Professorese 101 Role Play Scenarios

Sometimes students are unsure about how to relate to professors, especially when there is a problem. Ask you FYE students to role play some of the following scenarios and discuss. Feel free to invent your own based on your own experiences.

  1. Professor Plum invites a group of 15 students to her house for dinner. Thirteen of the fifteen students say they will be there. She spends $75 on food and spends two hours cleaning house and cooking. Two students show up at her house.
  2. Athlete Allen needs to show the coach that he is passing all of his classes and has been attending all of his classes. It is 2:00 and he needs to turn in the signed grade/attendance form by 3:30.
  3. The big term paper is due in two weeks but you have no idea what an acceptable topic would be. You go to the professorís office. How do you start the conversation?
  4. You blew it. You didnít study enough for the first test in a class. Sure enough, you get it back with a big, fat, red, fluorescent "F" on it. As he hands back the test, Professor Pompous comments that perhaps you are not suited for college-level work and should perhaps sue your fifth-grade teacher for negligence. How do you handle this?
  5. You find yourself lost in class. The lectures are delivered in ancient Greek and the professorís words seem to whiz by your ears at the speed of sound. You had As in this subject in high school, but there seems to be a gap the size of the Grand Canyon between high school and college expectations. Discuss the situation with the instructor.
  6. You had made an appointment this morning to see a professor for help with an assignment. You forgot to check your calendar that morning and simply forgot all about it. When you go the Dining Hall for lunch, you see the professor. He looks at you quizzically. What do you do?
  7. You have some questions about an assignment and stop by your professorís office one afternoon. Itís after posted office hours, but you see sheís at her desk. Do you ask for help or not? If so, how?
  8. A professor tells you that you must, repeat must, attend a meeting. The meeting is outside of regular class hours. It conflicts with your part-time job. What do you do?