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FYex 101: First Year Experience Seminar, RIASEC career test
RIASEC: What type of person are you, and what career would fit you?
Content by David Milford, page compiled by Jeremy Lewis, Flowers 209, Phone ext. 4521.  Revised 16 Oct. 2006.

Realistic Personality

Development of Realistic patterns of activities creates a person who is predisposed to exhibit the following behavior:

1. Prefer realistic occupations or situations that avoid those demanded by social occupations.
2.Perceives self as having mechanical and athletic ability and lacking ability in human relations.
Prefer practical, hands-on, physical activities with tangible results. Prefer building, fixing, repairing objects, mechanical things, or working outside.
Realistic Careers
RAC Keyboard Instrument Repairer
RAC Stringed Instrument Repairers and Tuners
RAC Desktop Publishers
RAC Camera Operators
RAC Cabinetmakers & Bench Carpenters
RAC Model and Mold Makers, Jewelry
RAC Photographic Hand Developers
RAC Precision Etchers and Engravers
RAC Stone Cutters and Carvers
RAE Technical Directors/Managers
RAE Bakers, Bread and Pastry
RAE Furniture Finishers
RAE Potters
RAI Landscape Architects
RAI Broadcast Technicians
RAI Sound Engineering Technicians
RCA Photographic Reproduction Technicians
RCE Geographers
RCI Surveying Technicians
RCI Radiological Technicians
RCI Automotive Master Mechanics
RCI Heating and Air Conditioning Mechanics
RCI Maintenance and Repair Workers, General
RCI Maintenance Workers, Machinery
RCI Geological Data Technicians
RCI Computer Operators
RCI Aircraft structure Assemblers
RCI Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers
RCI Tool & Die Makers
RCI Stationary Engineers
RCI Chemical Equipment Tenders
RCI Mechanical Inspectors
RCI Electronic Inspectors and Testers
RCI Photographic Processing Machine Operators
REC Brick masons & Block masons
REC Construction Carpenters
REC Painters, Construction & Maintenance
REC Plumbers
REC First-Line Supervisors
REC Ship and Boat Captains
REI Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers
RES Municipal Fire Fighting Supervisors
RIA Marine Architects
RIC Civil Engineers
RIC Computer Hardware Engineers
RIC Electrical Engineers
RIC Marine Engineers
RIC Mechanical Engineers
RIC Mining & Geological Engineers
RIC Electronics Engineering Technicians
RIC Mechanical Engineering Technicians
RIC Computer Software Engineers
RIC Operating Engineers
RIC Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians
RIC Aircraft Engine Specialists
RIC Biological Technicians
RIC Chemical Technicians
RIC Dental Laboratory Technicians
RIC Medical Appliance Technicians
RIE Electrical Engineering Technicians
RIE Foresters
RIE Fire Investigators
RIE Forest Fire Inspectors
RIS Veterinary Assistants and Laboratory Animal Caretakers
RIS Fish and Game Wardens
RSC Surgical Technologists
RSC Sales Representatives
RSE Fire Fighters
RSE Correctional Officers and Jailers
RSE Police Patrol Officers