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Non-presidential campaign TV advertising spots

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Temporary additions 2017 for video links
Schiller explains and critiques the Laffer curve, via NBC video
Paul Waldman explains tribal values in Alabama's Senate election, via NBC News (2'46")

Non-presidential TV ads: Tea Party 2010 |
Campaign 2016, non-presidential ads
The two best political ads of 2016: Jason Kander and Gerald Daugherty, via Chris Morales's channel

Stars Of Viral 2016 Gerald Daugherty Ad Explain How It Happened | Morning Joe | MSNBC

TV ads and speeches for campaign 2010
Videos and political advertising:
NY Times videos index about Washington Politics
NY Times videos index of TV spots in 2006 elections
Video ads by Democrats, New York Times
Campaign advertising spots and speech clips (under construction)

2010 Tea Party issues
Sarah Palin AK PAC, supporting Tea Party candidates, 19 Sep. 2010
Sarah Palin AK PAC, "Mama Grizzlies," supporting women Tea Party candidates, 23 June 2010
Emily's List, "Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me," (counter-argument) 16 August 2010
Fox News Channel, Inside Look at Tea Party Movement, 25 Oct. 2010 (9')
Al Jazeera English channel, Tea Party strong in Obama's home state, 28 Oct. 2010
Al Jazeera English channel, US Republicans seek 'Tea Party' alliances, 6 Feb. 2010
The Rachel Maddow Show: Insani-Tea: Conservatives Rally Around "Teabagging" (April 2009). (Argues Fox News is promoting the supposedly grass roots movement.)
The Young Turks, Tea Bag Parties Show the Scary Side of the US
The Young Turks, Sharron Angle, God vs Government, and 2d amendment rights, from
The Young Turks, 6 Facts On Radical Tea Party Candidate Sharron Angle Of NV
Harry Reid campaign TV ad, "Pathological Sharron Angle Lies"
True Politician: Sharron Angle Lies (her appearance on Fox News contrasts with other statements)
Christine O'Donnell, US Senate, DE
The Year's Best Viral Campaign Ad? [2010 primaries]
Christine O'Donnell's 90's MTV Anti-Masturbation Campaign, 14 Sep. 2010
Christine O'Donnell Circa 1997: AIDS Gets Too Much Gov't Money ($8 Bn), C-SPAN, 15 Sep. 2010
Christine O'Donnell's Witchcraft Past? [cancelled interviews] CBS news online, 19 Sep. 2010*
Christine O'Donnell TV ad, I'm not a witch ... I'm you. 4 Oct. 2010
SNL Parodies Christine O'Donnell's "I'm Not A Witch" Ad, 10 Oct. 2010
Christine O'Donnell TV ad against Chris Coons "Superhero, Rubber Stamp Man" Christine4Senate.com, Christine2010.com, 21 October 2010

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