Here are three tables, each with two lists of activities.
For each activity, circle: Like, Indifferent or Dislike, but try not to circle "I" unless needed.
Then fill in the totals in the boxes below, and note your three most popular codes.

"I" code
L I D Study Biology 

L I D Read about the origin of the earth, sun, and stars

L I D Use a microscope or other lab equipment 

L I D Study the causes of earthquakes 

L I D Attend the lecture of a well-known scientist 

L I D Study Plant diseases 

L I D Learn how the brain works 

L I D Learn about star formations 

L I D Explore a science museum 

L I D Study the effects of vitamins on animals 

L I D Learn how birds migrate 

L I D Read about a new surgical procedure 

L I D Observe and classify butterflies 

L I D Study the wildlife in a pond or lake 

L I D Use personal observations to predict the weather 

"A" code
L I D Compose or arrange music 

L I D Write a movie script

L I D Prepare drawings to illustrate a magazine story

L I D Write reviews of Broadway plays

L I D Play jazz in a combo

L I D Write short stories

L I D Compose theme music for movies

L I D Design a metal sculpture

L I D Play in a band

L I D Make creative photographs

L I D Design sets for a play

L I D Read about the writing style of a modern author

L I D Sketch and draw pictures

L I D Select music to play for a local radio station

L I D Act in a play

Count the "Likes" in each column.
"S" code
L I D Work on a community improvement project 

L I D Help rescue someone in danger 

L I D Take part in a small group discussion 

L I D Help settle an argument between friends 

L I D Work on a project with others 

L I D Help people during emergencies 

L I D Show children how to play a game or sport 

L I D Give directions to a visitor 

L I D Counsel people who use drugs 

L I D Find out how others believe a problem can be solved 

L I D Give first aid to an injured person 

L I D Teach people a new hobby 

L I D Give a tour of an exhibit 

L I D Help someone make an important decision 

L I D Entertain others by telling jokes or stories 

"E" code
L I D Plan work for other people

L I D Manage a new sales campaign

L I D Hire a person for a job

L I D Work on a city council

L I D Promote the opening of a new shopping center

L I D Manage a small business

L I D Interview workers about company complaints

L I D Develop new rules or policies

L I D Make business trips

L I D Conduct a meeting

L I D Explain legal rights to people

L I D Read business magazines or newspapers

L I D Campaign for a political office

L I D Conduct business by phone

L I D Assist people making financial decisions

Count the "Likes" in each column.

"C" code
L I D Calculate the interest on a loan 

L I D Keep expense account records 

L I D Prepare income tax returns 

L I D Find errors in a financial account 

L I D Set up a bookkeeping system 

L I D Prepare and interpret financial statements 

L I D Figure shipping costs for catalog orders 

L I D Take inventory in a store 

L I D Handle money transactions

L I D Look for error in the draft of a report 

L I D Sort, count, and store supplies 

L I D Collect installment payments 

L I D Prepare a budget for a service, group, etc. 

L I D Make charts or graphs 

L I D Plan a monthly budget 

"R" code
L I D Build a picture frame

L I D Learn how to repair a typewriter

L I D Adjust a clock to keep accurate time

L I D Build furniture

L I D Learn to cut and polish gemstones

L I D Operate electronic equipment

L I D Watch a technician repair a television

L I D Engrave designs on a trophy or plaque

L I D Design a bird feeder

L I D Grind lenses for eyeglasses

L I D Write instructions on how to operate a machine

L I D Operate a slide or movie projector

L I D Watch for forest fires

L I D Inspect products for defects

L I D Repair damage to a tree after a storm

Count the "Likes" in each column.

Now take your three "most liked" codes, in order of preference.  Each Letter code is the Initial for a personality type.
Click below to see the personality type, fitting college majors and fitting career choices flowing from your preferences.