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By Jeremy Lewis. revised 18 Mar. 2016, with links removed to Alabamian Politics page

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Links to YouTube videos, 2008, below:
Political Films

American Center & Left
President Bill Clinton
Sen. Hillary Clinton
Sen. John Edwards, '08
Sen. Mike Gravel, '08
Rep. Kucinich, '08
Sen. Barack Obama, '08
Gov. Bill Richardson, '08

American Right
President W. Bush, '08
Ann Coulter, '08
Mayor Rudy Giuliani, '08
Attorney General Gonzales, '08
Sen. John McCain, '08
Gov. Sarah Palin, '08
Rep. Ron Paul, '08
Speeches & coverage
Sep. '08 party conventions
Campaign '08 coverage

Elections and Campaigns
Speeches in short clips, 2016

Nerdwriter1, How Donald Trump Answers a Question (simple 4th grade language, repeating 2-syllable words, insulted groups call to thank him, 7')
Nerdwriter1, Why Donald Trump is a Gift to Democracy (Trump hogs coverage, builds poll ratings, 6')
Top Trending, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Trump (quick factoids style, not analytical)
Acnologia, Donald Trump Funny Moments - Ultimate Compilation (26' of clips, not funny but illustrative)
Charisma on Command, Analysis of Trumpian speaking techniques (double binds, repetition of simple phrases, social proof, appeal to authority, anecdotage, 10')
Charisma on Command, Donald Trump is Actually a Master Psychologist (uses fear, anger, dominance, winning, 13')
Bernie Sanders' Plan to End 'Too Big to Fail' banks - Bloomberg business, Jan. 2016, 3'
Rubio repeats himself 4x in Epic Debate Fiasco (from ABC News, 6 Feb. 2016, 9')
Rubio attacks Trump in GOP debate in Houston, Feb. 2016, before Super Tuesday (5')
Humorous criticism, spoofs and impersonations, 2016
Jimmy Fallon, impersonation of Bernie Sanders's victory speech after NH primary, Feb. 2016, 5'
(See also Larry David's impersonations of Sanders on Saturday Night Live, NBC)
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Donald Trump, Fascist Week 2016  (8')
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Donald Trump: America's African President (2015, 6')
The Daily Show - Attack on Planned Parenthood (2015, 6')
The Daily Show - Ted Cruz's Treasure Trove of Raw Footage (2015, 6')
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Jeb Bush and the Age of Superheroes (2015, 5')
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Benghazi: The Never-Ending Scandal (the 8th investigation interrogated Hillary Clinton for 10 hours; 2015, 6')

Presidential Debates 2016
Presidential Debates
Clinton v Trump 1
VP Kaine v Pence
Clinton v Trump 2

Republican primaries
Gov. Christie attacks Sen. Rubio in response to accomplishments question, ABC, 6 Feb. 2016 (need not to repeat mistake of electing an inexperienced Senator). The drive-by shot and the memorized 30 sec statement.
Donald Trump echoes supporter's comment that Ted Cruz is a 'pussy', NH, 6 Feb. 2016
Gov. Kasich campaign's own spin on final Republican debate before NH primary, from ABC News 6 Feb. 2016
Gov. John Kasich on his conservatism, 2016 GOP Debate in St. Anselm College in Manchester NH, ABC News
Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush GOP Debate Crowd Boos Trump When He Orders Jeb To Be Quiet, on issue of eminent domain

Democratic primaries
Clinton Accuses Sanders of "Artful Smear" for Questioning Why Wall Street Gives Her Millions, Dems debate 4 Feb. 2016, New Hampshire, MSNBC (First 5' -- after 5', commentators take over)

US election 2015-16 links
Bad Lip Reading: First Republican Debate highlights, Fall 2015 (humorous, YouTube, 5')

US election 2012 links
Real Clear Politics, Electoral College Map 2012
Selected US Election campaign 2010 links | TV ads and speeches for campaign 2010
2010: CNN Politics | Economist | Politico | Real Clear Politics | Time, primaries | USA Today
New York Times 2010: index | Senate | House | Governors | FiveThirtyEight blog | Results

