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PSC 201: American Government, GoogOlympics

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GoogOlympic Events

Campaign TV ads for Governors and Congress
Collection of Non-presidential political TV ads from YouTube, by year
Search on YouTube for TV ads for/against Joe Hubbard 2010, our young alumnus, who ran for 73rd district of the state legislature in 2010 and Attorney General of Alabama 2014.

Search on YouTube for TV ads for/against US Rep. Martha Roby 2010, local councilor, who in 2010 won the US House 2nd district from Alabama, defeating Mayor/Rep. Bobby Bright.

Search on YouTube for TV clips for/against Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama

Current campaign Maps and voter Demographics (in even numbered, election years) [PPT]
Web: RealClearPolitics poll data; CNN electoral college map; Pollster.com on AL
RealClearPolitics: Senate Map| Governors Map
- Are the Democrats likely to retain a majority of the Senate?
- What happens if the Republican gain the majority of the Senate?
- Why are some Senate seats not subject to election this (or any one) year?
- What are the stakes if the Republicans gain control of the majority of Governors' seats?
- What is the difference between an open seat and a seat with an incumbent?