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Supplementary Course Materials: International

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By Jeremy Lewis. revised 6 Feb. 2014

International and Comparative Topics Links |Bavarian Highlights tour |
Boy Scouts, Citizen in World Badge | Model United Nations Team | Political Simulations & Game sites

International and Comparative Topics Links
  • Fareed Zakaria, "Restoring the American Dream," video, CNN, 6 March 2011.
  • Fareed Zakaria, "Are America's Best Days Behind US?" Time, 14 March 2011, pp.28-33
  • David Von Drehle, "Don't Bet Against the United States," Time, 14 March 2011, pp.34-35
  • Film, "House of Saddam. Between Two Rivers." (2008) TV-MA [Netflix DVD only]
  • After seizing control of Iraq in a brutal 1979 coup, Saddam Hussein (Yigal Naor) maintains power for almost a quarter century despite swelling animosity toward him both at home and abroad. Charting the rise and fall of the infamous dictator, this enthralling HBO-BBC co-production also stars Shohreh Aghdashloo (in an Emmy-nominated role) as Saddam's first wife, Sajida, Philip Arditti as his oldest son, Uday, and Said Taghmaoui as his half-brother, Barzan Ibrahim.
  • Film, "Black Hawk Down."  2001 R 144 minutes [Netflix DVD & streaming]. Directed by Ridley Scott.
  • When U.S. Rangers and an elite Delta Force team attempt to kidnap two underlings of a Somali warlord, their Black Hawk helicopters are shot down, and the Americans suffer heavy casualties, facing intense fighting from the militia on the ground. Director Ridley Scott (Gladiator) captures the brutal, incessant battle scenes with powerful and intimidating framework and pace in this military drama based on a true story.
  • Pew global attitudes survey, 2005, on Islamist terrorism. [Chart and summary by Dr. Lewis]
  • Web sites:
  • Rourke, Powerweb | AWAC | Great Decisions | Foreign Policy Assoc
  • World Affairs Councils of America | Model UN index |
  • Victor Bulmer-Thomas, "Blair's Foreign Policy and Its Successor(s)," Briefing Paper, Chatham House, Dec '06 (PDF) [Local]
  • PBS Frontline World
  • PBS Frontline: The War Briefing (Oct. 2008): The foreign-policy challenges awaiting the 44th U.S. president, including the Afghanistan and Iraq wars
  • BBC world service, radio podcasts index -- many on international topics.
  • History of world religions (animated timeline)
  • Empires of the middle east (animated timeline)
  • History of US wars and leadership (animated timeline)
  • Review of anti-Nazi film , V for Vendetta (2006) based on anarchistic graphic novel
  • Rwanda Genocide lecture: Maps | Links | Video Documentary notes, on Terrorism
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  • Speeches:
  • Speakers: '04-05 | '06-07 | '08-09 |
  • Adam Lowther, PhD, USAFRI, "Nuclear Weapons" [PPT]
  • Middle Eastern Governments [PPT, large] [PPT, fewer images] [Html pages, fewer images]
  • Speaker with class, [Low-Res images] [Hi-Res] |
  • SAUDI Speakers Mar '04 | Images |
  • Lewis extensively quoted 8 July '05 in newspaper article about the London bombings.
  • Notes for AL World Affairs Council speakers, 11 Apr. 2006.
  • AUM's Public Affairs Day on China and India Trade, notes.
  • ACSC National Security Workshop on Ecological Security, notes.
  • Doug Marlette, the award winning cartoonist, spoke 22 Feb. '07 & showed his international political cartoons.
  • State of Union messages: Bush '07 | 2003 | Sec. Colin Powell, on Iraq, to UN, 5 Feb. 2003
  • Lewis, Speech on China & Taiwan to Model United Nations, April 2004
  • Visiting speaker events, 27-28 January '05: Dr. Sudha Mohan, on Indian Politics [Notes] [Maps] [Images of Mumbai].
  • Lewis extensively quoted 8 July '05 in newspaper article about the London bombings.
  • Online videos:
  • Steve Meehan, President of UBS Russia, "The Russian Gamble," about Gazprom, on brink of political unrest; interviewed by Erin Burnett on CNBC, Jan 2009 (4:23)
  • Reports:
  • Summary of 9/11 Commission Report, 2004.