Election aftermath articles:

What did voters react against? Economy, President, Health care bill, Tea party?
What types of voters were on each side? Income, education, demographics?
How did control of the US House and Senate, and state Governors, shift?
New York Times projects US Senate swing to Republicans 6 seats, 51 D - 46 R, 3 November 2010 | Exit Polls [only for voters in 37 states' Senate elections]
New York Times project US House | Exit Polls [voters in all House seats]
New York Times projects Governors swing to Republicans 9 seats, 14 D - 26 R, 9 undecided, 1 Ind., 3 November 2010
New York Times projects Alabama state results, 3 November 2010
CNN 2010 results projects US House 192 [was 256] D - 243 [was 179] R, forming new majority
CNN 2010 results: projects US Senate 51 D - 47 R [37/100 were up for election]
"Democrats Favor New Stimulus; Republicans, Healthcare Repeal," Gallup, 3 November 2010
Jennifer Liberto, "Repeal 'Obamacare': GOP will try at least," CNN, 3 November 2010
Associated Press, "Minorities ride GOP wave to historic wins in majority-white areas," 3 November 2010
Pre-election polls:
Gallup's Job Creation Index improved to +10 in October, with 30% of U.S. workers saying their employers are hiring and 20% saying theirs are letting workers go.
Gallup-Healthways tracking finds more than one in six American adults remain uninsured fo health
Frank Newport, Jeffrey M. Jones, and Lydia Saad, "Republicans Appear Poised to Win Big on Tuesday: Lead in generic ballot large enough to give Republicans solid majority control of U.S. House," Gallup.com 1 Nov. 2010
The CNN wire staff, "Is it really that bad? 75 percent say yes," 1 Nov. 2010 [75% agree things are going badly in the country, 52% say unemployment salient issue; deficit 2nd at 28%]
Mark Murray, "Poll suggests Dems will face 'hurricane winds'," MSNBC.com, 1 Nov. 2010 | Full text of report, PDF
New York Times 2010 index | Senate | House | Governors | FiveThirtyEight blog | Results
Pre-election opinion-editorial articles
Jamie Malanowski, "Will Lincoln Prevail?" [living history, 150 years ago] New York Times, 30 October 2010, 2:58 pm
New York Times index to Tea Party facts & articles
Eleanor Clift, "Keep Dreaming: The GOP hasn’t won yet … What it would take for the Dems to get re–fired up and score a big midterms upset." Op-ed, Newsweek, 25 October 2010
Daniel Stone, Eleanor Clift, Andrew Romano, "Yes, They Can," [what Republican majority will mean for policy] Newsweek, 25 October 2010
Newsweek, "Biggest Misstatements of the Midterms," [Includes 7 minute video capsule by John Groat], with Factcheck.org, 26 Oct. '10
MAUREEN DOWD, "Supremely Bad Judgment, " NY Times, 23 October, 2010
Peter Liberman and David Pizarro, "All Politics Is Olfactory," NY Times 23 Oct. 2010
Andrew Romano, "How Tea Partiers get the Constitution wrong."  Newsweek, 20 Oct. '10
Ben Adler, "The Republican 'Pledge to America' looks unlikely to inspire,"Newsweek, 20 Sep. '10
"Why John Boehner could be a good House speaker," Newsweek, 20 Sep. '10
Julian E. Zelizer, "Lessons of Jimmy Carter: Why Obama needs to be a better party leader," Newsweek, 20 Sep. '10
"The myth of the inexperienced Tea Partiers," Newsweek, 20 Sep. '10
Fareed Zakaria, "Don't forget that the bailouts worked," Newsweek, 20 Sep. '10
Robert J. Samuelson, "The trouble with soundbite economics," Newsweek, 20 Sep. '10
Ezra Klein, "The Tea Party is hypocritical on tax cuts," Newsweek, 20 Sep. '10
Lisa Miller, "Hear Them Growl: Sarah Palin says a new crop of conservative women will ‘rise up’ to protect their cubs. But will they?" Newsweek, 27 Sep. '10
Republican Pledge to America, 2010, provisions (slide)
FactCheck.org, "FactChecking ‘The Pledge’: Republicans' 'Pledge to America' falls short on some of its facts." 24 Sep. 2010
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2008 US Campaign links:
Election 2008: Results | Blog | Primary election Blog | discussion and debate '08 notes

