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Graduation '08, #760: future Prof. Samantha Mosier '08

Sen. Joe Biden with Dep. Comms. Dir. Marion Steinfels '03

Amanda Spiegel '08 interned with Sen. Roger Bedford.

Spring 2016
Congratulations to the following 2016 graduates among political science majors: 
Heith Brown '16, Political Science
Melanie Blair Casebere '16 of Birmingham AL, Political Science
Walton Thomas Cobb '16 of Montgomery, AL, Political Science
Victoria Katlyn Garren '16, of Montgomery AL, Political Science
Newly commissioned Lt. Nicholas Gaetano Howell '16, USAF, of Mary Esther FL, Political Science, who will soon serve as an RPV 'drone' pilot.
Brakia Keyonna Moore '16, Political Science
Jonathan Perry Moore '16, of Montgomery AL, Political Science
Justin Hayes Nolen '16, of Montgomery AL, Political Science
Shannen O'Leary '16, of Stamford CT, Political Science
also to Ian Meadows '16, History with Political Science minor

Elected to the SGA Senate were Sydney Baumgartner, Ragin Berry, Justin Law and Ben Richardson. Congrats!

In Jan-March, Dr. Lewis will be co-teaching The Great Decisions for Alabama World Affairs Council, in 8 weekly sessions, discussing topical articles from the annual book of the Foreign Policy Association.  Sessions are held on Wednesaday afternoons at 400 South Union St. 

The AlaPSA conference 2016 will be held at Troy University, 8-9 April 2016.  Students as well as faculty are encouraged to prepare papers for selected panels.  More details to follow. 

Jeremy Lewis has a book chapter, “The Open Governance of Public Policy: changing administrative cultures and practices,” in  Leonid Smorgunov (ed), The Governance of Public Policy, published in Russian translation in Moscow by Aspekt Press, 24 December 2015.  J. Lewis.  Otkritoe upravlenie publichnoi politikoi: izmeneniya v administrativnyh kulturah i practikah. In: Upravlenie Publichnoi Politikoi / Pod. red. Smorgunova L.V. Moskwa, Aspekt Press, 2015, s. 105-112. 

Dr. Lewis's 5 panels for the IPSA world congress in Istanbul, July 2016, have been accepted by the IPSA officers. 

We have submitted an application to the national political science honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha, to form a chapter at HC. 

The Alabama World Affairs Council's speaker program this term included a retrospective on the Korean war from past President Gen. 'Chick' Cleveland, a fighter ace. More programs are found at the new site Alwac.org and past ones at our archive site, AWAC.us. 

Fall 2015
Congratulations to the following
Political science majors in Dean's List of High Honors, Fall 2015
Melanie Blair Casebere of Birmingham AL, Political Science
Ragin Elizabeth Berry, of Enterprise AL, Political Science
Victoria Katlyn Garren, of Montgomery AL, Political Science
Justin Hayes Nolen of Montgomery AL, Political Science
Benjamin Clark Richardson, of Pike Road AL, Political Science
Nicholas Gaetano Howell, of Mary Esther FL, Political Science
Others in political science classes:
Seth Vincent Harding, of Montgomery AL, History
Adam Johnson Mann, of Owens Cross Roads AL, History - Sec TE
Alexandria Jade Moore, of Somerville AL, Hist Gen Social Stud

Political science majors in Dean's List of Honors, Fall 2015
Brakia Keyonna Moore, of Dothan AL, Political Science
Jonathan Perry Moore, of Pike Road AL, Political Science
Others in political science classes:
Aaron Mitchell Triplett, of Guntersville AL, Hist Gen Social Studies
Well done, all of you!

Dr. Lewis has been nominated for Vice Chair of the Research Committee on Comparative Administrative Culture of the International Political Science Association.  Currently as Vice-Chair, he is convening four (now five) panels for the world congress in Istanbul, July 2016. Each has a full six papers and at least one discussant, from multiple countries. 

Summer 2015
Dr. Lewis's daughter Robin became co-author of a published report from the Brookings Institution, exploring digital financial inclusion (e.g., online banking) across 20 developing countries.  The Report made the list of Bill Gates's top six promising programs on his blog at Christmas 2015. 

