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PSC 302: New Europeans, Parts 1 and 3: Unity and Regionalism
A Documentary Video.  Student Outline by Jeremy Lewis.
The New Europeans (Ambrose Video, 1992) is a rare documentary shown on US TV about Europe, compiled in three volumes:

The New Europeans, Volume 3: 'Regional Dreams'
After Destruction of WWII desire for an European Community, beyond nations.

1. But Regional Dreams & Identities:

e.g. Catalonia
e.g. Ireland
2. The Rich and The Poor Regions
e.g. Hamburg
e.g. Italy
3. EU Law Enforcement

4. A Federal Europe, [or Subsidiarity?]

as EU power increases, national power decreases and regional power increases
e.g. Basque
Ethnic Pride
5. Farm Policy
e.g. French farmers blockade Euro Disney
e.g. Wales Sheep Farmers
e.g. Holland
Common Agricultural Policy
6. Green Movement

7. Champagne Region of France

8. Paradox of EU

9. European tension between Young and Old

The New Europeans, Volume 2: 'Global Agenda' [not recorded]

The New Europeans, Volume 1: 'The Road to Unity'.

1. Desire for EC based on destruction of WWII

2. Maastricht Agreement: towards Union

3. Railroad Union

4. Commerce driving Union (Eg. Benetton)

5. Diplomatic summits since 1815 Vienna; a drive for a community to prevent war.

6. Institutions vs. Traditional Interests

7. Regional and Industrial Policy

8. Market - end to national subsidies

9. Maastricht Treaty