How is the Conservative Party Changing?
As you read this press release from the Conservative party web site in winter 2008, reflect on its contrasts with the Republican party USA. [Emphases added]
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Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Member of Parliament for Witney
Leader of the Conservative Party

About David [Cameron]

I was born in October 1966 and live in London and West Oxfordshire, where I've been the MP for Witney since 2001. I'm married to Samantha and have three young children, Ivan, Nancy and Arthur.

In December 2005, Conservative Party members elected me by more than 2 to 1 as Leader of the Party.

I ran my leadership campaign and will lead my Party by being open and honest about the changes we need to make in our Party and the changes we need to make in our country to ensure that we take Britain in the new direction it needs.

I want to live in a country where political parties work together to look for consensus on issues that will outlast them, like climate change and pensions.

I want to take part in a system where politicians say what they mean and mean what they say, where they don't make false promises about being able to solve every problem, but where they are optimistic about what can be achieved if we work together constructively.

And I want my Party to lead the way in making Britain a greener, more family-friendly country, one where local communities have more power over the things that matter to them, and where there is less centralised control from Whitehall.

Our priorities are promoting social justice, making sure that everyone has access to good schools, good healthcare and decent housing, taking a lead in ending global poverty, helping our country to be competitive in the global economy, protecting our citizens from crime and terrorism, and doing all we can to meet the great environmental threats of our age.

I lead a modern, compassionate Conservative Party that looks to the future not the past. We want to talk with people about the things that matter to them, not preach to them or bind them with ever-more state intervention. We want people to feel that their politicians are doing the right thing and listening to them.

Britain is a fantastic country a great place to live. But think how much better life could be. I believe that my party, the Conservative Party, is the right one to take our country in the new direction that it needs.