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Note: in AY 2004-05, all these interdisciplinary majors and minors were deleted with effect from 2005-06 Catalogue.
The political science major and minor remain, and more courses will be offered.
These changes reflect high enrollment in political science rather than in the other majors and minors.
revised by Jeremy Lewis, 12 Apr. 2005.

In the Political Science major, 2000-01 Catalog, I have approved the following substitutions:
In view of the fact that we dropped the CMST cluster and the ECON cluster from the PSC major
in the subsequent catalog, and added the requirement of HIST 205 or 206:

HIST 205 for CMST cluster, Political science major, 2000-01 catalog.
HIST 205 for Econ 201 in Political science major, 2000-01 catalog.

In the Public Affairs Tri-subject major, 1999 Catalogue, I have approved the following substitutions:
Experiential Cluster:
PSC 372 Seminar in Civil rights
for the following requirement:
PSC 483 Fieldwork.

Communications cluster:
CMST 202 Introduction to Communications Studies.
(No precedent intended.  This version of the course may not be taught again.)
CMST 233 Effective Public Speaking

History cluster:
HIST 405 History of the South
(This course is already in the PATS major for the new catalog, 2001-.)

Philosophy cluster:
CRS 330D Adv. Topics: Holocaust
CRS 330G Adv. Topics: Greek Culture

Psychology cluster:
PSYC 330F Advanced Topics: Psychology of Dreams

In the International Studies major, I have approved the following substitutions:
For the History (European) cluster:
SPAN 311 Iberian Culture and Civ.

For the Global Studies cluster:
in place of HC's BIOL 161 Environmental Science, TSUM's BIO 2202-FF (19495) Environmental Science I.
REL 233 World Religions as an addition to the cluster (CRS 201 having been discontinued).

For the experiential cluster, Study Abroad option:
Universidad de Computense's Art History of Spain.

In the Public Administration major, catalog 2001, I have approved the following substitution:

For the requirement of CMST 334, Persuasion and Political Speech, which has not been taught for several years:
Either of the following CMST courses:
CMST 305 Theories of Communication and Persuasion,.
CMST 311, Rhetorical Criticism.