Campaign '08 coverage
The Bottom Line on New Election Polls, 10 Sep. '08, ABC, George Stephanopoulos
Barack Obama (Dem.) [YouTube site]
** ABC News, "Barack Obama Responds on ABC to Bush's State of the Union 2007," fluent and eloquent answer to question from ABC's Charlie Gibson, from ABC News (Video, YouTube)
BarackObama.com, "First Obama Political Ad" (Video, YouTube)
BarackObama.com, "Barack Obama: My Plans for 2008" only talking head ad, but eloquent (Video, YouTube)
**Legacy of Hope, Unity and Change, (10') blend of Obama, King, Kennedys, created by Clinton supporter Caroline Self, to explain her new support for Obama.  Thanks for link to Bryant Isbell, HC PSC alumnus.
Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama '08
The Girl's Crush Series (popular fan videos in praise of politicians, prompted by one about Obama)
** Barely Political, "I Got a Crush ... On Obama (Amber Lee Ettinger, a model, triggers the fad for fan videos, on Video, Youtube)
** Barely Political, "Debate '08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl" follow-up to "crush on Obama," (Video, Youtube)
Barely Political, "Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl: The Trailer" (Video, Youtube)
Barely Political, "Obama Girl vs. Joy Behar: Investigative Report" reactions on TV show, The View, (Video, Youtube)
unknown, "Joy Behar said WHAT?" (fan's reaction to excerpt of the View, Video, Youtube)
* Taryn Southern, "Hot for Hill" spoof of "crush on" series, (Video, YouTube)
ForestVirtue, "Georgy Girl", the Bush reply to "crush on" series, uses Seekers' theme to the 1960s film of that title, (Video, Youtube)
Barely Political, "Obama Girl vs...McCain Mama?" Glenn Beck on Headline Prime, includes "McCain Mama" spoof, (Video, YouTube)
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Hillary Clinton (Dem.) [YouTube Site] with HillCam and plenty of speeches, few viewers.
** Vote Different (Hillary in Big Brother Ad)  (Video, YouTube)
* Taryn Southern, "Hot for Hill" spoof of "crush on" series, (Video, YouTube)
"Hillary Clinton Sings National Anthem " (Video, YouTube)
"Hillary Goes Nuts" (School vouchers can't discriminate among religions) (Video, YouTube)
"Hillary Clinton in Selma" (post Katrina poverty)  (Video, YouTube)
"Hillary Clinton adopts a southern drawl, Fox news hatchet job " | " same, in proper context " (Video, YouTube)
HillaryClintonHQ, "Hillary Clinton Sopranos Parody" Bill and Hillary in a diner,  (Video, YouTube)
"Hillary on Hypothetical Questions", Clinton against answering hypothetical questions: Tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer in Democratic Candidates debate (Video, YouTube)
FreedomAndDemocacy, "Hillary vs Hillary", spoof debate in cartoon form
Bill Clinton (Dem.), no, not a candidate, but appearing in support of Hillary.
Short Arm Guy, "President Bill Clinton Sings John Lennon's Imagine", with Shimon Peres's 80th Birthday, Jewish and Arab children's concert, from Israeli TV, with Clinton obviously unprepared, (Video, YouTube)
John Edwards (Dem.) [YouTube site]
John Edwards HQ, "John Edwards, Mom's Pecan Pie," Joe Trippi the consultant, spoofs making and burning pie to old TV show music, Elizabeth makes pitch.  See also recipe on web page.
Rogerrmjet, "John Edwards Feeling Pretty" Edwards combs hair a little too long before TV show, (Video, YouTube)
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Jib Jab, "Star Spangled Banner" animated video clips from presidents, set to the anthem.
President W. Bush: humorous clips
** C-SPAN Via locopolitico, "Laura Bush, Desperate Housewife", intervenes amid Bush's speech to WH correspondents' dinner, tells better jokes than he.  From C-SPAN.  "Laura Bush steals the show at the 2005 White House Correspondents' Dinner, upstaging President Bush as she admits to being a "desperate housewife." A boffo comic performance."
Letterman TV show, "BUSH: The 10 most stupid moments of his life" From Letterman via VideoVat.com
Mujahideenryder, "Stupid Bush" clips of Bush's flubs on TV
WAM250, "Again stupid Bush", more clips of Bush's flubs on TV
NBC, via milt5658, "Matt Lauer corners Bush on Torture" from Today Show
Kiumars2000, "Stephen Colbert as Bush in WH Correspondents' Dinner" excerpt
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Rep. Kucinich (Dem.)  [YouTube site]
EmergencyCheese, "Conversing with Congressman Kucinich", for universal health non-profit care system, intelligent student interviewer on capitol bench.
Rep. Ron Paul (Libertarian) [YouTube site]
EmergencyCheese, "Congressman Ron Paul Visits My Dorm Room", intelligent student interviewer, James Kotecki, yes, in dorm room.
Bill Richardson, (Dem.) [YouTube site]
* RichardsonForPresident, "You Choose Spotlight: Do you have the next big energy idea?", attempt to interact with audience on YouTube.
* RichardsonForPresident, "Bill Richardson's New Ads: Job Interview and Tell Me" clever, slightly cynical, uncommercial approach to ads.
RichardsonForPresident, "The Wall", bipartisan approach, more traditional talking to camera.
Senator Mike Gravel, (Dem.) [YouTube site]
EmergencyCheese, "Senator Mike Gravel Visits My Dorm Room", intelligent student interviewer, James Kotecki, yes, in dorm room.
EmergencyCheese, "Dan Rather!", sage advice from Dan to not be intimidated, in a chance encounter in a studio green room.
James Kotecki, "James Kotecki on Fox and Friends, 3-31-07"
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John McCain (Repub.) [YouTube site]
Robert Greenwald and BraveNewFilms, "John McCain vs John McCain" (Video, Youtube)
McKaThomas, "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran", quip by McCain in response to question.  (Video, Youtube)
Rudy Giuliani (Repub.) [YouTube site with campaign speeches, hence with few viewers and low ratings].
RudyGiulianiHQ, "Rudy's 12 Commitments to the American People," [look for strongly conservative thrust pitched to Republican primary voters, from this former liberal democrat and former moderate Republican.  How well is he able to transcend the mayoralty and 9/11 to appeal to a national audience?]
RudyGiulianiHQ, "Rudy in Jacksonville", speaking to a crowd on fiscal discipline, 5 mins, (Video, Youtube)
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Gov. Sarah Palin, Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sep. '08:
Speeches: |
**Gov. Sarah Palin, Republican VP nomination acceptance speech, Part 1 (6 mins)
**Charlie Gibson Interviews GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin (ABC News, full excerpts, 11-12 Sep. '08)
printable transcript of Gibson interviews with Palin, ABC, 11-12 Sep. '08
Full interview, ABC news
Experience question excerpt, ABC news
"Lipstick on a Pig" from both Obama, McCain and W. Bush, from the View, ABCnews
Sarah Palin Revealed CNN Special, 9/13/08 Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |
CNN Specials, Palin and Biden Revealed, page
**Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton (good impressions) on SNL, 13 Sep. '08
Sarah Palin on the job of the VP (44 sec.)
The Sarah Palin Church Video Part One (7 mins) (pray for a pipeline)
Excerpt: War is God's Plan
Interviews about Palin:
Tucker Bounds on Palin's Bridge to Nowhere Flip-Flo
Campbell Brown of CNN interviews Tucker Bounds on Palin's National Security Experience (4', CNN)
Personal views, spoofs, mashups (quality varies):
Spoof: Govenor Sarah Palin Competes Miss Alaska (1984)
Mashup of publicity stills: Governor Sarah Palin ! : " Lay All Your Love " music video (1'45")
Sarah Palin's Daughter Piper Fixes little brother's hair (seconds)
Palin Repeats Bridge Lie, Again (seconds)
Obama Responds to complaints about "Lipstick on a Pig" (3', excerpt of Fox)
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ABC News video index (click Politics; search for convention speeches)
includes excerpts from RNC and DNC conventions over the years
Includes fact check on Palin's interview responses to Gibson, 11-12 Sep. '08
Sep. 2008, Clips of notable party convention speeches, from C-SPAN
Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) Addresses the DNC (32', from C-SPAN)
Sen. Barack Obama's full acceptance speech to the DNC national convention, Aug. 2008
Sen. Joe Biden, VP acceptance speech to DNC national convention, Aug. 2008, from C-SPAN (32') (see 15 mins, "That's Not Change, That's More of the Same")
Sen. John McCain's full speech to the RNC 55:58 From: CSPAN
Cindy McCain's Full Speech at the RNC, 21:18 From: CSPAN
Vice Presidential Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin (AK) Full Speech at the RNC, 45:45 From: CSPAN
Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) addresses the DNC 27:46 From: CSPAN
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani Full Speech at the RNC 27:46 From: CSPAN
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James Kotecki, a.k.a. EmergencyCheese, Georgetown U. student [YouTube site] [Emergency Cheese site]
James Kotecki, "James Kotecki on Fox and Friends, 3-31-07", James explains which candidates use YouTube well/poorly and how to improve.  Also how his YouTube channel took off, when placed on YouTube's home page.
EmergencyCheese, "Congressman Ron Paul Visits My Dorm Room", intelligent student interviewer, James Kotecki, yes, in dorm room.
EmergencyCheese, "Senator Mike Gravel Visits My Dorm Room", intelligent student interviewer, James Kotecki, yes, in dorm room.
EmergencyCheese, "Dan Rather!", sage advice from Dan to not be intimidated, in a chance encounter in a studio green room.
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Attorney General Gonzales: the controversy over his firing of US Attorneys for political reasons
BraveNewFilms, "The President Won't Fire Him -- but YOU can.", on Attorney General Gonzales (Video, Youtube)
ArPolitics, "Part 1 Senator Pryor Calls for AG Gonzales to Resign" | "Part 2" from C-SPAN (Video, YouTube)
Attorney General Gonzales, testimony to Congress, "George Washington Authorized Electronic Surveillance" (Video, YouTube)