  • NY Times summary of Final Report on Iraqi WMD.
  • Humor:
  • Humor: the polar bear indicates global warming
  • Rumsfeld's hand gestures video
  • De Niro video, SNL Homeland Security sketch
  • Comparative Cow Policy: a rendition of the venerable two cows jokes
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    Bavarian Highlights: HC travel seminar & trip to Munich, May '07
  • Syllabus | Agenda for Lewis sessions | Lewis Lectures | Maps of Germany and Switzerland |
  • Images from the trip, poster image | list of Low-res images | list of High-res images l
  • Homework page (print out and fill in)
  • Student Budget calculator
  • Final exam holds 32 multiple choice questions based on Lecture notes.
  • Additional lecture notes & links:
  • Trimble: Fairytales PPT |
  • Lewis: Failures of Weimar Republic, Table |
  • Sightseeing ideas (not all will be included):
  • Munich, is rich in history and is a crossroads of cultures with neighboring Austria, Italy and Switzerland
  • described as an Italianate city in Germany, Munich has lovely architecture, museums and scenery
  • Architecture includes town hall, Frauenkirche (church), decorative palaces, art galleries
  • Bier Keller (tavern) location, where Hitler's group began putsch (coup attempt) in 1924
  • Dachau death camp museum (4 subway stops and a 15 minute walk)
  • Hitler's Eagle's Nest (lair) at Berchtesgarten (travel up to mountains)
  • Salzburg (gorgeous, musical city -- yes, with Sound of Music film location -- about 90 minutes south by train)
  • You may recognize some street scenes from the 1972 film, Cabaret.
  • thanks to Frau Hyman for some suggestions.
  • My recommended reading and listening:
  • Instant Immersion German, $20; a bunch of CDs with language drills.
  • phrase book & CD: Essential German Travel Pack;  (Dorling Kindersley, about $16)
  • guide book, with maps, descriptions and images: Eyewitness Series, Top Ten, Munich. (Dorling Kindersley, $10)
  • background book: David Conradt, The German Polity (Norton).
  • YouTube & MySpace's Germany related videos -- selected, not as dreadful as most
  • Home made parody of German TV shows by US German 3 class, MySpace, 6 mins
  • German Engineering vs Arab Technology, 40 secs (mock commercial for VW)
  • Monty Python's soccer match: German Philosophers v Greeks, YouTube, 4 mins
  • MontyPython's Hitler in Minehead parody, YouTube, 6 mins
  • World Cup 2006 Germany videos list: comments in German
  • World Cup 2006 Germany - Argentina goals plus Penalty shootout, YouTube, 2mins
  • World cup 2006 Germany - Argentina Penalty shootout, after Klose equalized in 80th min, YouTube, 4 mins
  • World Cup 2006: German fans exhuberance after Goalie saves penalty, YouTube, 36 secs, "Deutschland Argentinien - Cambiasso schießt - Lehmann hält!"
  • World Cup 2006: Germany 2 - Sweden 0, highlights, in Munich
  • World Cup 2006: Germany 3 - Portugal 1
  • Travel Tips for Germany from Expert Village: 1, YouTube, 2 mins (dull)
  • Direction tips for Germany from Expert Village, YouTube, 2 mins (dull)
  • Travelogue across Europe, mostly France, Dr. Chuck's series, YouTube, 9 mins
  • Notes on documentary or fiction films on German subjects
  • Professional German films database
  • German films at Amazon
  • German films at Target
  • Film and musical stage show, Cabaret (with location shots of street scenes in Munich)
  • PBS, The Berlin Airlift
  • Film, Das Boot (the U-boat)
  • Film, The Lives of Others on the surveillance of artists by the Stasi, East German State Security Police.
  • Film and classic book, All Quiet on the Western Front
  • BBC series, Fawlty Towers: Don't Talk About the War
  • Recommended travelogues, APTV documentaries, listed for this term:
  • Smart Traveller TV series (mostly on High Def channel only) with serious presenter.
  • Globe Trekker series (mostly on High Def channel only) with young, hippie style presenter.
