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Feb. '05, US Air Force Distinguished Educator Tour, Page 2
Thursday: special operators' equipment and training.
Hosted by Pararescue Jumpers' instructors and Combat Air Traffic Controllers.
Low Res images (60KB); pages by Dr. Jeremy Lewis. Revised 26 Feb. '05.
Right-click an image to View it full size.  Thanks to Lt. Col. Mike Meyer for the invitation.

22: AFSOC (special forces) special operators

24: SF demo of .50 cal, mortar, & smiper rifles.

26: sniper in deerskin suit with jute hair, leaving no synthetic traces.

28: trainee keeping snake dormant with caresses.

30: Pararescue Jumper instructor.

32: trainee completing climb

34: fast roping

36: sniper discusses with SF.

23: SF equipment display, including black night vision goggles and new, lighter ceramic body armor with Kevlar helmet.

25: SF showing M-19 automatic grade launcher

27: Snake charming operator, explaining SERE program.

29: snake familiarization for educator.

31: trainee PJ showing Aussie rapell, pulling up from head down position.

33: PJ fast roping down as another climbs.

35: drops off the overhang.

37: aerial runway demo