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Where are they now?  The Class of 2004.

Student Majors & Minors in Political Science,

Public Affairs & International Studies.

by  Jeremy Lewis; revised 8 Nov. 2010.
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    In 2000.
    Tabitha Chenault [Barber], '04, is a history & Political science double major and a volleyball player.  She attended the 2002 US Air Force Academy Assembly as a student delegate.  After graduation, she worked for a summer at Carriage Hills veterinary clinic, and married.
    Tabitha Chenault Barber completed her graduate degree in history at Georgia Southern University.  She took some time off to be a stay at home mom with her daughter, Brenna, and was re-hired at the Alabama Department of Archives and History the end of 2006 after the budget improved.  She just began her M.A. in Archival Studies in Auburn.  She adds, "I also wanted to let you know that the way you ran your classes is greatly appreciated now (I didn't always show it a few years ago), since that's how all of my classes are now just more accelerated, reading and discussion rules the day." 

    11: Margaret, Tiffany, Marie and Tabitha

    with former A-G Janet Reno, 2003.

    48: Margaret & family, '04
    Margaret Enfinger, '04, actually qualified to graduate in May 2003 with majors in International Studies, Spanish and Music.  She took study abroad in Madrid and had a fine experience there.  She conducted her internship with Alfa's legislative research dept, and was awarded the international studies prize at HC.  In 2004 she worked as an English teacher in Costa Rica, returning briefly for graduation and a second IS prize. 

    In the master's program in international studies at the Diplomatic School of Spain, she was the only American among 60 students from many nations, and found herself more comfortable discussing politics than in her home state. She also was one of few younger students among many mid-career diplomats, and the only female in the student soccer games.  She was attracted to learning about development processes.  With the Master's nearing completion in 2005, she hoped for an internship with the Carter Center. 

    Margaret Enfinger in Fall, '06, while in law school at U. Alabama, encountered Jarret Layson, then in his third year.  Margaret maintains her interest in doing foreign exchanges, and offers help for current students who wish to take a tour of Alabama law school.  Margaret toured Germany in summer 2008.  Marie and Margaret have jumped on horseback a few times when visiting Greenville together.

    Fall 2010 update: Margaret passed the AL & MS bars, worked for a non-profit on a fellowship in Jackson, MS for a year, and now Is working on the BP oil disaster case at the law firm of Beasley Allen.  She loves the ability both to work on environmental issues and to use her Spanish quite often.

    Negin with Margaret, graduation '03

    47: Margaret, '04
    Joe Hollis in 2000
    In 2000.

    54: Joey actually smiling, '04
    Joey Hollis, PSC major, '04, coming from Troy, played basketball for Huntingdon.  In spring 2001 he attended with Dr. Lewis a conference on political consultancy at Harvard University.  He bravely danced a Fred Astaire type routine for the Ms. Huntingdon pageant.  He worked in the office of the US Attorney, Leura Garrett Canary (an alumna), and was awarded a political science prize at HC. He became president of SGC in 2004, probably the first African American in the role.  After graduation he became Assistant to the President of the Business Council of Alabama, and applied to graduate schools in public administration, and law schools. He undertook MPA classes at AUM, and was accepted to Cumberland law school in summer 2005.  However, he opted for a career in community service to poorer communities outside Montgomery.  Joey (Fall 2008) is attending a Management program at Faulkner and planning on going to Jones Law School afterwards.  He was well prepared for the MPA degree at Auburn University Montgomery, he reports, primarily because he'd heard most of it in undergraduate courses.
    In 2001.

    34: Joey with diploma, '04

    In 2000.

    Jarret Layson, '04, is a PSC major from Opelika High.  He is a member of Sig Ep and plays basketball for HC. He bravely danced a Fred Astaire type routine for the Mr. and Ms. Huntingdon pageants.

    "Jarret, president of the Alabama Zeta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, was one of 140 (from 14,000 possible Sig Ep brothers) selected to attend the Ruck Leadership Conference in Virginia this summer." (eNews, Aug '03.)

    In April '04 Jarret was awarded a political science prize at HC, was accepted to Cumberland law school, but chose to attend 'Bama Law school.  In summer '05 he was a law clerk for the firm of Beasley, Allen.

    In spring, '07 he graduated from law school.

    92: Jarret Layson with Whitney Dubose

    52: Jarret, '04

    Krista in 2002.

