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Class of 2003:

Graduates in Political Science, Public Affairs & International Studies

(by  Jeremy Lewis; revised 10 Sep. 2008.)
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  • In 1999.
    Jessica Fails, class of 2003, PSC major, came from Greenville.  In spring 2000, she made a gift presentation to a Justice speaker, Fred Gray Sr, who was the civil rights lawyer who served Martin Luther King jr and Rosa Parks.  In Fall 2002 she completed her capstone in lesser known leaders of the civil rights movement.  Surrounded by her enthusiastic family, she graduated in May, 2003. After graduation, she worked in preschool education.  She returns periodically to support friends' graduations and AKA recruiting.
    Graduation May 2003

    In 1999.
    Kristin Goodrich Hill, class of 2003, major in PSC, came from Robert E. Lee HS, Montgomery. She joined the Air Force national guard in 2002.  Using some of her military skills in presentation, she completed her capstone in Fall 2002.  She graduated in May, 2003, and was commissioned in the US Air Force as a Lieutenant. Her brother and sister followed her to HC.
    She writes:
    "I just got married so I have a new last name, but I am here at McChord AFM in Tacoma, Wa. The mountains are wonderful here, I actually live on the side of a mountain. Seattle is not to far so that is awesome. I am actually coming back to Montgomery on 28th August for ASBC, it is 2LT school, for five wks. Right now I am in an operations squadron, which is really cool because I get to be around a lot of flyers and get the feel of the high speed ops tempo and how it is directly affecting the Air Force. " [continued, right]

    At her sister's graduation in May 2008, Kristi was expecting her first child. 

    However, when I return I will probably be transferred to the personnel flight. I am planning on starting my masters degree during the spring term in either organizational leadership or human resources, prob. OL though. I plan on applying for the JAG program. If accepted in the program, the Air Force will pay for my law degree and pay me salary while I am attending law school." 
    In another email, "When I first got here I was an exec. officer in the 62 Operational Support Squadron for the Commander's Support Staff, Currently I am the Unit Deployment Manager for the 62 Mission Support Squadron."  In 1005, Lt. Hill entered the MBA program of Boston University.

    Jamie at sweetwater music 
    festival, 2003.

    Jamie Jordan, Public Affairs '03, is a (PATS) major.  She also played volleyball and was an avid sailor, being vice-commodore of the HC sailing club.  In February 2002 she was a delegate to the USAF Academy assembly on the future of Europe.  She worked in the office of the US Attorney, Leura Garrett Canary (an alumna).  Her capstone project in Fall 2002 -- joining her interests in law and popular music -- was on the copyright law issues raised by the Napster music file-sharing software.  Her presentation in mulitmedia style used not only text and graphics but also (of course) legally obtained music files.  She graduated in May, 2003. In 2004 she entered Florida State University's law school.  In summer 2005, she studied at St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford University. She also managed some travel to Florence, Italy; Barcelona; and Paris (catching sight of Lance Armstrong in the Place de la Concorde next to the Champs de Elysee along w/ all the other wonderful things that Paris has to offer on a regular basis) While she was in Barcelona she found a jazz bar whose piano player looked exactly like Dr. Lewis! 

    In Summer 2007 she graduated from the law school of Florida State University, passed the Bar, and became Assistant General Counsel, Florida Department of Corrections. 

    Graduation, May 2003

    Vance in 1999.
    Vance McBrayer after finals December 1999.
    Vance in 1999.
    C. Vance McBrayer, class of 2003, came for the Public Affairs major in PSC, History and Philosophy.  A computer video enthusiast, he prepared a compilation of video clips on justice for the LAS 102 course, and projected the work in the chapel in spring 2000.  He graduated in May, 2003, but returned to HC as a resident director and continued taking classes. In 2004 he entered Cumberland school of law on full scholarship!

    729 Vance returned in between law exams, May '05

    Graduation May 2003

    Julie in 2000.
    Julie Stanton after finals at Christmas 1999.
    Julie in 1999.
    Julie Stanton Graham, class of 2003, Public Affairs major (PSC, Hist, Comms), came from Glenwood HS. A Huntingdon tennis player, in November 2000 she won the Miss Phenix City pageant, part of the Miss Alabama system; in 2001 she was also a runner up to Miss Huntingdon.  She wrote her capstone project on abused children in law and policy.  In spring 2002 she won the award in public affairs.  She graduated in May, 2003.  In summer 2003 she married her legal internship suprvisor! 
    Julie Stanton Graham, was married June 7 in Phenix City.  She finished her Master's in Counseling and Psychology at Troy University, and has been accepted into the Clinical Counseling and Psychology Doctoral Program at Auburn University.  One of her students from Phenix City HS visited HC on Scholarship day, 2005.

    Julie Stanton '03 with escort, 
    and Amy West '03
    Marion Steinfels at presidential TV debate night, January 1997?
    In 1997.
    Marion Steinfels at presidential TV night, Jan 1997?
    In 1997.
    Marion Steinfels, class of 2003, is a Chicagoan from the Academy of the Sacred Heart who brought her grandmother in from Washington as a guest speaker on juvenile justice policy.   She is pictured (left) at one of our first presidential TV address nights, probably in January 1997.  In spring 2000 she worked for a law firm while maintaining her studies in the Public Affairs major.  In 2001-03 she worked for Governor Siegelman's press office and planned to continue working for Democratic officials as a consultant.  In Feb. 2003 she presented her capstone on 3 midterm elections in which the president's party had increased its seats in the House, including 1998 and 2002.  She also produced a daily digest of political news from around the state and arranged for the Governor's press staff to come and speak to class.  She graduated in May, 2003. 

    Marion worked as Joe Liebermanís deputy press secretary on his 2004 presidential race up in
    New Hampshire.  "It was an amazing experience that I would have never believed had I not lived
    through it..." 

    "For now, I am following the presidential and senate races very closely and hopefully in the next few weeks will set out for one of the battleground states for the remainder. "

    In 2004, Marion was spotted as a Communications Associate working for a political consulting group in Washington DC:
    Dewey Square Group
    1001 G Street N.W. Suite 300 East
    Washington DC 20001

    Marion was Sen. Lieberman's communications director during the 2006 primary campaign. 

    In 2007-08, Marion worked on the Biden for President campaign as Deputy Communications Director, travelling all over the USA, where debates were taking place. When the camapaign was suspended, she worked for the Clinton campaign before returning to Biden's VP campaign in Fall 2008.

    In 2003: capstone presentation.

    Sen Joe Biden, VP candidate for the democrats, with Marion Steinfels '03
    Before Graduation 2002
    Graduation 2002.
    Amy C. West, class of 2003, is a political science major and member of Chi Omega sorority.  She was worked in a law firm, been VP of the College Republicans and travelled across Western Europe as a student ambassador. She wrote her capstone project on the Supreme Court under Chief Justices Rehnquist and Warren.  In spring 2002 she won an Honorable Mention award in political science.  In summer 2002 she married Kyle Davis '02, a survivor of our coed rugby Janterm course.  She graduated in May, 2003. 
    Amy West '03, Dr. Lewis, and 
    Julie Stanton '03, at 
    graduation '02.
    Friends of Political Science (minors, and others)
    Anna Michelle Cox, class of 2003, joined us as a junior from Biology to take a minor in PSC.  She graduated in May, 2003.

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