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Anna Perry & Charles Walters at ASF 
Aug. '06
1882: Jesseca Holcombe at banquet '06

Meet the Gang:

Class of 2008

Student Majors in Political Science

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Charles Walters, with Amanda Spiegel, following capstone presentations, Dec. '07.

Aug. '06_
1876: Haydyn Hedgspeth, Banquet '06
Aug. '06
1885: Brandon Shrout at banquet '06
Privacy & Vanity Note

Mugshot, Aug 04_
Lindsay at registration, June 2004.
Graduation '07_Graduation '07
08Gradn 765: Lindsay Curry | 08Gradn 766: Lindsay Curry with her mother
Lindsay Curry
PSC and English; Elementary Education
Stanhope Elmore High School
Deatsville, AL
Lindsay Curry, a Political Science and English major, came from Stanhope Elmore High School and Deatsville, AL.  A former cheerleader; she is a member of College Democrats and Phi Eta Sigma academic honorary society.  She made Dean's List repeatedly; and worked as an administrative assistant in the Montgomery law firm of Rushton, Stakeley.   She was interested in a career in administration of government or law, and intended to earn a Master's degree in Public administration or public policy.  However, in Fall 2007 she found her vocation in Elementary Education.  He made the Dean's List of Honors in Spring 2008.

Doug with his mother at registration, 2004 -- and in Mexico, 2008 (from his Facebook).

George Douglas Fontaine
Panama City, FL
Bay HS
Political Science minor, formerly computer science
Doug first came to note in our First Year Experience section, then entered political science to obtain the minor field.  A member of Kappa Sigma, he enjoyed an HC cruise to Mexico in 2008.
Football: offensive tackle.  Doug's interests are sailing and cars.

Aug. '06_
1873: Jonathan Lyons -- and Haydyn with Jon Lyons after their capstone presentations, December 2007
08 Gradn 59: Haydyn Hedgspeth with her mother and sister [cellphone quality] | 08 Gradn 752: Haydyn Hedspeth with her mother

Haydyn Hedgspeth
Gadsden, AL
Chemistry major and adopted the political science major in Fall 2006.
Her family interest in law & politics includes a district attorney and a mayor.  She is a member of the college softball team, College Democrats, panhellenic council, AOII sorority, and J board member.  Her community service includes helping organize Habitat for Humanity and member of Circle K.
Haydyn was a valued member of the college softball team and (in senior year) the basketball team.  In Fall 2008 she was working in a state position, and in spring '09 was completing the MAPA at Troy University and proceeding to a nursing degree at AUM.

Aug. '06
1882: Jesseca Holcombe at banquet '06
Jesseca in 2003.

Jesseca Holcomb is a political science major, a defender and occasional forward on the women's soccer team.  She earned NCAA's all-academic honors for three years.  In summer 2005, she took an internship with Judge Lucie McLemore's district court.  She also adopted the Athletic Training major and studied an additional year at HC for the double major.  She is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, the honor society for freshmen.  In December 2007 she presented her capstone project.  She plans a master's degree in human performance or sports medicine.


Patti in 2003. | 773: Patti Murphy Lee '08

Patti Lee, a political science and communications minor from Millbrook, AL, who is an ex Softball player, Braves baseball diehard fan, and travels regularly to Oregon, California and Washington state, visiting friends. She is an enthusiastic fan of rock music concerts.  She won the Spanish award as a freshman, and is a member of Lamda Pi Eta, a communications honor society.  Her mom has been active in local politics.    In May '07, she enjoyed the HC tour of Bavaria.  In December 2007 she presented her capstone project.  After a gap year in the workplace, she was accepted to the Masters in Public Administration program at AUM.

Jon's mugshot_Aug. '06_
1873: Jonathan Lyons -- and Jon with Haydyn after their capstone presentations, December 2007

08 Gradn 760: with John Martin

08 Gradn 762: Jon Lyons and John Martin

Jon Lyons
PSC with Spanish minor
Loganville, GA
Jon Lyons is a Political Science major from Loganville, GA.  A High School football tight end, he enjoys recreational and team basketball.  He travelled to Ontario with his mother who holds a political science degree from SUNY Buffalo. A member of college democrats, he opened the Hawks Nest, and is interested in a possible career in public administration.  In December 2007 he presented his capstone project.

In summer 2009, Jon worked in the Catastrophe Claims department for State Farm Insurance in Jacksonville, Florida (#31 on the Fortune 500 list). He was looking for a house and taking courses to obtain his Associate in Claims (AIC).

