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Iraqi War, March 2003.
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  • CorkSelected Articles, in order of appearance:
  • British articles on Blair's coalition building for war, Feb 2003. [Times] [Telegraph]
  • Blair's unpopularity ratings.
  • Articles on poorer "DIY" UK forces (Telegraph).
  • National Review: "From Manhattan to Baghdad: One enemy, one war, one outcome."
  • Compilation of Peace protest signs, Washington DC march, Jan. '03.
  • Military Deployment Humor.
  • US ambassador's resignation, letter of protest.
  • The Marines: Always Faithful To Their History.
  • Terry Jones, Satirical Letter to Observer.
  • Mike Hamilton, "Saddam's Soldiers Surrender." (Sunday Mirror, UK)
  • Briefing with statistics on success of ground attacks rather than air power in Kosovo and Desert Storm. Powerpoint slides | Web pages.
  • BBC, "Blair wins war backing amid revolt" 19 March 2003.
  • Deployment Humor: Military as "Inspectors", 19 March 2003.
  • IRAQ 2003 newspaper articles and maps, research directory Index.
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