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PSC 321: British Politics.
Research Paper Ideas.
revised 16 Mar. 2006, compiled by Jeremy Lewis .

  • Most of you will likely find paper ideas among the weekly reading topics on the timetable.  Here are some further ideas:
  • Institutions:
  • Political eras:
  • Contrast the Thatcherite period with that of Attlee and 'Butskellism'.
  • Compare the modernizing of British government under Blair with that under Atlee (1946-51), Lloyd George (1910-1920) or Disraeli (1860s-70s).
  • Explain the rise of the welfare state in Britain during the twentieth century.
  • What were the contributions of Winston Spencer Churchill to British politics?
  • Compare these prime ministers as Labour leaders: Atlee, Wilson and Blair.
  • Policies:
  • In foreign policy, discuss the withdrawal from Empire post WW2.
  • How has entry to the EU affected British policies and British sovereignty?
  • In domestic policy, consider the development of health care, public transport, education, housing or macroeconomic control.
  • How has British control of Ireland been challenged and reformed since the late nineteenth century?