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Map of Alabama's Federal Districts, and List of Delegates to the Congress:

To what degree does each member fit the district, and how?
To what degree does each member serve the district's interests, in committees?
compiled from introductory level student outlines, by Jeremy Lewis, PhD,  revised 18 April 2017 with new map


Alabama's federal districts, 2002-2010, and 2012- (Map)
District 5:
Muscle Shoals, Decatur, Huntsville
Rep. Parker Griffith, then Mo Brooks  (D-05)

District 4:
hill country, Gadsden
Rep. Robert Aderholt  (R-04)

District 7:
Black belt, rural west, Selma.
Rep. Artur Davis, then Terri Sewell  (D-07)


District 1:
Mobile & Baldwin counties
Rep.  Jo Bonner  (R-01)

AL congressional districts in 2013


District 6:
Tuscaloosa & Birmingham suburbs
Rep. Spencer Bachus  (R-06)

District 3
Rep. Mike Rogers  (R-03)


District 2 [includes HC]:
Wiregrass, Montgomery,  Dothan
Rep. Terry Everett, then Bobby Bright,
then Martha Roby (D-02)

Alabama's federal districts, 2002-2010, before redistricting
AL federal districts 2002-2010
Federal Delegation from Alabama:
Original notes on districts 3, 5 & 7 plus Sen. Sessions, by Larry Newton;
Other original notes by Joshua Robinson, spring 2006, unless otherwise noted.
District 1 District 2 (outline partly from Chase Rogers, and partly from Jeremy Lewis, 2008)
Flat countryside with major river system
Large population in two military bases, Maxwell AFB and Fort Rucker.
Much of revenue comes from Montgomery
Much of population lives in rural wiregrass area in southern part of district, with centers in Troy, Geneva, Ozark and Dothan
Republican, conservative district with defense industry (Sikorski helicopters, Martin missiles)
Universities: several campuses of Troy University, plus historically black Alabama State University.
Rep. Terry Everett - R, until retirement in 2008
Bobby Neal Bright, Sr. (2009-2011)
   * was born July 7, 1952 in Midland City, Alabama on a cotton farm
   * Took up a job in metalworking to pay for college
   * Attended Auburn University –Political Science Major
   * Worked as an auditor after college
   * Attended Troy University for a degree in criminal justice, used as a corrections officer
   * After seeing young people enter into the prison he worked at he decided to go into law
   * Went to Thomas Goode Jones School of Law at Faulkner University
   * Practiced for 15 years before going into politics
   * Married to retired District Judge Lynn Clardy Bright, whom he has had 3 children with
   * Elected as Mayor of Montgomery in 1999, when he actually defeated the incumbent
   * Known for revitalizing downtown, creating a rainy day fund, named Tourism Advocate of the Year by the governor, and brought new jobs
     to the area.
   * Ran for District 2 Representative against Republican Jay Love in 2008 when he first picked a party affiliation – Democrat
   * Opposes Abortion and Gun Control-Fairly Populist-Similar to Southern Democrat of the 1970’s
   * He’s on the Committee on Agriculture, Armed Services, and Small Business
Rep. Martha Roby [R], 2011-
by Melyssa Rouse, Spring 2015
 * Currently serving her third term as rep.
 * Born and raised in Montgomery
 * Served as a councilman and lawyer in Montgomery before becoming rep.
 * Has a Bachelor of Music from New York University and a law degree from Cumberland School of Law at Samford University
 * She has given strong support for the military and helped keep Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery
 * In 2014, she was appointed by John Boehner to the Benghazi Select Committee, a committee to keep the military prepared and how they need to respond to the Benghazi terror attacks
 * One interesting thing is that she is for gun control in a district that has two military bases and mostly consist of farm land and small towns
District 3
District 4
Congressman Robert B. Aderholt
January 2011,  sworn in to serve his eighth term representing Alabama’s Fourth Congressional District
Aderholt serves on the House Cybersecurity Task Force. The task force, a new panel for the 112th Congress, is charged with examining current policies and laying the foundation to address the Nation’s cybersecurity initiatives. He is also a member of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (also known as the Helsinki Commission).
Aderholt believes the federal government serves a critical role in assisting state and local projects and economic development efforts. He continues to support prow-growth initiatives that create jobs, strong immigration standards and robust national security.
Born on July 22, 1965, and raised in Alabama, Aderholt and his wife, Caroline, reside in Haleyville with their daughter, Mary Elliott, and their son, Robert Hayes.
Aderholt served as an aide to Governor Fob James and as a Municipal Judge in Haleyville, Alabama
Educated through Alabama's public school system, Aderholt went on to graduate from Birmingham Southern College and from the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University.
When Congress is in session, his family joins him in Washington, DC.
4th District
 It encompasses the counties of Franklin, Marion, Lamar, Fayette, Walker, Winston, Cullman, Blount, Marshall, Etowah, and DeKalb. It also includes parts of Morgan and Pickens counties, as well as parts of the Decatur Metropolitan Area and the Huntsville-Decatur Combined Statistical Area.
Area - 8,524 mi²
Land Distribution - 26.5% urban, 73.5% rural
Population (2000) – 635,300
Median Income - $31,344
Ethinicity - 90.4% White, 5.1% Black, 0.2% Asian, 3% Hispanic, 0.4% Native American, 0.8% other
Work - 40.8% blue collar, 46% white collar, 13.2% gray collar
4th District Recent Voting Trends
Previous notes: District 5
District 6 District 7: Notes enhanced by Jassmine P. Riley, Spring 2014

