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PSC 302: Comparative Government.
Suggested Readings
by Jeremy Lewis.
  • 302 Syllabus
    You can probably find more recent books by these authors, but here are some of their classic works.

    Those volumes marked with a double asterisk are highly recommended, though all of these are highly readable. 

    United Kingdom:

    Ashford, Douglas E. 1981. Policy and Politics in Britain.

    Butler, David, and Kavanagh, Dennis. 1988. The British General Election of 1987. (Part of a series.) **

    Butler, David, and Donald Stokes. 1975. Political Change in Britain. (One of the "bibles" of British politics.) **

    Crossman, Richard. 1974-77. The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister. 3 vols. 

    Heclo, Hugh, and Aaron Wildavsky. 1974. The Private Government of Public Money. (A classic American view of British Politics.) **

    Hennessy, Peter. 1987. Cabinet. (Excellent piece of political science journalism, exposing the workings of a largely unknown body.) **

    Hennessy, Peter. 1990. Whitehall. (Excellent piece of political science journalism, exposing the workings of a largely unknown body.) **

    Kavanagh, Dennis. 1990. Thatcherism and British Politics: the End of Consensus. **

    Kellner, Peter, and Lord Crowther-Hunt. 1980. The Civil Servants: An Inquiry into Britain's Ruling Class.

    Marshall, Geoffrey. 1989. Ministerial Responsibility.

    Norton, Philip. 1985. Parliament in the 1980s. **

    Norton, Philip. The British Polity. (Successful text which we used in an earlier version of this class.) **

    Rose, Richard. Do Parties Make a Difference?


    Converse, Philip E., and Pierce, Roy. 1986. Political Representation in France. 

    Crozier, Michel. 1982. Strategies of Change: The Future of French Society. (Major author.)

    Gaulle, Charles de. 1972. The Complete War Memoirs. (Yup, the real thing. Surprisingly readable.) **

    Hall, Peter, Hayward, Jack, and Howard Machin (eds). 1990. Developments in French Politics. (Major textbook.) **

    Hauss, Charles. 1991. Politics in Gaullist France: Coping With Chaos. **

    Hoffman, Stanley. 1974. Decline or Renewal? France Since the 1930s.

    Macridis, Roy. (Anything by this author.)

    Mitterand, Francois. 1982. The Wheat and the Chaff. (The real thing.)

    Ross, George, Stanley Hoffman and Sylvia Malzacher. 1987. The Mitterand Experiment. (Anything by Ross or by Hoffman. They have numerous well-received publications.)

    Safran, William. 1991. The French Polity. Third Edition. (Successful text which we used in an earlier version of this class.) **

    Wilson, Frank L. (Anything by this author. He has several major research works and textbooks, all highly readable.) **


    Conradt, David P. 1992. The German Polity. Fifth Edition. (Anything by this author. He has several major research works and textbooks, all highly readable.) **

    Dalton, Russell J. 1989. Politics in West Germany. (This text is good, but arrived just in time to be outdated by reunification.)

    Alfred Grosser. (Anything by this author.)

    Hancock, Donald M. (Anything by this readable and knowledgeable author.) **

    Katzenstein, Peter J. 1987. Policy and Politics in West Germany.

    Pond, Elizabeth. 1990. After the Wall: American Policy Toward Germany.

    Turner, Henry Ashby, Jr. 1987. The Two Germanies Since 1945.


    Kogan, Norman. 1983. A Political History of Italy: The Postwar Years. (Anything by this fine historian.) **

    La Palombara, Joseph. 1987. Democracy Italian Style. **

    La Palombara, Joseph. 1964. Interest Groups in Italian Politics.

    Penniman, Howard. Italy at the Polls. (A series published after each election.) **

    Putnam, Robert D. 1973. The Beliefs of Politicians: Ideology, Conflict and Democracy in Britain and Italy.

    Ranney, Austin, and Giovanni Sartori, eds. 1978. Eurocommunism: The Italian Case. **

    Zariski, Raphael. 1972. Italy: The Politics of Uneven Development.


    Castles, Francis. 1978. The Social Democratic Image of Society: A Study of the Achievements and Origins of Scandinavian Social Democracy in a Comparative Perspective. 

    Cerny, Karl H. ed. 1977. Scandinavia at the Polls. 

    Hancock, M. Donald. (Anything by this readable author.) **

    Heclo, Hugh. 1974. Modern Social Politics in Britain and Sweden. (Anything by this excellent author.) **

    Milner, Henry. 1989. Sweden: Social Democracy in Practice. 

    The European Community: (This category has increased dramatically in the last decade.)

    Daltrop, Anne. 1986. Politics and The European Community.

    Burgess, Michael. 1989. Federalism and European Union. 

    Kerr, Anthony J.C.. 1986. The Common Market and How it Works. 

    Lodge, Juliet. ed. 1989. The European Community and the Challenge of the Future. 

    Nugent, Neill. 1989. The Government and Politics of the European Community. 

    Sbragia, Alberta M. ed. Euro-Politics: Institutions in the 'New' European Community.

    Shackleton, Michael. 1990. The Budget of the European Community.

    Simonian, Haig. 1985. The Privileged Partnership: Franco-German Relations in the European Community.

    Springer, Beverly. 1992. The Social Dimension of 1992: Europe Faces a New E.C..

    Urwin, Derek W. 1991. The Community of Europe: A History of European Integration Since 1945. (Fine author but tends to write above a textbook level.)

    Wallace, Helen, William Wallace and Carole Webb. eds. 1983. Policymaking in the European Community. Second Edition. 

    General Comparative Works on Europe:

    Almond, Gabriel and Sidney Verba. 1980. The Civic Culture Revisited. (A classic five nation study, revised edition.)

    Aberbach, Joel D, Robert Putnam, and Bert Rockman. 1981. Bureaucrats and Politicians in Western Democracies. 

    Hauss, Charles. 1997. Comparative Politics: Domestic Responses to Global Challenges. Second Edition. Minneapolis: West Publishing.**

    Heidenheimer, Arnold, Hugh Heclo, and Carolyn Teich Adams. 1990. Comparative Public Policy: The Politics of Social Choice in Europe and America. 

    Macridis, Roy. ed. Modern Political Systems: Europe. (A fine text which we used in an earlier version of this course. Its strength lies in the detailed analysis of institutions in each country. The German section is slightly outdated by events, but the British and French sections are excellent, as is the European Community section.)

    Magstadt, Thomas M. 1994. Nations and Governments: Comparative Politics in a Regional Perspective. Second Edition. New York: St. Martin's Press.**

    Magstadt, Thomas M and Peter M. Schotten. 1996. Understanding Politics. New York: St. Martin's Press.**

    Steiner, Jurg. 1998. European Democracies, Fourth Edition. New York: Addison-Wesley Longman. **

    Suleiman, Ezra and Richard Rose (eds). 1980. Presidents and Prime Ministers.

    Wiarda, Howard J. 1993. "What is Comparative Politics?" in his Introduction to Comparative Politics: Concepts and Processes. Belmont CA: Wadsworth.

    Wilson, Frank L. 1994. European Politics Today: The Democratic Experience. Second Edition. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. **