Ann Coulter, polemic journalist, and her critics
CNN-YouTube Debates
Pitch by Anderson Cooper, "It's Your Country and Your Presidential Debate" for videos of questions for 23 July 07 debate
FreedomAndDemocacy, "Hillary vs Hillary" spoof debate in cartoon form
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Political Films
Magnolia Pictures, "Why is Iraq in Chaos? NO END IN SIGHT Learn the Truth! 7/27" Trailer, opens 7/27 www.noendinsightmovie.com. "The first film of its kind to chronicle the reasons behind Iraq's descent into guerilla war, warlord rule, criminality and anarchy, NO END IN SIGHT is a jaw-dropping, insider's tale of wholesale incompetence, recklessness and venality."  Sundance festival documentary winner.
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Parties and Elections Resources:
Documentary films
CNN, AL Gore, (2000).
APTV (local PBS station) listings (uses different dates than PBS national broadcasts)
PBS Frontline, The Choice, Series, 2008, via Facebook, PBS Hi-res streaming, YouTube/PBS, or iTunes free download.  (120 mins, both major candidates). This is the finest documentary series on the presidential candidates each four years. Shown on APTV three times in October & November.
PBS Frontline, The Choice series, 2004 (homework, resource)
PBS, Chicago Democratic Convention '68 (protesters)
PBS, The Candidates series (homework, term paper resource)
PBS, The Challengers series (homework, term paper resource)
The War Room, following the Clinton '92 campaign staff in their unusually open strategy meetings.
documentaries and campaign footage, as time permits.
Recommended Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 9/11, humorous (and outrageous) polemic.
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Videos and political advertising:
NY Times videos index about Washington Politics
NY Times videos index of TV spots in 2006 elections
Video ads by Democrats, New York Times
Radio, podcasts & audio files:
BBC world service, radio podcasts index -- includes US candidates' profiles
John McCain profile
Barack Obama profile
Deval Patrick (D-MA) & Sen. Obama at Rally, 2007 (indicates rock star status of Obama months before the 2008 primaries)
Laurie Goodstein, "Fewer see GOP as `friendly to religion'", Birmingham News, 5 Sep. '06, New York Times News Service, via AL.com
Robert Pear, "The Ad Campaign: Is the Incumbent Too Close to Bush?", NY Times, 17 Sep. '06, with video of Nancy Johnson's CT 5th race [print] [page]
Campaigns & Elections magazine, "Filling the War Chest." [brief fundraising manual]
Green, "Karl Rove in a Corner," excerpt from Atlantic Monthly about Rove's strategy for Perry Hooper, '94, in AL.
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Online games & simulations:
Online TX Redistricting Simulation (Wadsworth)
Online Political Quotes Game (Wadsworth)
Match your policy choices to a (surprising) candidate for president in 2008

