By Su Ofe, 2006

The College is bordered in the front by Fairview Avenue (which leads to the Cloverdale Campus), in the back by Woodley Road, and on each side by Narrow Lane Road (in front of Montgomery Country Club) and Bankhead (next to Searcy and Blount).

There are a few gift shops and restaurants in CLOVERDALE, near the Cloverdale Campus (an easy walk). Continue walking down Fairview and you can shop at Capitol Book & News (across from the football field), Ella’s, or other stores; restaurants include Sinclair’s (wide variety of foods), Café Louisa (California-style/healthy/good food), Tomatino’s (pizza is their specialty), Jubilee (seafood), and El Rey (Mexican/Southwestern open for dinner only—good food/large portions). Richardson’s Pharmacy around the corner not only serves as a drugstore, but also as a great gift shop. The Capri Theatre, next to Sinclair’s, plays artsy films, foreign films, and other special films.

Near Huntingdon there are some trendy clothing and gift shops on MULBERRY STREET – less than a mile from campus but not an easy walk because of the traffic. All of these stores close at or before 5:00 p.m. Go out the front entrance and continue straight on College Street. Turn right onto Carter Hill (at the light) and left onto Mulberry (at the next light). There are shops and cafés on both sides of the street and down some of the side-streets.

Also within walking distance in CLOVERDALE is the small shopping center at the corner of Narrow Lane and Carter Hill Roads. Winn Dixie grocery store, Rite Aid, a Chinese carry-out place (good food), Subway, Movie Gallery, a cleaner’s, and a few other stores are here. (It would not be advisable to walk here at night.) Across the street on Carter Hill and Mulberry is Al’s Flowers, a gift shop and florist owned by a Huntingdon alum. The men’s store next door is good, I’m told, but pricey. Sonic, a tire place, and an oil change place are in that same block.

Within about two miles of campus, there are the shops and restaurants on ZELDA ROAD. Go out the front entrance and continue straight on College Street. Turn right onto Carter Hill (at the light) and continue on Carter Hill until you get to Zelda, (CVS on your left and a Walgreen’s being built on your right) take a left at the light. There are a Publix supermarket, Starbuck’s, Moe’s, Taco Bell, KFC, McDonald’s, Arby’s, Country’s BBQ, Captain Dees, Wendy’s, Domino’s Pizza, Krystal, a Chinese Buffet place, Hardees, and several stores (Talbot’s, a jewelry store, an antiques shop, a formal/bridal wear store, and other upscale shops) and restaurants. The nicest restaurant on Zelda is Nancy Patterson’s Bistro (expensive, only open for lunch, I think). La Zona Rosa is a good, inexpensive Mexican restaurant.

The NEAREST and NEWEST SUPER-WALMART is in the same general area as the above shops. Continue on Zelda around the corner to the right, and it becomes Ann Street. The SuperWalmart will be on your right. It just opened this year.

On CARTER HILL before you get to Zelda Road, Capitol’s Rosemont Gardens on the right has a number of gift items, sells Vera Bradley purses, and is a florist. It closes at 5pm.

MONTGOMERY MALL AREA– there isn’t much left at this mall – most of the stores have moved out, but Steve & Barry’s University Sportswear has a number of low-priced clothing items (about $7 each, and including lots of jackets and sweatshirts). To get to this mall, go down Fairview to Narrow Lane, take a right, and then take a soft left (not a hard left) onto McGehee Road at the five-point intersection of Narrow Lane and Woodley Roads. Follow McGehee. On your right, you’ll pass a small shopping center with a hardware store, two clothing stores, a Subway Restaurant, Liger’s Bakery, and several other shops. Continue on down McGehee and you’ll see Montgomery Mall on the right, but Steve & Barry’s is at the other end, so keep driving toward the intersection of McGehee and East South Boulevard (if you turn right on this street, you’re on South Boulevard, but if you turn left, you’re on East Boulevard – go figure). (If you go straight and cross East Boulevard, you’re on I-231 South.) Across from Montgomery Mall on East Boulevard are Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, Macaroni Grill, Office Depot, Longhorn Steakhouse, and a Mexican place, among other places. The theatre at this complex shows new-release films but doesn’t have a reputation for being safe. In this same area are a Michael’s, Marshall’s, and the oldest and probably least-safe Walmart, among other stores.

EAST BOULEVARD—a number of restaurants are located along East Boulevard, as well as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Books-A-Million, Petco, and Best Buy. Restaurants are too numerous to name, but include Carraba’s, Outback, Jason’s Deli, Longhorn Steakhouse, the Blue Burrito, etc. To get to East Boulevard, you can go out McGehee toward Montgomery Mall, as described above, or, instead, go out the front entrance of the College and continue on College Street to Carter Hill, turn right at the light. Follow Carter Hill (it will become Vaughn Road) until you get to East Boulevard – large intersection. On your left is a small shopping center with a variety of stores, Chick-Fil-A, Olive Garden, O’Charlie’s; across the street on the left you’ll see a Panera Bread in another shopping area, and across the street on the right is yet another shopping area with a good Mexican restaurant in it and an Office Depot. To reach most of the restaurants and stores I named above, turn left onto East Boulevard. OR, you can go to Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, and all of the shops I named above around Montgomery Mall by turning right on East Boulevard. The shops will be on your left, the mall will be on your right.