Senator Shelby
Senator Sessions Junior US Senator: Jeff Sessions
By: Ragin Berry, spring 2016

Governor Bob Riley
by Bianca Scott, spring 2010
-Born October 3rd, 1944 in Ashland, Clay County , AL
-Graduated from Clay County High School(1962) then University of Alabama (1965)
-Ashland City Council, 1972-1976
-business owner; rancher; real estate agent
-represented the state’s 3rd congressional district in congress January 3, 1997-January 3, 2003
-was elected governor of Alabama in November 2002
52nd Governor of Alabama
-focuses on economic development, educational reforms, and making the state government more accountable to tax payers
-major economic projects that opened up new jobs and decreased poverty
-Believes in education reforms and expanded them, including the Alabama Reading Initiative, the Alabama Math, Science & Technology Initiative, First Class Pre-K, Advanced Placement courses, and ACCESS Distance Learning.

-also proposed the largest school construction bond issue in state history, and those funds have built and repaired schools in every school system in Alabama

-pushes for stronger accountability laws, ban on PAC-Pac transfers, disclosure of what lobbyist spend on officials

-currently [spring, 2010] against the gambling bill in the Senate

Governor Robert Bentley, 53rd Governor of Alabama. (Republican)
Notes by Jon Harrelson, spring 2015
Early Life
From Columbiana, Alabama.
Shelby County High School debate team state champion in 1961.
Student body president his senior year of high school.
Graduated from University of Alabama with Bachelor of Science degree in 3 years (majored in chemistry and biology)
Graduated from the University of Alabama School of Medicine in 1968, and subsequently joined the Air Force in 1969, serving as a general medical officer.
Opened his own dermatology practice following his stint in the Air Force, managing to grow a few small businesses into one of the largest practices in the Southeast, garnering himself recognition as one of the “Best Doctor's in America,” as selected by his peers.
Political life
Lost a position in state Senate in 1998 by only 58 votes.
Won house seat in 2002, followed by a victory in 2006 where he ran unopposed.
Made it a priority while in the house to train primary health care providers and increase organ donor numbers.
He is against raising taxes, having signed the No New Taxes Pledge presented by the Americans for tax reform.
Surprisingly finished ahead of Tim James in order to get a runoff election against Bradley Byrne for the Republican nomination in 2010, which he turned into a successful government campaign and victory.
As Governor
At this time, he stated that he does not support gambling in Alabama, but is open to letting the people decide by voting for its legalization in the state.
Won reelection very easily in 2014, with the largest margin of victory for a Republican government candidate in modern Alabama history.
In June 2011, he signed into a law an anti-immigration bill which was seen as the toughest of any in the country.
Very popular for refusing to accept a salary as governor until state-wide unemployment reaches 5.2%, which it is still currently above.
According to his website, Alabama gained nearly 60,000 jobs during his first 3 years as governor, while he has also recruited the potential for 50,000 more jobs in the future.

Alabama in Almanac of American Politics, 2004
General Data: Notes by Joshua Robinson, Spring 2006
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