1038: at registration, Aug. '05
08 Gradn 764: Lyons and Martin again | 08 Gradn 759: John Martin '08

08 Gradn 60: John Martin with family [cellphone quality]

John Martin
Montgomery, AL
Political Science
John Martin, of Montgomery, AL, is a Political Science major.  He travelled all over US and British mainland, and is an Alabama supporter.  On the Football team he has been running back #30, and he enjoys listening to classic rock music, travelling (British isles, western US). He transferred to HC from AUM and Sewanee, University of the South.  He worked in a law firm for a couple of years, and is interested in political science for graduate school.  In December 2007 he presented his capstone project.
John (Fall 2008) is enrolled in AUM's International Relations Masters Program and also participating in the Center for Government's Internship for Fall 2008.  He is really enjoying these new experiences.

Lewis, Parker and Mosier enjoy a fascinating law book in the office, apparently -- ca. 2005_
HC publicity shot of Felix Parker and Sam Mosier | 760: Samantha Mosier '08

08 Gradn 757: Samantha Mosier '08 and Cailin
Samantha Mosier
Public Affairs
BTW Magnet School (Booker T.)
Montgomery AL
Sam has been an organizer of the Model United Nations for BTW, and for two years a participant in Great Decisions in Foreign Policy at Huntingdon. She became a member of the freshman honor society and she edited the Gargoyle newspaper in Fall 2005-2006, taking it to associated collegiate press status.  She lives on three acres with a labrador mix dog called Wednezday [sic] and works in flower shop and a political public relations firm, Winners Circle Communications.  She has travelled to New Zealand and Australia.  She intends to head to law school or graduate school in a state with good hiking country.  In May '07, she enjoyed the HC tour of Bavaria, and In December 2007 she presented her capstone project.  .
Sam (Fall 2008) was taking a Master's in Public Administration at AUM, having been awarded a Collier scholarship, Zelia foundation scholarship, and an AUM alumni scholarship.  She is also a research assistant in the Center for Government, where she works on multiple research projects.  In spring '09, she completed the MPA at AUM and proceeding to the political science Ph.D. program at Colorado State University. She was awarded a 3/4 T.A. position with a stipend and a majority of her tuition.  As a graduate teaching assistant in the public administration doctoral program at Colorado State University, she reported "the same readings that were assigned in the [HC] public administration and public organization classes are still popping up in the classes I am taking. In my advanced [PhD level] public administration class this semester, most of the readings are things I have already read."  We are delighted to hear that, Sam!

Aug. '06_Aug. '06
1885: Brandon Shrout at registration and banquet '06
Brandon Shrout
Dothan, AL
Dothan HS
Badm and Political Science
Golf team, Sigma Phi Epsilon
Interested in a career in health administration.  In May '07, he enjoyed the HC tour of Bavaria.  In December 2007 he presented his capstone project.


Amanda following her capstone presentation with Charles Walters, December 2007 | 770: Charles Walters '08 and Amanda Spiegel '08

08 Gradn 1: Amanda Spiegel '08

08 Gradn 2: Amanda Spiegel '08 | 08 Gradn 767: Amanda Spiegel '08

Amanda L. Spiegel, a political science major (and almost completed the International Studies major), came from Daphne High School with multiple national and local scholarships. She is a 2004 Horatio Alger National Scholar, J.L. Bedsole Scholar, Papa Johns Scholar, Burger King Scholar, recipient of the Marian Gaynor Yanamura scholarship, the Alabama Municipal Electric Authority scholarship, the Fairhope Elks Lodge scholarship, and the Eastern Shore Federation of Women scholarship.

Amanda has served numerous leadership positions in student and service clubs including Student Government Association, Freshmen Forum secretary, Co-Director of the Freshmen Forum, Joie de Vivre French Club secretary, Huntingdon Host, First Year Orientation Guide, and Freshmen Orientation Student Leader. She served on the Student Government Association Executive Council as Webmaster. Amanda received the International Studies award and was a member of the freshmen honor society, Phi Eta Sigma.

Her academic research includes: “An Overview and Analysis of Eastern Europe’s Integration into the European Union: 1989 – Present”, “The European Union and British Politics”, “The Role of Women in Terrorism: Female Suicide Bombers” “Mission-Driven Government: Governor Riley’s SMART Governing” and co-authored research with Chrystine D. Lake entitled “The Fourteenth Amendment: Guaranteeing the Rights of the Citizen”.