  • Rick Steves' series and guide /phrase books.  (In academic baby boomer style, but not programmed for APTV in spring '07. Get 'em on DVD.)
  • Images of Munich:
  • Carsten Clasohm's images: FrauenKirche & Olympic Tower | architecture | Aviation Museum | Botanical Gardens | Castle Nymphenburg
  • Munich International Airport (Nasa images), 20 mi NE
  • Munich Subway Platform (Wiki)
  • Spielberg's poster of Munich film
  • Whole album of Sandy travel's images of Munich
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    Seminar resources on Terrorism
  • Definitions of Terrorism, in my Quotes page
  • Country Briefings from Economist
  • Pew global attitudes survey, July 2005, on Islamist terrorism.  [Chart & summary by Dr. Lewis] |
  • House Report 2006 on BioTerrorism | Counter Insurgency, Army Field 2006, manual Notes |
  • Databases on Terrorism:
  • APSA collection of syllabi and resources <http://www.apsanet.org/section_571.cfm>.
  • MIPT database, allows data searches: <http://www.tkb.org/>.
  • University of MD data collection, in progress <http://www.start.umd.edu/data/gtd/>.
  • Alleged Terrorist groups' web sites:
  • Animal Liberation Front (ALF): <http://www.animalliberationfront.com/>.
  • Earth Liberation Front (ELF): <http://www.earthliberationfront.com/>.
  • Aum Shinrikyo/Aleph: <http://english.aleph.to/>.
  • Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE): <http://www.eelamweb.com/>.
  • Videos:
  • Documentary notes, on Terrorism | Notes on Frontline video, Beslan massacre.
  • Videos of Developing World
  • Inside Islam (Unity Productions, 2010, based on global, Gallup poll of muslims) NEW
  • Rwanda Genocide lecture: Maps | Links
  • Humor:
  • polar bear indicates global warming [WMV]
  • palestinian passport control [WMV]
  • Speaker notes:
  • Ms. Bernadette Lorenzo, "The Peace Corps experience in Paraguay."
  • Mr. Craig Baab, "Terrorism as a Regional Force: Palestine and the Congo." |
  • Notes of World Affairs Council speaker, Gen. Russell Howard, on modern terrorism, 8 Nov. '05.
  • Maps of War site:
  • History of world religions (animated timeline)
  • Empires of the middle east (animated timeline)
  • History of US wars and leadership (animated timeline)
  • CIA secret prison in Eastern Europe (animated satellite image)
  • Iraq as pressure vault (animated map)
  • Baghdad's Shia vs Sunni neighborhoods, Sep. '06 (colored satellite image)
  • Saddam's palace under US occupation (colored satellite image)
  • Podcasts at iTunes U. (samples; search for more)
  • Peter Bergen, Rise of Religious Terrorism, Arizona State U.  (Free, Podcast at iTunes Store, 35 minutes)
  • Peter Bergen, A World At Risk: Successes and Failures of the War on Terrorism, Stanford U. (Free, Podcast at iTunes Store, 67 minutes)
  • Christopher Hitchens, The War on Terror Revisited, Stanford U (Free, Podcast at iTunes U., 90 mins)
  • Noam Chomsky, The New War on Terrorism, Fact & Fiction.  (Podcast Album, $10 at iTunes U. Well, Chomsky is an 'academic rock star' for leftists!)
  • Good Sources on Terrorism (from authors active pre-2001):
  • Conway, Maura. 2002. “Reality Bytes: Cyberterrorism and Terrorist ‘Use’ of the Internet.” First

  • Monday 7 (November).
  • Crenshaw, Martha. 1987. “Theories of Terrorism: Instrumental and Organizational Approaches.” Journal of Strategic Studies 10 (December): 13-31.
  • -----. 1990. “The Logic of Terrorism: Terrorism as the Product of Strategic Choice.” In Origins of Terrorism: Psychologies, Ideologies, Theologies, States of Mind, ed. Walter Reich. Cambridge: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Cambridge University Press, 7-24.
  • Hoffman, Brian. 1998. Inside Terrorism. New York: Columbia University Press, 7.
  • Jenkins, Brian. 1975. “International Terrorism: A New Mode of Conflict.” In International Terrorism and World Security, eds. David Carlton and Carlo Schaerf. London: Croom Helm, 16.