EASTDALE MALL— This is the only real mall we have in Montgomery since Montgomery Mall is mostly deserted now. Go out the front entrance and continue straight on College Street. Turn right onto Carter Hill (at the light) and left onto Mulberry (at the next light). Take I-85 North to the exit marked 231/East Boulevard. Go North (stay in the left lane on the exit). Take a right turn at the merge leading to Atlanta Highway (Highway 80). Turn right onto Atlanta Highway and left into the mall at the first light. The mall has Penneys, Sears, Dillards, Parisian as anchor stores and all the other smaller mall-type stores in between, including American Eagle, Gap, Aeropostale, the Limited, etc. The food court has all the typical mall food court places, plus there is a Crockmier’s Restaurant in the mall. There is a small theater (Eastdale Cinema) near Sears inside the mall.

THE SHOPPES AT EASTCHASE—This is a great, fairly new, open-air shopping area loaded with upper-end stores and good restaurants. Go out the front entrance and continue straight on College Street. Turn right onto Carter Hill (at the light) and left onto Mulberry (at the next light). Take I-85 North to the Taylor Road exit. Turn right at Taylor Road (it’s easiest if you do this from the right-middle lane rather than the far right lane) and make an immediate left into the Shoppes. There are a multitude of stores and restaurants, including Target, Kohls, Pier One, World Market, Ross, Dillards, Coldwater Creek, Ann Taylor, Gap, Linens n’ Things, American Eagle, New York Company, Kinucan, Claire’s, Liz Claiborne Shoes, Talbot’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, Buckle, etc. There are a bunch of restaurants in this area, including Ruby Tuesday, Red Star Tavern, Panera Bread, Bonefish Grill (very expensive), Cheeburger Cheeburger, and fast food such as Chick-Fil-A, Arby’s, Wendy’s, Whataburger, and several other places. In the same vicinity, if you continue on Taylor Road instead of turning left into Eastchase and go down to Vaughn Road, there are a few more stores, like Steinmart.

ATLANTA HIGHWAY – Unlike its name would suggest, you don’ take this road to get to Atlanta (take I-85 North and you will get to Atlanta in about 2.5 hours). Madison Avenue/Atlanta Highway parallels Carter Hill/Vaughn Road as an East/West thoroughfare through Montgomery. You can reach it by going north on Ann Street, Perry Hill Road, Bell Road, or Taylor Road from Carter Hill/Vaughn Road. Along Atlanta Highway, you’ll find Jim N’ Nicks BBQ, Dreamland BBQ, Zaxby’s, another Super Walmart (near the intersection with Taylor Road), and lots of stores, service places, and restaurants. AUM and Faulkner are accessible from Atlanta Highway. Brunswick Lanes (bowling) is on the Madison Avenue end of this road, toward downtown (but east of the Ann Street intersection).

MOVIES – the biggest and most popular cinema in town is Rave Motion Pictures. Next door to it is the Mellow Mushroom restaurant and on the other side a pottery place and ice cream shop, as well as some other trendy stores and galleries. More trendy, upscale stores are across the street. Rave is just around the corner from the Shoppes at EastChase, so you can follow the directions to the Shoppes and instead of turning left into the Shoppes off Taylor, continue down Taylor Road to Vaughn Road. Turn left, and then turn left at the first light. OR, you can take College Street from the campus up to Carter Hill. Turn right. Carter Hill becomes Vaughn Road if you stay straight. Follow it past East Boulevard and on out to the Sturbridge area. Rave will be on your left.

ALABAMA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL is a wonderful professional theater. It is located off of Vaughn Road on the left just past East Boulevard. Follow the directions as if you’re going to the Rave theaters and you’ll see ASF on your left shortly after you cross East Boulevard.

DOWNTOWN – see Map of Downtown

MONTGOMERY ZOO – take Carter Hill to Zelda to Ann Street; turn right on the Atlanta Hwy., turn left onto Coliseum Blvd., turn left onto Northern Blvd. The Zoo will be on your left.

JACKSON HOSPITAL – this is on Mulberry past the shops and businesses. Go under I-85 and the hospital will be on your left.

BAPTIST SOUTH HOSPITAL – this is on the Southern Boulevard. From the front entrance of Huntingdon, turn right onto Fairview and right onto Narrow Lane Road. Follow Narrow Lane down to the Southern Blvd. The hospital will be on your left past a bunch of doctors’ offices.

PRI-MED – there are several Pri-Med locations in town – two on Atlanta Highway. The closest location is at the corner of Vaughn Road and East Boulevard.

CHURCHES – the closest UMC is First UMC – take a left onto Fairview at the front entrance of the College and follow past the Cloverdale business district, turn right onto Cloverdale road and then make an immediate left – you will see the church from there, it’s magnificent. The closest Baptist church is Cloverdale Baptist, straight down Fairview on the left (left out of the front entrance).