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Meet the New Gang:

Class of 2017, Political Science majors, minors and friends:

by Jeremy Lewis; revised 24 June 2016. Please correct your info for me. Some new students may not yet included; please stop by the office for a photo shoot. Because students give information and are free to change majors and minors, the data here cannot be guaranteed. 
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Nolan Clark
Nolan in Sep. 2012 orientation

Nolan Scott Clark
Montgomery, AL
Political Science major and Business major

Nolan is a Sigma Phi Epsilon brother and a baseball player.

Brakia Keyonna Moore
Dothan, AL
Political science major

Brakia is an active member of the Hawks Marching Band, playing piccolo and flute. She completed the political science major in 2016 and will graduate in 2017.

Ben RichardsonBen Richardson
Ben at AWAC Jan 2015 and with Nicole at Homecoming 2014

Benjamin Clark Richardson
Pike Rd, AL
Political science major

Ben transferred from Birmingham-Southern College, becoming a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers and a participant in Alabama World Affairs Council events. A recipient of the political science award, he completed the political science major in 2016 and will graduate in 2017.

For Jackson Lambert Schramfer, see class of 2016

Friends of Political Science
(May be in other majors, or former students, interested in political science)

For Madeline Pendley, see class of 2016

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