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FYex 101: The First Year Experience Seminar, Fall '05.
section of Dr. Jeremy Lewis, Flowers 209, Phone ext. 4521.
revised 3 Oct. '05, by Jeremy Lewis.

Form for Meeting with Professor.
(Remember to address professor properly, and check first that it is a good time for a brief discussion.)
Duration of meeting in minutes: 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 | (circle one, but take no more than this!)
Location: office | on green | in dining hall | in corridor |
Professor's name:
Professor's office:
Professor's telephone extension:
Professor's highest degree and university (ask, or find in back pages of Catalog -- e.g., PhD, Duke University):

Professor's subject or program (e.g., History or Global Leadership):
Professor's School at HC:

Professor's favorite intellectual author:
Professor's unusual hobby or pet:
Professor's HC tour abroad (if any):

Subject of advising discussion (e.g., progress in course BADM 201):

Professor's attendance policy:
Professor's preferred methods of communication (circle one or more):

    eMail | note on door | cell phone | office telephone | MBWA (bumping into someone at the water cooler) |

Professor's recommended extra-curricular event (e.g. jazz band concert):