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Professional pages
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Academic community websites:
AlaPSA: Alabama Political Science Association, 2010-
AWAC: Alabama World Affairs Council, 2002-
ASAP: American Society of Access professionals, 2001
Battle of the Falklands /Malvinas
FreedomInfo.us (blog)
Freedom of information index
IPSA RC 48: Comparative Administrative Culture
Most recent professional activities
  • Paper, "Open Government and E-Governance: Issues of Collaboration and Inequality," presented to the World Congress of the International Political Science Association, at Poznan in Poland, 28 July 2016.
  • International Political Science Association. Elected chair and webmaster, research committee on administrative culture, of IPSA, 2016-; was program vice-chair, 2011-16. Convened two panels for IPSA world congress, Poznan, Poland, 2016; two for Madrid 2012, and three for Montreal 2014. Chaired, presented or discussed on all panels.
  • "Transparency, eGovernance and Policy," illustrated keynote address for the International Seminar on Governance and Public Policy held on 27-28 June 2015 at St. Petersburg State University, Russia. In role as Vice-chair of research committee 48 on comparative administrative culture of the international political science association (IPSA), (YouTube, DrPolitix channel, 16').
  • Final drafts of my scholarly publications
    All rights reserved. Please cite properly any short quotes taken under fair use. Links to be added.
  • Chapter, “The Open Governance of Public Policy: changing administrative cultures and practices,” in  Leonid Smorgunov (ed), The Governance of Public Policy, published in Russian translation in Moscow by Aspekt Press, 24 December 2015. J. Lewis.  Otkritoe upravlenie publichnoi politikoi: izmeneniya v administrativnyh kulturah i practikah. In: Upravlenie Publichnoi Politikoi / Pod. red. Smorgunova L.V. Moskwa, Aspekt Press, 2015, s. 105-112.
  • "From Electronic FOIA (EFOIA) to e-Government: the Development of Online Official Information Services, 1985-2009," in Handbook of Public Information Systems, Third Edition, G. David Garson and Chris Shea, eds. CRC Press,  2010.
  • "Tide of Security Secrecy, Tide of Transparency: The G.W. Bush and Obama Administrations, 2001-2009," in Handbook of Public Information Systems, Third Edition, G. David Garson and Chris Shea, eds. CRC Press,  2010.
  • Best & Lewis, "PERT - Critical Path Method", in Jack Rabin (ed), Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, 2003.
  • "FOIA & Emergence of Federal Information Policy in 1980s-1990s," (2000) Contents | Bibliography | Table
  • "Electronic Access to Public Records," (2000).  | ContentsBibliography
  • "Reinventing (Open) Government: State and Federal Trends." (1995) Abstract & Contents
  • "The Next Cycle of FOIA Policy?" (1994)
  • "New Technologies and FOIA Processing" (1993)
  • 15 entries, ranging from Spiro Agnew to George Wallace, in Encyclopedia of American Political Parties and Elections, (1991).
  • "Freedom of Information: Developments in the United Kingdom." (1989)
  • Sets of book reviews for journals: PSJ '89 | ESJ '95 | ESJ '96 |

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