Election '06 links
2006 Election Notes.
Election '06 Results: Maps and Charts | Analysis | Deval Patrick (D-MA) & Sen. Obama at Rally
New York Times Interactive Exit Poll graphs, HR voting by party and by demographic groups.
New York Times Results Maps.
AL interactive map of results by county, AP via Mgmy Advertiser.
Thomson's midterm election guide (includes analysis plus state by state maps of close races)
Vote-Smart.org:AL legislature's Key Votes | AL Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin (R), HC alumna.
HC Democrats '06 Facebook Group
2006 NY Times Election Guide: (may need to register)
Senate Races map, NY Times [Also click Governors, then Alabama]
Gov. Riley, Profile, NY Times | BobRileyforGovernor.com,
Lucy Baxley, Profile, NY Times | www.lucybaxley.com,
NY Times Politics Navigator, an excellent source by Rich Meislin, of sites for paper research. (may need to register)
New York Times Poll Watch index
Gallup Poll, 8 Sep. '06, on salient issues [after commercial]
Thomson's midterm election '06 guide (analysis & state maps of close races)
Election 'toons and humor, '06
JibJab 'Toons.
Alabama '06 home pages and videos
Bob Riley for Governor
Gov. Riley, Profile, NY Times
Lucy Baxley for Governor (includes TV spot)
Lucy Baxley, Profile, NY Times
Luther Strange for Lt. Governor
Campaign '06 videos
NY Times videos index of Washington Politics[Online video]
NY Times videos index of TV spots in 2006 elections[Online video]
Campaign '06 articles
Howard Fineman and Holly Bailey, "The Democratic Entourage: Can Rahm Emanuel deliver the House? Newsweek, 17 Sep. '06.
Robert Pear, "The Ad Campaign: Is the Incumbent Too Close to Bush?", NY Times, 17 Sep. '06, with video of Nancy Johnson's CT 5th race [print] [page]
Jeffrey H. Birnbaum and Chris Cillizza, "'Mortgage Moms' May Star in Midterm Vote: With Wages Stagnant and Debt Growing, Democrats See an Opportunity,"Washington Post
Dan Balz and David S. Broder, "More GOP Districts Counted as Vulnerable: Number Doubled Over the Summer," Washington Post
Paul Bedard, "'Security moms' still on board, Republicans say,"
David E. Kaplan, "Iraqi public opinion: bad news and good," US News
Election '04:
Results summary | Analysis by Cindy Barnes Hayden '99 | Kerry and Bush States by income, and by IQ (!)
Results and polls: ABC News, YouGov and Pew Center tables, Sep. '04
Polls Summaries, Sep. | June '04 Polls | Election '04 Quotes |
Drag images '04: Kerry; Edwards; Bush; Cheney.
Greenblatt's NYT Op-Ed piece, 2004, on Shakespeare's Brutus and Mark Anthony, and the Bush-Kerry debate.
Pew global attitudes survey, 2005, on Islamist terrorism. [Chart and summary by Dr. Lewis]

