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Boyz 'n the 'Hood, registration, 2004.
Meet the New Gang:
Class of 2008, FYex 101 Section of Dr. Lewis, Fall 2004.
HUNTINGDON 101: The First Year Seminar; VOYAGES.
Section theme: "Lewis & Clark."
(by Jeremy Lewis; revised 7 Sep. 2004. Notes added.
Welcome!  Your classmates are listed here with majors and minors, hometown, high school, sports, interests and email.
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  • Jessie "JB" Brazelton, III
    Prichard, AL
    Mattie T Blount High School
    Computer Science
    Business Administration

    Danielle Fagan
    Trussville, AL
    Hewitt-Trussville High School

    Doug with his mother at registration, 2004.

    George "Doug" Fontaine
    Panama City, FL
    Bay High School
    Political Science, formerly Computer Science

    Football: offensive tackle.  Doug's interests are sailing and cars.

    Stephen Suitts
    Dora, AL
    Winfield City High School
    Business Administration, Drama, Pre-Law
    Men's Basketball.  Stephen also enjoys playing football, baseball and track. Listens to all kinds of music.

    Brett with his mother at registration, 2004.
    Brett Taylor
    Foley, AL
    Foley High School
    Pre Dentistry
    Men's Baseball.  Brett is also a baseball pitcher, and enjoys fishing; he is a drummer in a praise group. Among his other interests are playing guitar, hunting and water sports.

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