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FYex 101: The First Year Experience Seminar, Syllabus, Fall '06.
section of Dr. Jeremy Lewis, Flowers 209, Phone ext. 4521. Classroom: FL 202
revised 21 Aug. '06, by Jeremy Lewis.
Adapted from the common descriptions and statements for all sections:

Required Text Material: The student is required to read and be ready to discuss the week’s reading requirements (see the online schedule of topics at prior to the class meeting each week). Topics for required reading are listed on the online schedule and will be provided in class.

Course Description: The First Year Experience Seminar (FYEX 101), requires students and the Instructor to participate in a variety of discourses related to the topics of the first year experience at Huntingdon College, including general college survival skills, such as coping with roommates, balancing academic and social activities in college, time management, study skills, preparation for examinations, and the Huntingdon Honor Code. Through this exposure, the student will develop the skills needed to provide a solid foundation for success during the first year of college.

The mission of the First Year Experience at Huntingdon College is to mentor new students during their transition into our college community. The First Year Experience seeks to:

Drafted and approved by the 2005 FYE Facilitators' 2005 FYE Workshop, June 1-3, 2005

Course Objectives: Objectives of the First Year Experience Seminar (FYEX 101) include for each student enrolled in the course:
1. to make the transition from high school, junior college, other colleges, or the workplace to Huntingdon more manageable for by identifying campus resources available to help each student to be successful in college,
2. to learn the techniques and importance of effective time management and study skills,
3. to understand the meaning and importance of the Huntingdon Honor Code and commit to its principles,
4. to develop effective exam-taking strategies with students by providing examples in class,
5. to begin the process of career/vocation exploration, to
6. to participate in a campus-wide service project and reflect upon its meaning and significance,
7. to attend a campus cultural event/off-campus activity for enrichment purposes, and
8. to complete the Focus II career exploration module

Attendance: Attendance is required and will be recorded by the Instructor at the beginning of each class or out-of-class event. Each student who attends at least 12 of the 14 classes and successfully completes the written assignments in these classes will receive a "P" (Pass) for the course. Failure to attend and successfully complete less than 12 of the 14 class meetings and associated writing/discussion assignments will result in an "FA" (Failure due to Absences) or "NC (no credit)" for the course. Absences will be excused when the student is representing the College (a written notification is required). All students must attend the last session during the scheduled final examination period in order to receive a "Pass" for the course.

Support Services for Student with Disabilities: "Huntingdon College makes every reasonable accommodation for disabilities that have been processed and approved through our Disability Services Committee in accord with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. In order to request disability-related services at Huntingdon College, students must self-identify to the Disabilities Intake Coordinator, Sandy Montgomery, and provide appropriate and up-to-date documentation to verify their disability or special needs. After the accommodations have been approved by the Disability Services Committee, the 504 Coordinator, Dr. Sid Stubbs, will notify your professor(s) of the Committee's decision. If you have any questions regarding reasonable accommodation or need to request disability-related services, please contact Disability Services at (334) 833-4432 or e-mail"

Writing Assignments/Requirements: Each student may be required to complete writing or an outside assignment based upon the week’s discussion. The assignment will occur during the first class meeting of each week. Each student is required to attend all out-of-class meetings, such as lectures, films, videos, etc.
Class Discussion: Class discussion is encouraged and valued. No point of view will be dismissed, and all students are encouraged to think of issues related to the readings that they would like to see discussed in class.