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Class of 2002:

Student Majors & Minors in Political Science,

Public Affairs & International Studies.

(by Jeremy Lewis; revised 20 Apr. 2007.)  Privacy & Vanity Note
Amy Garrett in 1999
In 1999.
Amy Garrett presenting Rawls' Theory of Justice to the LAS.
In 2000.
Amy Garrett, '02, major in PSC, accepted a scholarship to study for a two year Master's -- and now a doctorate -- in Non-profit Management at top-rated Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio. Amy participated in the USAFA conference at Colorado Springs in February 2000.  She is proud of her native American heritage and the daughter of a minister.  Her previous education came from the state's math and science magnet scool in Mobile.  She was state chair of the March of Dimes, and an active leader of Circle K in which she won several awards.  It gave her a capstone research topic and a career goal in non-profit management.  In February 2000 and 2001, she spoke on Rawls' theory of justice to the LAS 102 course in the chapel (shown right).  She is also a native American.  In spring 2002 she won the political science prize.  We can still contact her at:
In Jan 2003, Amy wrote:
"I am still in the MNO program at CWRU and am taking some policy classes this semester that are great including History of modern Social policy, Advocacy and Public Policy and Introduction to Public Policy.  I am really impressed with myself about how much I know concerning these subjects already.
    I am also working, but not in a high end political job.  I am working in the Office of Student Community Service at CWRU as the Coordinator of Volunteer Services and Programs, which I absolutely love.  I also serve as the staff liaison to student service organizations and the liaison to the Ohio Campus Compact Raise Your
Voice Campaign.  The students at CWRU are so great, they are intelligient and thoughtful and really informed about issues. 
   I also am doing some work for COOL (campus outreach opportunity league).  Currently this includes conducting trainings on diversity and leadership, and helping to plan the service plunge at the national
conference which will be here in Cleveland in March.  This is definitely way bigger than any Circle K project with over 1000 volunteers." 
After graduation, Amy took a position managing the Girl Scouts of the Cleveland area, and married. 

Amy graduating, '02

Amy entertaining guest speaker, April '01.

In 1999.
Stacy Gunnells in 1999
In 1999.
Stacy Gunnells, class of 2002, transferred from community college and came from Panama City Beach FL, major in Public Affairs and a dancer.  She presented theories of Justice to the LAS 102 freshmen, Feb. 2001.  In spring 2000 she performed in the Standing Stone ballet (set to music by Sir Paul McCartney), and in several senior capstone ballets.  She wrote her senior capstone project on the gender gap in women's voting and holding office.  In October 2004 she was planning to marry classmate Billy Scheer (see Janterm rugby class pix, 2000), and honeymooning in Jamaica.
Stacy Gunnels with Rep. Scarborough (R-FL) and Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL)
Stacy Gunnells with Rep. Scarborough (R-FL) &
Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL), summer 2001.

After Capstone, '01.
Bryant Isbell at the Governor's Office in spring 2000
In 1999.
Bryant Isbell after exams, Christmas 1999.
In 1999.
D. Bryant Isbell, class of 2002, came from the music major to read for the PSC major.  He still sang, enjoying the choir tour in May 2000 to England.  In spring 2000 he joined us at the capitol for a visit to the Governor's office.  Working for the administrative office of the Alabama courts, he brought us Supreme Court Justice Jean Brown as a guest speaker. His capstone project was on judical activism.  After graduation, he planned to work in a political interest group office in Washington.  In 2002 he took a job in New Orleans with Regan and Associates, as the legal assistant to the attorney who handles all of the Civil cases.  He was in 2004 Senior Paralegal at the firm and in charge of the Civil Department as well as being in charge of two class action suits. He is also a member of the New Orleans Paralegal Association and singing with the St. Louis Cathedral Choir. 

In 2005 he accepted a position with the law
firm of Guste, Barnett and Shushan in New Orleans, as second in comand and trial paralegal.  (The firm represents some of the top business in the city and across the country.  The clients included the City of New Orleans and his personal favourite, Volvo.  This firm also paid his law school expenses.) In 2006, he became lead paralegal with David Bland at King, LeBlanc & Bland, P.L.L.C., on Place St. Charles in the New Orleans central business district. 

Later he moved to a similar position in Washington DC.

Marianna Roppolo '02 & Bryant Isbell '02
Marianna Ropollo after finals, Christmas 1999.
In 1999.
Marianna Ropollo after finals, Christmas 1999.
In 1999.
Marianna Roppolo, class of '02, PSC minor taking various artistic majors, was a frequent participant in PSC classes and public affairs activities -- and leading light in the college Democrats.  In spring 2001 her paintings won an award, and in the spring 2002 show her paintings were even more distinguished. 

100: painting '02

Marianna Roppolo '02, artist and friend of political science.

99: Marianna Roppolo's painting in '02

Friends of Political Science:

Mary Claunch Davis, '02, magna cum laude, in Communication Studies. She started out as Political Science with law school as an option. Her husband, Lane Davis '02 also took some political science before graduating in Religious Studies.  They lived in Nashville for two years and moved back to Alabama in 2005.  He is the contemporary worship leader for a church in Dothan, Al., while Mary is hoping to get a job at a law firm.

Valerie Marlowe, who took some political science courses in 1999-2000, is working in nonprofits, and is interested in preserving civil rights; currently she is the Volunteer Coordinator at the Memphis Zoo.

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