Afghanistan War, 2000s
Our War, 1 of 3, Into the Hornets Nest, 2 Duke of Lancasters Regt into Helmand to provoke Taliban to fight away from road being built.  BBC, 2012. Compliled from helmet cams and photos taken by troops, directed by Katharine English. 58'

Our War 2, Return to Death Valley, 58'.  Mercian Regt

Our War 3, The Lost Platoon

Commando On the Front Line, 8 part series, both training and fighting in Afghan, by Chris Terrill

National Geographic Restreppo (entire film) British filmmaker, American journalist

Chris Terrill anthropological documentaries
HMS Brilliant 1996 Part 1 | Part 2 - women are integrated into naval frigate for the first time
Falklands battle documentaries
Falkands Conflict (Brian Hanrahan reporting)
Falklands 1982 in parts
Rugby Football
Mick Skinner, NIghtmare Rugby

Shane Williams farewell documentary (tiny but top rugby player, 28')

Referee Nigel Owens tells off 30 grown men