  • Pape, Robert. 2003. “The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism.” American Political Science Review 97 (August): 343-361.
  • Rapoport, David. 1984. “Fear and Trembling: Terrorism in Three Religious Traditions.” American Political Science Review 78 (September): 658-677.
  • Relief action by NGO in developing world
  • neddotcom, "i-ACT 2007: Day 1. The team arrived safely in N'djameena" (NGO arrives by landrover, interviews locals (first part of series, of interest to a limited audience, not professional documentary quality).
  • neddotcom, "i-ACT 2007: Day 9. Returning home to build a better Darfur" (NGO arrives by landrover, interviews locals (part of series).
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  • JRT Lewis:
  • "Impact of the W. Bush administration on official information, privacy and security issues, 2001-04." (2005)
  • How does a national security era alter the practice of open government and personal privacy? [Lewis, 2005]
  • Presidential Colloquium, Mon. 7 Nov. '05, report on the faculty seminar at Harvard, "Interpreting Recent & Controversial History," including the making of the 9/11 Commission Report
  • How have US leaders historically handled international crises?
  • Quoted in newspaper article on terrorist bombings in London, 8 July '05
  • 3 Newspaper op-ed articles, Montgomery Advertiser, 16-19 April 2003:
  • Blair takes larger risks | War on Iraq tests Faith | Bush Thrives on War |
  • Nielsen TV ratings, 9 Apr 2003 for Dr. Lewis's appearance on WSFA about war.
  • How do these comments about the Iraq war look in retrospect?
  • AL World Affairs Council (monthly speakers; notes of recent years are posted to web pages)
  • President W. Bush, National Security Strategy 2002, Document [PDF]
  • Documentary Films (some inserted, only where equipment and time permit)
  • Videos of Developing World
  • PBS, The House of Saud
  • PBS, Frontline World
  • CNN, Christiane Amanpour, The War Within ["Londonistan"]
  • PBS, The Bomb Squad (London)]
  • PBS, Frontline: The Dark Side.  (Brilliant film: How NeoCons got us into war with Iraq.)
  • PBS,Frontline: News War
  • PBS, APTV, Inside China, (2 hours)
  • PBS, Frontline: Cell Next Door (Terrorism)
  • PBS, excellent global documentary series, "Wide Angle."
  • See also travelogue series: Smart Traveler, Globe Trekker
  • The Troubles in Northern Ireland [PPT, large] [HTML slides]
  • How has conflict been rooted in Irish society via religion, ethnicity and colonialism?
  • How did Ireland achieve independence and partition?
  • Why did the troubles in N. Ireland flare up in 1969 after 50 years of relative peace?
  • What responses to terrorism are permissible in a democracy?
  • Should a democracy negotiate with terrorists where it cannot defeat them?
  • How did the Good Friday peace agreement seek to control the conflict?
  • What are the prospects for a functioning local democracy in N. Ireland /Ulster?
  • Notes for former Texts:
  • Sterba (ed)Terrorism & International Justice theories Questions
  • PART I. What Is the Nature and Rhetoric of Terrorism?
    1. Murderers, Not Warriors: The Moral Distinction, Terrorists and Fighters, Shannon E. French
    2. The Terrorism of "Terrorism", Tomis Kapitan
    PART II. Who Are the Terrorists, and Why Do They Hate?
    3. Terror and Just Response, Noam Chomsky
    4. Narratives Competing for Our Souls, David B. Burrell
    5. The War Against Pluralism, Robert L. Phillips
    6. Can a Muslim Be a Terrorist?, Zayn Kassam
    PART III. What Is a Morally Justified Response to Terrorism?
    7. The Moral Response to Terrorism and Cosmopolitanism, Louis P. Pojman
    8. Envisioning a Global Rule of Law, Daniele Archibugi & Iris Marion Young
    9. Making War on Terrorism in Response to 9/11, Claudia Card
    10. Terrorism, War, and Empire, Richard W. Miller
    11. Terrorism and International Justice, James P. Sterba
    12. Compassion and Terror, Martha C. Nussbaum
  • Notes for former speakers:
  • Maj. Eduardo Monarez, ACSC, former Air Attaché to Madrid
  • Ms. Bernadette Lorenzo, "The Peace Corps experience in Paraguay."