Amanda interned for the 2004 Alabama Supreme Court Place 1 candidate, Robert H. Smith, at Galloway, Smith, Wettermark and Everest firm in Mobile, AL the summer of 2005. This past summer, she was able to gain a perspective on non-profit organizations while serving as Assistant to the Volunteer Coordinator at Montgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrian (M.A.N.E.) therapeutic riding center. She has enjoyed speaker events at Alabama World Affairs Council and has attended the National Security Workshop at Air War College. She is interested in a career of law.

Amanda (a Democrat) won a 3/4 time, competitive capitol internship, sponsored by the Alabama Law Institute, and worked in spring '08 with Senator Roger Bedford, Chairman of the General Fund.  Amanda (Fall '08) is working on the Segall for Congress campaign.

__Aug. '06_
1871: Charles at Banquet, '06
Charles at registration, June 2004.
Anna Perry and Charles Walters at ASF before the Shakespeare play, spring '07
Charles Walters wtih Adam at Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, May '07
Charles Walters, following his capstone presentation, with Amanda Spiegel, December 2007.
08 Gradn 1: Charles Walters | 08 Gradn 771: Walters and Spiegel again

08 Gradn 769: Walters, Dr. Rick Chappell and Spiegel

Charles Walters
Political science and Pre-law
Demopolis High School
Linden, AL
A tennis team player interested in a law and politics career, Charles is active in both the college Democrats and Republicans, as well as the Alabama World Affairs Council.  He is treasurer of the International students Association; a member of Judicial Board; and a member of the women's council [sic].  He has also been a resident associate and has appeared on the Dungeon stage as Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream.  In spring 2006 he co-authored and co-presented a conference paper with Dr. Lewis for the Shakespeare and Politics panel of the Alabama PSA.   In May '07, he enjoyed the HC tour of Bavaria.  At commencement 2008, Charles gave the senior address and received the Top Award, given to the graduating senior who exemplifies an outstanding commitment to academics and to service to Huntingdon College.

He won a full scholarship package to the Master's of Divinity program at Duke University, the first graduate of our program to win a place at Duke University.

Charles Walters and Gillian Lisenby report hiking on the weekends around Duke University.  As a fellow of the University Scholars Program, Charles is expected to propose and lead seminars at Duke. His colleagues are from Harvard, Yale, and John Hopkins. He is hoping to spin the seminar topic off his senior capstone at HC, combining international studies and religion.
Charles reports (Fall 2008) writing several papers a week. The reading lists are extremely long, topped by 500 pages a week in suggested reading.  Some of the readings require at least three reads. A reading week (fall break to others) relieves the strain.

He is considering an internship next summer: three weeks immersion in Guatemala then traveling to El Salvador to work in a community (through the newly developing Methodist Church in the country).

Following marriage to Gillian and graduation from Duke University, Charles headed for the ministry.

friends and former HC students of political science:

First members of class of '08 at June '04 registration: Steve, Boyd, Dr. L, Lindsay and Charles.

Tegan in Aug '04
Ms. Tegan Cole
History and Theatre, taking political science courses
Rocky Mount Senior High School
Rocky Mount, NC
A veteran of moot court at Duke University, Tegan is interested in constitutional or international law.  Having learned Latin, she'd like to travel to London and Ireland.  In 2004 she was a cast member of Cotton Patch Gospel.  With families in New Hampshire and North Carolina, she would like to pass the bar in Massachusetts.  In her spare time she enjoys kayaking, hiking and writing poetry and plays.  In 2004 she joined Freshman Forum, in May '06 she toured London and Oxford with HC, and in May '07, she enjoyed the HC tour of Bavaria .

Following graduation, she returned to North Carolina where she was married.

Taylor at registration, 2004, with his parents Tommy and Debbie.
Jonathin Taylor Files
Political Science minor, Business major
Gulf Shores, AL
Baseball team.  He has also played football and basketball. Member of national honor society. (Yes, his first name is spelled correctly.)

Aug. '06_Aug. '06_
M. Scott O'Donoghue
Enterprise AL 36330
Breckinridge HS
Political Science & perhaps History
Scott, who transferred from W. Kentucky U., has travelled to the beach town of Bournemouth (my home town in England) and Cornwall.  He was briefly a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon.  After a year he transferred out of HC.

Mugshot and Steve at registration, June 2004.
Steven Witt
PSC and Hist
Stanhope Elmore High School
Football kicker.
Corporate law interest.  Erin Feune is a good friend (sorry, your image didn't record properly!).  Dean's List, Political Science prize winner.
Transferred to Tennessee, and developed an interest in business finance.  A member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, he transferred to the TN chapter and maintained his membership.

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