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PSC 305: Presidency and Congress, Syllabus
revised 05/22/19, by Jeremy Lewis.

Please check the following, using your Hawks identity only:

In summer, 3 semester weeks are compressed into each summer week, and each week of readings begins on Wednesday with a test each Tuesday following; each textbook chapter (though not GoogOlympics event) should be noted in 4-5 paragraphs, and each short reading in one paragraph, submitted in the Google form for reports on readings.

When adapted for course-by-conference, any class session missed will be replaced with report paragraphs as above, or an alternative.

Catalogue Language: PSC 305 Presidency and Congress. Analysis of the two dominant federal institutions and their processes; contrasting methods of election, constituencies served, goals, staff and time horizon. Characteristics and operation of government in foreign and domestic policymaking, budgeting; and the instruments of conflict and cooperation. 200 level course in PSC recommended.

Course objectives:

Student Learning Objectives, students will demonstrate knowledge of, and critical thinking about: Expected Outcomes: The style of the course will be both lecture and seminar-based. Sometimes part of a session will be used for a film; frequently you will be expected to contribute presentations, questions and discussion. You may present from outline notes, but not by reading out of the book: that is unparliamentary.


Current academic requirements are detailed on the Requirements page; requirements for the course adapted to course-by-conference are the same, except that any class session that is missed, shall be replaced with an essay of one typed page, single-spaced  on the session's reading or topic -- or, at the discretion of the instructor, by a tutorial session.  Honors students: additional readings, presentations, discussion, test questions and a brief paper may be required: see Requirements page

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