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Political Science, 481 Internship or 483 Fieldwork: Go to Application Form | Evaluation Form
(Internship is ungraded and outside the major field, Fieldwork is graded & within the major)

Jeremy Lewis, Box 947, Huntingdon College, 1500 E. Fairview Ave, Montgomery AL 36106.
(334) 833-4521 or <>

PSC 481 Internship in Politics or Law Sem 1,2; Cr. 1-3 (UNgraded, elective credit only)
PSC 483 Fieldwork in Politics or Law Sem 1,2; Cr. 1-3 (graded, within major)
"Work in an office related to politics, public administration or law. The internship program encourages students to experience politics in Washington or London as well as in Alabama. 483 is limited to 3 credits, graded.  If 481, graded on a pass /no credit basis. 481 may be repeated for up to six hours of elective credit. Note: for three credit hours, work may entail approximately eight hours per week for fifteen weeks (or equivalent); may include a weekly journal, a ten page report of analysis and reaction, and assessment by supervisor and by faculty member.

Strongly recommended for Political Science majors. Junior or senior standing, minimum 2.5 GPA in the major, completed application and permission of the department prerequisite."
Supervisor: please give grades for intern's tasks: TASKS: GRADE:
SCALE: appropriate office attire
A = exceptional intern, very helpful, reliable & competent: a pleasure to have in office. reception 
A- = very reliable & competent, writes well writing reports
B+ = usually competent writing press releases
B = average performer writing letters
B- = pretty reliable and competent but occasional lapses casework for constituents
C+ = helpful but not so reliable gathering data
C = unreliable and not helpful note-taking in meetings
C- = not recommended, rarely showed up giving tours for guests
Student's name: other (specify)


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