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Meet the Classes of 1999 (minor) and 2000 (major):

First Graduates in Political Science classes

(compiled by Jeremy Lewis; updated 8 June 2008. )
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  • Class of 1999
    These student PSC minors, who graduated before the  PSC majors became available, have gone on to success in law school anyway! 
    Lewis with Barnes at her graduation, May 1999.
    In 1999.
    Cindy Barnes Hayden, 1999, active in the republican and business clubs as well as the public affairs club, Miss Huntingdon, and former state chair of the College Republicans, graduated near the top of her class in UA law school.  Still thriving, she visited us for Homecoming spring 2001.  In 2002, Cindy became Chief Minority Counsel to the Administraive Oversight Committee of the US Senate's Judiciary Committee.  In 2004, she travelled to the battleground states to aid the Republican election efforts.

    In 2008, Cindy became Director of Federal Government Relations, Altria Client Services.

    Cindy Barnes Hayden '99, Senate Judiciary 
    subcommittee counsel (R), with Supreme Court 
    Justice Scalia. (Photos thanks to Hayden.)
    Cindy with Alito after confirmation hearings '06
    Cindy Barnes Hayden '99, counsel, with new 
    Supreme Court Justice Alito, Feb.'06. 
    Jimmy Payne
    In 1997.
    Jimmy Payne, 1999, an active member of the public affairs club, and a singer, gave us a taped interview of advice on law school applications.  Dr. Lewis met up with Jimmy in December 2001 and January 2002, in Washington DC.  Aided by a Methodist scholarship, and taking course overloads, Jimmy completed a JD in international law and a Master's in international studies at American University in Washington DC, in only three years.  In Fall '04 he proceeded to the University of Amsterdam for an excellent European LLM program.  There he came top in his first term exams in public law and international relations.  He spent summer 2005 working at the US Court of International Trade.  He developed a career in international legal and trade consulting. 

    In 1997.
    Ryan Oakley, History with political science minor, 1998, spent a year at UC Santa Clara law school before returning to AL to specialize at Cumberland law school.  In May 2000 he won the moot court competition there and competed in regionals.  At left, he commentated on television, Jan 1997; at right, he watches a presidential speech on TV with Leslie Turk and Damian Mayho.  He returned to visit us in spring 2001.

    Susan Ogilvie '01 and Ryan Oakley '98 married at First United Methodist Church in Clanton.  Ryan graduated from Cumberland Law School and passed the bar exam on the first try.  He was in 2003 a first lieutenant with the United States Air Force, stationed outside Valdosta, Georgia, and serving on the Judge Advocate General's staff. In 2004 he was stationed in his home state of California.  In 2006, Capt, Oakley, USAF and Chief, General Law Dept at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ  writes that he, Susan, and David Bruce (their 8-month old) will be headed to RAF Menwith Hill, UK.  He’ll be the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate in a two-JAG office. 

    Ryan and Damian at TV nite Jan 1997.
    In 1997.

    In 1997.
    Misty Sosebee, Business with political science minor, 1999, active in the republican and business clubs as well as the public affairs club, was roommates with Cindy Barnes at the UA law school at Tuscaloosa.  She graduated with the JD in May, 2003. 
    Whitney Woodham, History and Political Science '99, is working in viticulture in a village near Dijon, France, and taking a master's degree in viticulture (wine science) in an institute there.  Her thesis is on the history of wine.  She visits other centers of winemaking in California and elsewhere, and visits Montgomery when she can. 

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