Fall 2006 Monday 11:00-11:50 a.m., 14 actual class meetings
1 Aug. 21 Icebreaker- Oh the Places You Will Go!

"Getting to Know You" activity, syllabus review, attendance policy

All FYEx students meet Wed. Aug. 23rd for lunch with FYEx Facilitator at 11 a.m. in Russell Dining Hall

Mr. T.J. Brecciaroli Oh the Places You Will Go!

Aug. 20st Organizational Fair


  Aug 23 Lunch with FYEX group

Meet "Beyond the Ferns" at 11 a.m. with your FYEx section for lunch; we will pay for FYEx Instructors and "town" students. Look for signs for each FYEx Facilitator.

2 Aug. 28 Who’s Who and What’s Where-"Use of College People and Resources" and will include Library supplement

Students Receive surprise letter from parents (written during summer orientation)

Jane Williams

Eric Kidwell

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
3 Sept. 4 LABOR DAY, NO CLASS.   Labor Day Holiday
4 Sept. 11


Time Management and Study Skills ("168 Hours in the Life of a College Student") and will include a supplement with Residence Life programs

Students fill out "Early Warning" survey in class

Dean Richard Jones Time Management handout for students-used in previous years (from Dean Jones)

New! Early Warning Survey-to be filled out by students, students keep first page, FYEX Facilitator files and acts on first page

Sun Sep. 17 Backyard games & BBQ @Castle Lewis  Vaughn Rd east to Taylor Rd
5 Sept. 18 "On My Honor"- The Huntingdon College

Honor Code and Drugs and Alcohol

Dean Richard Jones

Prof. Eric Kidwell

Dr. Maureen Murphy

Horton Hatches The Egg

Develop your own "model" Honor Code.


Sept. 25 Etiquette and E-mail – "How To Talk and Get Along with College Professors" Dr. Jeremy Lewis Green Eggs and Ham


7 Oct. 2 Test Anxiety David Milford


8 Oct. 9


NO CLASS.   Fall Break Oct. 9-10
9 Oct. 16 Career Planning (David will supply materials for use in class) David Milford  
10 Oct. 23 Career Resources – meet in Ligon Chapel

OCTOBER 27th FIRST YEAR HALLOWEEN DINNER in the Houghton Memorial Library

David Milford David Milford presents program in Ligon at 11 a.m.
11 Oct. 30 Diversity I T. J. Brecciaroli The Sneeches

Role-playing activity used last year


12 Nov. 6 Sophia Bracey Harris or Harald Rohlig  MKM confers with Su Ofe To be announced.


13 Nov. 13 Communications (pre going home) Karen Hyman Oh Say Can You Say

Prof. Karen Hyman has provided activity for this class.

14 Nov. 20 Money and Credit Management

(Barbara is working on getting a speaker from the CCC for all sections to hear at 11 am during this class in Ligon Chapel)

Prof. Barbara White The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Create a weekly/monthly budget; how to get FREE copies of your credit rating.


15  Nov. 27 Service All of us; Campuswide service activity this day or during class?


How Lucky You Are


Dec. 4

Scheduled Exam Period

FYEx 101 class evaluation, preparation for Final Examinations. Class attendance required for all students in order to pass. Ms. Jane Williams

Dr. Maureen Murphy

The Cat’s Quizzer

Dec. 4-8 Final Examinations