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Shane Stinemetz 

Class of 2010, Political Science and friends

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#2722: Maegan and Chanley at 
Awards Day, April 2008

Ashley Cromer_Ashley Cromer
At orientation, June '06
Ashley Cromer, from New Market, AL completed the requirements for the major field of History and the Political Science minor.  She enjoys reading, dancing ballet, jazz, modern, tap & hip hop.  She took her hip hop dance to the Applause national dance championships in Gatlinburg, TN.

Aug. '06__
Maegan at orientation, 2006 | Maegan with softball trophies | #2723 Maegan at Awards Day, April 2008

#2722: Maegan and Chanley

Maegan Ashley McCollum, from Hubbertville, AL, completed the major fields of Political Science and English; she earned the political science award for 2008, and 2009.  She is a former women's softball team member, and previously played basketball & softball (first base) in high school; her graduating class comprised only 23 students.  Maegan engages in creative writing in her spare time, and writes both fiction and non-fiction; she contributes to, and has edited the college magazine, the Prelude, and won the chapbook (a portfolio of the author's works) in the English department.  Interested in a career in law, Maegan made the Dean's List of High Honors for spring 2008.  In April 2009, she travelled to the United Nations in New York city with our Model UN team, representing Turkmenistan.

Maegan received a scholarship to the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, Birmingham.

Chanley Elizabeth Rainey '09 took additional classes, and managed to graduate a year early, in May 2009.

Rick Riley with mom at orientation

331: Rick Riley, No. 50 | 332: Rick Riley's parents
Seek High-res. versions of Football images from Fall 2008 here.

Rick Wilson Riley, from Sylacauga AL, completed the major fields of History & Political Science.  He has been an Offensive Lineman (playing #50, at center).  He has also been a volunteer with the Presbyterian shelter home.  A staunch member of Students for Liberty, he is interested in a career in law.

Following graduation, Rick created a successful marketing and distribution business based, on his home town.

Shane K. Stinemetz, of Prattville, AL, has completed the requirements for the major field in Political Science.  He plays third base on the baseball team; and enjoys outdoor activities including fishing, paddling and waterskiing.  He has travelled all over Europe and Asia, plus parts of Africa, with his (military) family.   Shane is also an Eagle Scout.  In summer 2009, Shane took an internship with Sen. Jeff Sessions in Washington DC, working with his Department of Defense team.  He wrrote his capstone on a critical review of US strategy in the Korengal valley of Afghanistan.

Immediately following graduation, he was commissioned by his father and grandfather (with the full, silver sword ceremony) into the US Marine Corps, on 8 May 2010.

Friends (and former students) interested in Political Science or club events

Erin with friend, on the green, Feb. 2007

Erin Baker
Auburn NE
Political Science & History
Erin came to Alabama to give an American Junior Miss speech in Mobile; she also served as a House of Representatives page; and she was a high school cheerleader for some years.  She enjoyed travelling to visit friends from the Junior Miss contest.  She left HC in Fall 2007, moving to Florida.  She is now married to Jacob Godwin, a fellow student and an excellent wide receiver from the Hawks football team; they have a delightful small child.

Angelica Bellman
Montgomery, AL
Psychology & Political Science minor
Angelica was a member of Freshman Forum, assisting in the Haunted House and coordinating the Tee shirt production.  She also joined a girls' bible study group meeting in the dorms, and the Psychology Club.  She also sold high-priced ice cream at Bewster's, where she was a crew leader.

Aug. '06_
Sara Beth Binford
Dothan AL
Northview High School
Political Science & Communication Studies
Mom's an alumna; Sara Beth is an HC majorette.
Beach, 'Bama football, flute, tennis

Registration '07
JB at registration '07

James "JB" Brown
Atlanta, GA
D. M. Therrl HS, and transferred from ASU
Political Science
Offensive lineman for ASU Hornets, speaks French, has enjoyed chess club.  Works in Wal-Mart Chantilly, where we still enjoy discussions of political science; he was formerly employed in extermination and at Chick Fil-A.

Registration '07_Registration '07_
Xavier at Registration '07

Xavier Carroll
Prattville, AL
Autaugaville HS
Political Science and pre-Law
Xavier played wide receiver  for the Hawks and was quarterback on his HS football team.  He also enjoyed basketball, baseball, track and community service.  He transferred in '07 as a sophomore, from Jackson State U, MS, where he studied criminal justice.

Candace Goudy_Candace Goudy
At orientation, June '06

Candace Goudy
Birmingham, AL
History, some Political Science courses

Volunteer at McWane Center.

Aug. '06
Gracie Godbee (then in political science) with Mandy Stacks (from my FYex section) [HiRes]

1929: definitely well washed by now -- Gracie and friends at Sig Ep waterslide, Sep. '06

Gracie Godbee
History and Political Science
Women's Tennis.  Extra scholarship from St. James church in Montgomery.

At orientation, 2006_Aug. '06_
At orientation, July '06, and presidential banquet, Aug. '06

Amanda Marotz
Navarre FL
Political Science
Navarre is near Pensacola.
Amanda is active in Habitat for Humanity; she did misionary work roofing houses for Special Operations Youth in Wyoming and Panama.  She is the daughter of an Air Force officer, and has lived in Germany for four years, on the economy while studying in an American school and takng some lessons in German.

Jason in office, Fall 2007

Jason Olinger
Hoover AL
Spain Park HS and John Carroll HS
Business Administration and some Political Science courses
Baseball team: plays outfield.  Interested in a career in corporate law.  Jason made the Dean's List of High Honors for spring 2008.  He transferred to the University of Alabama.

At orientation, 2006_Aug. '06_
At orientation, July 2006. | Shae Walker, at Presidential dinner, Fall '06

Synethia LaShae "Shae" Walker
Brewton AL
Political Science
SGA, basketball, covenant hurricane relief; asst. in law firm.  She travelled to Paris in January 2009, on the HC travel experience.

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