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Lecture and Discussion Outlines

revised 6 Feb. 2014, by Jeremy Lewis

Perceptions of historical myth & reality today | Election Briefing | British supplementary materials

Is British history education, once a strength of the culture, at risk?
Note in about 2012, from the media reports, by Jeremy Lewis
A survey of 3,000 British under twenties found these historical figures to be mythical:
Richard the Lionheart -- 47%
Florence Nightingale -- 27%
Winston Churchill -- 20%
These fictitional figures were considered real:
King Arthur -- 65%
Sherlock Homes -- 58%
Robin Hood -- 51%
Eleanor Rigby -- 47%
These did not read history books: -- 77%
These changed channels to avoid history on TV -- 61%

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UK General Election Procedures Briefing

PM asks Queen to dissolve Parliament, with four weeks' notice

650 constituences, First Past the Post system, Candidates' £500 deposit, returned if win 5% of vote Protest and funny candidates:
  • Queen invites the leader with best parliamentary strength to form a government
  • advised by "Three Wise Men" or "golden triangle" of advisers to Queen, to PM plus Cabinet secretary
  • Third party factor complicates choice:
  • If Lib Dems rise from a quarter to a third of the opinion poll respondents, which seems to have happened, post TV debate
  • predictive models based on national swing would be unreliable.
  • Lib Dems declined to ally with another party before election day
  • Lib Dems closer post-election ally would be New Labour
  • -- but if NL has lost votes and seats since 2005, LDs might feel they should ally with the Tories because of rising support for them since 2005.
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