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Freedom of Information Laws and Policies:
FRAMP Research Projects '05 | References Found.
compiled by Jeremy Lewis, PhD, revised 13 May 2005
Research assistants: Liz Arnett, Patrick Dean, Adam Farquhar, Tyler Fletcher, Walker Garrett, Al Zachos.

  • For term paper equivalent research, we'll need about ten chapter (or twelve shorter reading) outlines (in Html format) from each of you.
  • We'll also need about four hours (logged) of searching and downloading materials from databases.
  • Materials may be conveyed to me in email attachments, floppy disks, or if too voluminous, on a flash drive.
  • All outlines and materials should be headed by source citation (preferably in APSA Style).
  • Provide a source citation list that I will post to the FRAMP references page.
  • For FRAMP, these books have been delivered to the researchers by hand.
  • We need one-page outlines of each chapter or reading (plus any juicy "quotes," cited with page number.)
  • Convert your outlines to HTML format and attach to an email.
  • Indicate which book and chapter each one covers.
  • Howard plus Garson anthologies are large.
  • Some technical readings need only the understandable, policy oriented parts summarized.
  • Most urgent in Garson are readings on information and privacy policy -- rather than information technology.
  • Official Information Policy and Privacy Issues Team: Walker Garrett, Al Zachos, Tyler Fletcher.
  • Outline the following books on domestic topics:
  • Security and International Terrorism Issues Team: Liz Arnett, Adam Farquhar.

  • Searches from 2000 to present, using our online databases and from Lexis /Nexis database at Alabama State:
  • freedom of information
  • eFOIA
  • (informational) privacy (library borrowing and email, which are executive issues -- but not not homosexuality case, Lawrence v Texas, which is a judicial policy issue.)
  • USA PATRIOT Act: surveillance, sharing of information among law enforcement and intelligence agencies, interrogation of prisoners, holding of prisoners without traditional criminal hearings.
  • Congressional Quarterly, National Journal, Congressional Record
  • looking for congressional action, hearings, reports.
  • Action on Electronic FOIA of 1996 needed also.
  • Follow up on any proposed bills with Thomas.LOC.Gov links to web pages of congressional committees and members.
  • Law journal articles, from Lexis database at Alabama State or from our own online sources
  • Likely journals are Duke LJ, Fordham LJ, Yale Law & Policy Review.
  • These have in the past published articles about freedom of information issues and cases.
  • Political Science and Policy Studies journal articles
  • NOT Government Information Quarterly or Access Reports -- already done.
  • Public Administration Review
  • Journal of Media Law and Policy (Scotland -- if not in US databases, try google search)
  • Newspaper articles, from Nexis database at Alabama State or from our own online sources