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Other Election links:
JibJab 'Toons. [now behind a pay wall]
NY Times Calendar '04 | NY Times Campaign Index, '04 |
HMCo. links
http://www.electoral-vote.com/US map by poll data, updated frequently during 2004 campaign.
http://www.usatoday.com/news/politicselections/vote2004/results.htm '04 US map by States.
http://www.usatoday.com/news/politicselections/vote2004/countymap.htm '04 US map by Counties.
2000 County Map: over-representation of rural conservatism, and hence Bush voters.
ABC News, YouGov and Pew Center tables, Sep. '04
Online Political Quotes Game (Wadsworth)
Online TX Redistricting Simulation (Wadsworth)
Avi Rubin, "Perils of Electronic Voting", San Jose Mercury News, August 8, 2004. (Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute) or:  http://www.jhu.edu/news_info/jhupdate/vote.html
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Legal issues and links
Nominations for the US Supeme Court
Clarence Thomas Hearing, excerpts from TV by National Geographic, (YouTube, 3')
Defense of Anita Hill, excerpts from PBS Newshour, by Johnny Medina (YouTube, 10')
What are appropriate subjects for confirmation hearings?
Does the character of a justice even matter?
(A side note: how did sexual harrassment case law change before and after this hearing?)
How different was this confirmation from the usual patterns?

