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Royal Family (documentary video.)
by Liz Arnett,  Fall 2004
  •  In the 20th century, George V rebuilt the monarchy. In order for the monarchy to survive, it

  •  needed to create public support. In order to sound more English, the Royal family changed
     their name to Windsor.
  •  The video demonstrates the change of the royals in personality and with their personal duties

  •  from the time of George V to present. All the way to Queen Elizabeth, the royal family has
     made their country their top priority. However the newer generations have played different
     roles by their personal scandals and are becoming more like Hollywood celebrities rather than
     being leaders.
  •  In May 1935, George V celebrated 25 years on the throne. During that time the royal family

  •  represented the ideal picture of a Britain and made their people feel proud of their heritage. An
     example is King George V  and how he led Britain through WWI, when other monarchs
     elsewhere failed. George V soon represented what ever Britain wanted to be. George V was
     not even suppose to be King, his older brother Eddie was to take the throne. Unfortunately
     Eddie was not smart at all, and he had many sex scandals. Eddie passed away, and George
     took the throne along with his brother's fiance. Prudence, loyalty and discipline are the three
     characteristics that George pushed as important British traits.
  •  Almost all monarchs during this time were related in some form, and even these family ties

  •  could not stop the war that broke out between England and Germany. In 1917 people began
     to claim that King George was a German. As mentioned above, George changed the family's
     last name to Windsor so that their loyalty to Britain would not be questioned. July 1917 was
     when the proclamation of the house to be known as the house of Windsor.
  •  After this, Russia and Britain became very close due to Russia's help in the war. King George

  •  ruined this relationship by not allowing the Czar's family to seek refuge in Britain, and due to his
     decision, the Czar's family was soon captured and all shot. This is when Britain started to go
     through a rough time and troops had to keep the peace. George V used the crown to
     strengthen Great Britain. The Exhibition was a success in promoting the empire. George V
     made news reels to show the public that they were just like the middle class, but this idea did
     not work. Winter of 1925, Queen Victoria died. Due to George's fear of his own father, he felt
     like that should be the way it was between him and his own son. Queen Mary was not very
     lovable either and did not go out of her way to love her children.
  •  Prince of Wales was then sent out to strengthen relations with the crown. He had "star" quality

  •  unlike his father. But even though he was doing well, he was actually very depressed. The King
     soon fell ill and the Prince was urged home. During this time, the King tried to push people and
     political parties together. In 1932 the King had his first radio broadcast.
  • Due to the King having two shots, one filled with cocaine and the other with morphine, he soon passed away. This was unreported for 50 years.
  •  Many were worried about the Prince of Wales taking over, and this pitted brother against

  •  brother in the fight for the throne.

    Elizabeth R (early 1990s, filmed in 1991)