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for the ACES program at Buena Vista University.
Revised 8 Aug. 2005, compiled by Jeremy Lewis .

  • Introductory lecture on British politics for non-political science students
  • Is Britain still behind the war in Iraq?
  • Is prime minister Blair as popular at home as he is in Washington and in the US media?
  • Does terrorism now make London too dangerous for an American study abroad trip?
  • In Question Time, do members of parliament just attack each other or do they actually play by some rules?
  • Does socialism make taxes too high in Britain?
  • Will the monarchy be retired and Britain become a republic?
  • Will Britain leave the European Union?
  • Is Mrs. Thatcher still a revered leader in Britain?
  • What did John Major achieve as prime minister?
  • Will the UK be less of an ally now that the EU is demanding more politically of Britain?
  • Is Britain still a stuffy, class-ridden society with horrible food, hot tea and warm beer?
  • Questions on British politics like these will be discussed by Professor Jeremy Lewis, of Huntingdon College in Alabama.
  • A dual citizen of the United Kingdom and United States, Dr. Lewis grew up in England and earned the BA and MA degrees (with Distinction) from Oxford University in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.  He also holds the MA and PhD in American Government and International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University.  He has taught at Wellesley College, Colby College, and the City Univerity of New York.  Currently he teaches all twelve political science courses at Huntingdon College and coordinates several major fields.  His research covers comparative politics and public policy of the US and Western Europe.  He has been a federal government consultant, and a frequent guest analyst on television.
  • In Iowa, Dr. Lewis taught in the University of Northern Iowa graduate program, including a stint commenting on the Iowa Caucuses for NBC nightly news.  In Iowa, he also conducted an election day poll for KWWL-TV, Waterloo.  For some years, he served as a rugby football referee and windsurfed on Iowa lakes.



  • Topics on British politics for an upper level political science seminar
  • Does the European Union reduce British sovereignty?
  • Does Britain still have a role at the heart of Europe?
  • Is the post world war two 'welfare state consensus' now dead?
  • Did John Major as prime minister extend the Conservative government -- or pave the "Third way" for New Labour?
  • Does Blairís New labour government fight for the old working class?
  • Is Blair's New Labour party still a socialist party?
  • Does "constitutional" in Britain mean anything other than a claim that tradition should be respected?
  • In what sense is the Uncodified British Constitution actually written?
  • Topics on the Falklands /Malvinas for an upper level international relations class
  • Does the Battle of the Falklands prove that old colonial powers should quit before their commitment is challenged?
  • Which was the decisive factor in the Falklands: strategy, technology or expertise?
  • Were the losses from the Falklands campaign justified by the victory?