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compiled by Jeremy Lewis, PhD, revised 22 Dec. 2003.

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  • Public Administration Review 62
          Tentative Table of Contents - November/December 2002

          Lead Article
                              Nonmission-Based Values in Results-Oriented Public Management: The Case
                                of Freedom of Information
                                (Suzanne J. Piotrowski and David H. Rosenbloom)

                                Since the 1940s, Congress and the federal courts have sought to make U.S. federal
                                administration more responsive to democratic-constitutional values, including
                                representation, participation, transparency, and individual rights. As manifested in the
                                National Performance Review, the New Public Management emphasis on results may
                                reduce attention to these values, which for most agencies are not intrinsically
                                mission-based. Freedom of information illustrates the problem of protecting
                                nonmission-based democratic-constitutional values in results-oriented public
                                management. Agencies' annual performance plans under the Government Performance
                                and Results Act overwhelmingly ignore freedom of information, even though it is a legal
                                requirement and performance measures for it are readily available. This study
                                concludes that focusing on results may weaken commitment to
                                democratic-constitutional values by default. It suggests that using a balanced scorecard
                                approach in performance plans could enhance attention to freedom of information and
                                other democratic-constitutional values.

                                               Suzanne Piotrowski from www.udel.edu
                                               M.P.A. 1998
    When Suzanne Piotrowski was an M.P.A. student, she worked as a research assistant with the Division of Revenue in Delaware's Department of Finance. There she updated the Fiscal Notebook, where she completed financial and economic research for a $130 million state general revenue bond sale. After graduation, she worked as an analyst for the Government Finance Group in Alexandria, Virginia. She is now a Ph.D. student at the School of Public Affairs at American University and is a research assistant to Dr. David Rosenbloom, Distinguished Professor of Public Administration. Suzanne recently won the Pi Alpha Alpha Doctoral Student Manuscript Award for her paper "Presidential Leadership and Political Appointments: Did Clinton Make a Difference?"