Seminars in Law, PSC 371B

Jan Crawford Greenburg (ABC News), the Stallworth lecturer, 7:30 pm on 23 Sep. 2008.  Her lively new book, Supreme Conflict, (2007) argues that W. Bush has been more successful than other recent Republican presidents, in casting the Supreme Court in a conservative direction.  Speaker notes.
New York Times review (favorable, with some gaps such as hard data and topics such as presidential power)
Amazon.com: best customer reviews: Favorable | Critical
Suggestions of books on criminal law:
Israel & LaFave, Criminal Procedure in a Nutshell [Amazon page]
Israel & LaFave, Criminal Procedure & the Constitution, American Casebook series [Amazon page]
Russell & Weaver, Principles of Criminal Procedure [Amazon page]
Some suggestions for your preparation for law school.  These brief, inexpensive, introductory law textbooks are very well reviewed:
Lief Carter and Thomas Burke's Reason in Law (7th edition), [Amazon reviews]
Moliterno & Lederer, An Introduction to Law, Law Study, and the Lawyer's Role (Very readable) [Carolina Academic publisher's page], [Amazon reviews]
More suggestions for pre-law candidates. The following texts also have excellent reviews, and may be valuable if you desire a preview of law school material.
Jay Feinman, Law 101: Everything You Need to Know About the American Legal System [Oxford UP, US, publisher's page], [Amazon reviews]
M. Neil Browne and Stuart M. Keeley, Asking the Right Questions, A Guide to Critical Thinking, 8th Ed., Prentice Hall publisher (available from Barnes and Noble; and Amazon)
Bahrych and Rombauer, Legal writing in A Nutshell, Third Ed., West Publishing, and west.thomson.com
The Blue Book, a Uniform System of Citation, 18th Ed., Harvard Law Review Association (publisher) and at www.legalbluebook.com.
Edward H. Levi, An Introduction to Legal Reasoning, phoenix books, pb, [Amazon Reviews].
Law school applications:
NAPLA Law School Locator grid -- with my GPA and LSAT score, which law school should I apply to?
NAPLA pre law resources
Other resources:
The textbooks will likely be supplemented by briefs, judicial decisions, and real world examples such as search warrants.
Most judicial decisions can be found online in databases at findlaw.com; leading constitutional law cases at oyez.nwu.edu; or at cornell.edu.
The library audiovisual collection includes "May it Please the Court", a collection of audiotapes of oral argument before the US Supreme Court.  These can also be heard online at Oyez.nwu.edu.
Additional legal research may be conducted via the AL Supreme Court library (both in hardcopy and via LegalTrak database) on Dexter Ave (9 mins'. drive) and the Lexis database (at ASU, 2 mins'. drive.)

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Federal Student Aid
Student Aid at Education Dept

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