoogOlympics Event: Muslim attitudes abroad to the US

GoogOlympics Event:  Exploring Capitalism and Socialism
Comparison of capitalist, Social Dem. and communist countries, using CIA World Factbook:

GoogOlympics event: What sources of good, comparative data are available online?
How can we compare income, population trends, health issues, or spending on public programs?

GoogOlympics event: Exploring the Islamic State

GoogOlympics event: Comparing the issues faced in the twenty first century in China, India, Mexico and Turkey

GoogOlympics event: Corruption and freedom, world rankings

GoogOlympics Event: Programs for women
- What are international organizations doing to emancipate and develop women globally? Google Form

GoogOlympics event: Climate Change issues