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Feb. '05, US Air Force Distinguished Educator Tour, Page 6
Thursday: Enlisted Recruits' First Day.
After being kept up all night, they are given haircuts, NDG glasses and tailored uniforms.
Images from SSgt Jill Lavoie and a USAF photographer.
Low Res images (60-80KB); pages by Dr. Jeremy Lewis. Revised 13 Mar. '05.
Right-click an image to View it full size.  Thanks to Lt. Col. Mike Meyer for the invitation.

19: The recruits in clothing issuance.

28: recruits being tailored

81: recruits with completed kit, ready to march off.

32: squad, having crossed roads in formation.

87: Seamstresses have till 4:30pm to complete all uniforms.

27: recruits in clothing line.

74: recruits being measured for blues uniform.

77: donning shirts

86: Seamstress at work on name badges

97: Military Training Instructors with squad before dining.

98: dining hall queue: pick a partner.