  • Mr. Craig Baab, "Terrorism as a Regional Force: Palestine and the Congo."
  • Research Resources:
  • House Homeland Security Report on Bioterror weapons, 2006. [Local]
  • Adam Farquhar's Outlines from  FRAMP '05 project:
  • Arend, Anthony Clark. 1998. "Terrorism and Just War Doctrine." Terrorism and Counter Terrorism. 7(3): 345-354.
  • Crenshaw, Martha. 1998. "The Logic of Terrorism: Terrorist Behavior as a Product of Choice." Terrorism and Counter Terrorism. 2(1): 54-64.
  • Dolnick, Adam. 2003. "All Gods Poisons: Re-Evaluating the Threat of Religious Terrorism as Respect to Non-Conventional Weapons." Terrorism and Counter Terrorism. 4(3): 159-177.
  • Ellis, Brent. 2003. "Countering Complexity: An Analytical Framework to Guide Counter-Terrorism Policy Making." Terrorism and Counter Terrorism. 3(3): 109-120.
  • Hoffman, Bruce. 1998. "Defining Terrorism." Terrorism and Counter Terrorism. 1(1): 3-23.
  • Richardson, Louise. 1998. "Global Rebels: Terrorist Organizations as Trans-National Actors." Terrorism and Counter Terrorism. 2(2): 67-73.
  • Adam Farquhar's Further Resources:
  • Coles, Clifton. 2005. "Fighting Crime with Closed Circuit Cameras." Futurist. 39(3).
  • Martin, Paul. 2005. "A Global Answer to Global Problems." Foreign Affairs. 84(3).
  • Paltie, Leslie. 2005. "Combating Terrorism while Protecting Human Rights." UN Chronicle. 41(1).
  • Ridge, Tom. 2005. "Fighting Terrorism." Vital Speeches of the Day. 71(8).
  • "UN Action Against Terrorism." United Nations. <http://www.un.org/terrorism.>.
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    Boy Scouts, Citizen in World Badge, short course, at Huntingdon College

    Turkmenistan links for HC Model United Nations team, 2008-09:
  • Emily S. White, "Turkmenistan’s Road to Independence: Past, Present, and Future."  Paper for course on History of the Middle East, April 2008
  • in CIA World Factbook
  • Sinor, Denis, Ed.  "Turkmenistan." Encyclopædia Britannica. 2008. 8 April 2008
  • Land, Thomas. "Caspian producers seek independence." Middle East.  July 2007. 40-42.  Academic Search Premier.  19 March 2008
  • “Turkmenistan.” U.S. Department of State Background Note.  InfoPlease.com [and search]
  • "Turkmenistan Begins Work On Gas Pipeline To China." Pipeline & Gas Journal.  Volume 234,  Issue 10.  October 2007. 14. MasterFILE Premier. 19 March 2008
  • Wunkerink, Susan. "Bizarre-istan." Christianity Today. Vol. 51, Issue 4.  April 2007.  23-25.  Academic Search Premier. 19 March 2008
  • Offline sources:
  • "Central Europe/Caspian." Offshore. Vol. 67, Issue 6. June 2007. 14.
  • Curtis, Glenn E., Ed.  Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan :  country studies.  Federal Research Division, Library of Congress.  Washington, D.C.:  The Division, 1996.
  • Dadabaev, Timur. "Trajectories of Political Development and Public Choices in  Turkmenistan." Asian Affairs: An American Review.  Vol. 34, Issue 3.  Fall 2007. 131- 150.
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    Political Simulations & Games Sites:
  • Pearson's PoliSim, online simulation of lobbying. (slow for phone lines)
  • Online Political Quotes Game (Wadsworth)
  • Idealog (Java) [test your ideological position] (This version may hang up.)
  • Idealog (Web) [are you liberal, conservative?] (this version runs well.)
  • Political Compass: plots your ideological position from a quiz; explanation of the two dimensions of political thinking [local file].  (More sophisticated than Idealog).
  • The Four Parachutes joke [PPS] (from internet -- no comment intended!)
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