    08: Krista '04
    Krista Leachman, '04
    Mobile AL
    John Shaw HS
    PSC major
    Transferred from Bishop Community College as junior with online credits in American Government and Constitutional Law.  Fastpitch softball player on the outfield. She completed the MSPA (public administration) program at Troy University Montgomery, where she wrote a master's thesis on "Emergency Management in Natural Disasters", and intends a further degree in criminal law. She is  working for Conference America (based near AUM) that mediates conferences with the Council on Foreign Relations and her first conference included Sec. of State Madeleine Albright as a speaker.  She also, in October '05, moderated a radio interview with Col. Oliver North.  

    By 2010, Krista was a wife, mother and sales executive, very active on FaceBook and other social media.

    28: Krista enrobing, 2004

    In 2000.
    Larry McLemore, summa cum laude Political Science and History major, '04, has experience with his mother's successful campaign as district judge in Montgomery. (She's also an HC alumna.) Contact him as  lmclemore .  In spring 2001 he represented the college at a conference on middle eastern policy at the US Air Force Academy.  In 2002 he became president of SGA and of Sig Ep. He had a fine internship in summer 2001 with the Attorney General's office in which he performed legal research, and another with US Sen. Shelby's office in Washington DC in summer 2002.  He bravely danced a Fred Astaire type routine for the Mr. and Ms. Huntingdon pageants.  In 2003 -- quite a responsibility --  he was a member of the search committee for the new college president.  In 2004 he was awarded a political science prize at HC.  After graduation he applied to law schools and PhD schools, with an interest in political history.  For 2004-05, he completed an MA in History at 'Bama, and in spring 2005 he was accepted to the EdD program at Peabody college of Vanderbilt university, with a view to teaching history. In Fall '05 at Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet High School he gained experience teaching American history and American government to 11th and 12th graders. He is also interested in divinity school and the ministry. In Fall, '06 Larry taught at Catholic HS in Montgomery while running his mother's spirited (although unsuccessful, in a Democratic year) judicial re-election campaign. In 07-08 Larry taught history at his alma mater, St. James School. Congratulations to Larry, who was married on 31 May to A. Josie Mitchell at St. Johns Church, Montgomery, with a spectacular reception at the Montgomery country club adjacent to the college.  Many faculty, students and alumni were present.  "The Staton Center for Learning Enrichment welcomes Larry McLemore '04 to assist with operations this summer and then part-time during the academic year.  Larry completed his master's degree in history at Vanderbilt University and teaches full-time at St. James School."  -- HC Monday Messages, June 2008
    with Rev. West, spring '03.

    Tiff in 2003
    Tiffany Tolbert, PSC & History double major, '04, from BTW magnet school in Montgomery, is one of our champion outline writers and essayists.  She enjoyed an internship in the Alabama Historical Commission, working on historic building preservation and African American heritage preservation.  She is a proud member of AKA.  She luxuriates in the e-name of Nixxi17@aol.com , and was awarded a 2004 political science prize at HC.  In summer 2005 she undertook an internship in preserving African American historic buildings.  She completed the Master's degree at Georgia State University in historic preservation.  Tiffany is heading a department of the Historical Preservation commission of Indiana.

    723 alumnae Marie and Tiffany

    Marie, Jessica '03, Joey and Tiffany '04

    15: Tiff, Marie and Margaret, '04

    In 1999.
    Geoff Warren after finals, Christmas 1999.
    In 1999.
    Geoff Warren, class of 2003, Public Affairs Major concentrating in Politics, English and History, and member of Sig Ep, came from Red Level HS.  He visited the state capitol in spring 2000 (with the public affairs club) to observe committee and floor debates.  He also enjoyed in spring 2000 the Alabama World Affairs Council speakers at the Museum of Fine Arts. In 2004 he worked as a real estate agent, saving for law school the following year.

    43: Marie walking, '04
    Marie Wilkerson joined us in Fall 2000 from Greenville, AL, as a PSC major.  She loves to cheerlead, talk and eat exotic cuisine; she intends a career in law.  At our PSC volleyball barbecue picnics, she displayed a hidden talent for volleyball.  In class she had a ready laugh and an engaging enthusiasm.  Write to her at mwilkerson .  After graduation, Marie initially worked in preschool education and managing in the supermarket business, then for Colonial Bank.  In Fall '06 she found a position teaching in the Montgomery schools.
    Marie, Tiffany and Joey '04

    44: Tiff, Jessica '03 & Marie

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