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Feb. '05, US Air Force Distinguished Educator Tour, Page 0
Thursday: Warrior week (5), tour of tear gas chambers.
Low Res images (25 - 60KB); pages by Dr. Jeremy Lewis. Revised 26 Feb. '05.
Right-click an image to View it full size.  Thanks to Lt. Col. Mike Meyer for the invitation.

808: trainees quickly donning gas masks.

810: running out of time on the drill.

812: instructor motions recruits to move into position, remove masks and recite an answer.

814: males have a much more dramatic reaction, as the gas irritates any moist membranes or skin.

818: training instructors overseeing, calling out directions.

819: rest of the squad staggering out.

809: notice the large number of comfort stations, a guide to the effects of CS smoke.

811: CS smoke rises in the gas chamber

813: females can recite with only a mild reaction.

815: more males enduring an eye-blinking, knee jerking, nose-running, choking reaction.

817: leaving on the buddy system, with great difficulty in seeing where to walk.