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FYex 101: The First Year Experience Seminar, Agenda | Spring Timetable.
section of Dr. Jeremy Lewis, Flowers 209, Phone ext. 4521.
revised 29 Apr. '07, with new links and newe reading, by Jeremy Lewis.
1: none no Monday class (only Wed-Fri)
2: 22 Jan. "Getting to Know You", syllabus review, attendance policy:
"3 strikes and you're out."
  • "Small Colleges, Short of Men, Embrace Football," New York Times, 10 July 2006.
  • "At colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust," New York Times, 9 July 2006.
  • 3: 29 Jan. Who’s Who and What’s Where-"Use of College People and Resources" & Library supplement List of College's staff and offices
    Library Treasure hunt
    4: 5 Feb. Time Management and Study Skills ("168 Hours in the Life of a College Student") Time Management handout and timetable for students.
    Early Warning Survey for students.
    5: 12 Feb. "On My Honor"- The Huntingdon College
    Honor Code; and Drugs and Alcohol
    Develop your own "model" Honor Code.
    6: 19 Feb. Etiquette and E-mail – "How To Talk and Get Along with College Professors" Prof. Meeting Form
    7: 26 Feb. Test Anxiety  Tutoring Help [PPT] [HTML]
    8: 5 Mar. Lunch discussion in Russell Dining Hall, look for our table. Campus Map quiz
    9: 12 Mar. Career Planning (materials for class) RIASEC Test | Career suggestions
    10: 19 Mar. Career Resources  discussion with David Milford
    26-30 Mar Spring Break: no class
    11: 2 Apr. Diversity I 
  • Pew global attitudes survey, July 2005, attitudes to Islamist terrorism. 
  • [Chart and summary by Dr. Lewis
  • Notes: Sophia Bracey Harris on civil rights
  • 12: 9 Apr. More Diversity 
  • Notes: Harald Rohlig on growing up under the Nazis
  • Lecture Workbook Form
  • 13: 16 Apr. Communications (pre going home) activity provided 
    14: 23 Apr. Money and Credit Management
  • Compund interest Calculator by Dr. Lewis NEW
  • Student budget calculator by Dr. Lewis NEW
  • (possible speaker from Credit union or bank)
  • Create a weekly/monthly budget; 
    how to get FREE copies of your credit rating.
    15: 30 Apr. Investing in College
  • Census report: income increases by education [Local PDF] NEW
  • College Board, Education Pays: '06 Update [Local PDF] NEW
  • Simplified Census table of 2003 income by education, sex & ethnicity, Local XLS.
  • Full Census table of 2003 income by education, sex and ethnicty, XLS NEW
  • How much more lifetime income will you likely earn via your BA degree? 
  • More than your tuition costs?
  • How much would a Master's or Professional degree add to that?
  • How much does it depend on your sex, and ethnicty?
  • 16: F 11 May
    Exam Period
    FYEx 101 class evaluation, preparation for Final Examinations.
    Required in order to pass.
    11:30 am, Fri. 11 May,  in same class room.