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HUNTINGDON 101: The First Year Seminar; VOYAGES.
Section of Dr. Jeremy Lewis.
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by Jeremy Lewis, revised 22 August 2004.
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    Week 1
    M Aug. 23
    Introduction to the Course, Discuss Syllabus

    Homesickness Discussion (provided by Nancy Thomas)

    Write in class-My Expectations and Dreams of My First Year at Huntingdon College (seal in an envelope)

    Write a one page response paper on the summer reading Life of Pi: (turn in next Monday)

    The author boldly claims this story will "make you believe in God." Did Piís tale alter your beliefs in God?

    Week 2
    M Aug. 30
    Life of Pi: Discussion, survival skills, etc.

    VOYAGE #1: Biscuit Game this week.

    Sept. 6-LABOR DAY: No Class

    E-mail teacher an answer to an assigned question from the discussion; due by next class.


    Week 3
    M Sept. 13
    Academic Voyages: How to Study

    11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Attend Community Service Fair in Russell Dining Hall

    Text: in class exercises and discussion
    Week 4
    M Sept. 20
    Personal and Social Voyages: Healthy Living  Text: in class exercises and discussion

    Bring student handbook to next class: Read Honor Code sections 

    Week 5
    M Sept. 27
    Academic Voyages: Cheating and The Honor Code (Bring student handbook to class). Text: in class exercises and discussion

    Supplemental material from student handbook

    Week 6
    M Oct. 4
    Academic Voyages: Time Management Worksheets and calendars filled out (provided by Dean Richard Jones)
    Week 7
    M Oct. 11
    Academic Voyages:

    Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction Resources

    Exercises from http://www. smarthinking. com

    Writing Center, or tutoring help examples

    Week 8
    M Oct. 25 
    Huntingdon 101 Service Project Write one page "reflection" paper on service project; turn in next Monday.
    Week 9
    M Nov. 1
    Personal Voyages: Introduction to Values

    Lesson Provided by Nancy Thomas

    Text in class and exercise; worksheet and lessons guided by Nancy Thomas
    Week 10
    M Nov. 8
    Academic Voyages: The College Catalog

    Selecting and Scheduling Courses

    Catalog exercises; pre-registration information; schedule time with advisor, make a sample schedule with each student
    Week 11
    M Nov. 15
    VOYAGE #2: Personal and Social Voyages.  Attendance at and participation in a required cultural event E-mail summary of the event or reflection on the event to instructor
    Week 12
    M Nov. 22 
    Personal Voyages: Transitions-Going Home

    Self-Evaluation: open envelopes with writing from the first class on your expectations, hopes, and dreams

    VOYAGE #3: "Hometown Heroes Program"

    Text: in class exercises and discussion

    Distribute Hometown Heroes nomination forms to each student with instructions

    Week 13
    Nov. 29
    Taking Exams, Class evaluation

    Closing activity

    Make an "Exam Plan"