Jeremy Lewis "Transparency, eGovernance and Policy," illustrated keynote address for the International Seminar, “The Governance of Public Policy: Cultures and Regimes in Networking Contexts,” held on 27-28 June 2015 at St. Petersburg State University, Russian Federation. In role as Vice-chair of research committee 48 on comparative administrative culture of the international political science association (IPSA), (PowerPoint and YouTube, DrPolitix channel, 16')

From The Talon, 17 June 2015: "Six Hawks get their summer internships "on the hill"
Six students are working in Hawks on the Hill summer internships, which focus on public service. Walt Cobb '16 works in the D.C. office of Alabama Congresswoman Martha Roby. Wesley Smithart '15 will spend July working in D.C. for U.S. Senator Richard Shelby. Georgianna Hunt '16 begins an internship with U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (Huntingdon Class of 1969) next week. Beginning July 10 she will extend her stay in D.C. to work for U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) through mid-August. Jeremy Wolfe '16 was awarded a summer economic development internship with the Alabama Department of Commerce. Jamey Lester '15 is working with the Family Research Council, a nonprofit lobbying group in Washington, D.C.  Ben Richardson '16 is also working in a public service placement this summer." (Ben has a couple of political internships, in fact).

Spring 2014
From the Talon, 31 March: "Political Science Program hosts conference on campus.
Dr. Jeremy Lewis, professor of political science and chair of the Department of Humanities, and Zachary A. Turner '14, serving as Dr. Lewis' intern, put together a smashing program and conference for the Alabama Political Science Association's annual meeting, held on campus March 21–22.  Presenters included Huntingdon faculty and students, whom Dr. Lewis challenged to explore policy and political issues from synoptic perspectives from their own disciplines. Both faculty and students rose to the challenge, and the results were presentations on such topics as same sex marriage, women's issues, religion in politics, and establishing a novel harassment law in Maryland. Presenters included Eric A. Kidwell, director of the library; Amanda Wineman '16; Dr. Vadim Serebryany, assoc. professor of music; Dr. Robin Gunther, assoc. professor of English; Ms. Mandy McMichael, assistant professor of religion; Mary Cam Raybon '14; Blair Casebere '15; Kaison Darden '15; Ms. Jaime Demick, physics; Dr. Frank Buckner, professor of religion; and Dr. Lewis.  The conference Web site is www.Alapsa.us."

The new Junior Class President is Skye Esry, Political Science '16, Eufaula, Ala.
The new Senators include Ryan Williams '16, Bay Minette, Ala.; and Jeremy Wolfe '16, Montgomery, Ala.
SGA president Zachary A. Turner, Political Science '14, has been admitted to the University of Texas-Austin's graduate program in higher education administration in addition to Vanderbilt University. 
Hunter Pattison, Political Science '14 has been admitted to Pepperdine University School of Law. 
Russ Barnwell, Political Science and English '13, has been accepted to a prestigious law school and is awaiting news of other applications.
Will Davis '14, who has taken some political science classes, has been accepted to competitive law schools in Houston and elsewhere. 
SGA president Zachary A. Turner, Political Science '14 has been admitted to Vanderbilt University's Peabody College for graduate study in higher education administration. In the meantime, he is assisting Dr. Jeremy Lewis in convening (with Dr. Mary Hampton of the Air Command and Staff College) the annual meeting of the Alabama Political Science Association, 21-22 March 2014 - for the first time at Huntingdon College.
The seniors taking the very demanding national Major Field Test in 2013 achieved another outstanding set of scores, raising our outcomes yet again. 13 of our top 14 scorers have come since 2008, and we have two individual scores in the top 2 percent of all national candidates. 
Hayden Pugh, political science '14, is interning with the Alabama Forestry Association.

Fall 2013 Spring 2013
  • Recipients of the awards for excellence in political science (over two semesters, and a college GPA approaching 4.0) were Skye Rebecca Esry '16, Audrey Kaison Darden '14, Jonathan Perry Moore '16, Hunter Michael Pattison '13 and Jeremiah Cash Stone '16.  In addition there were two awardees for scholars in public service: Russell Ethan Barnwell '13 and Robert D. "Trace" Zarr '13, who had both excelled in leadership and in multiple internships and fieldwork. 
  • Congratulations to Shannen O'Leary 2016, and A. Kaison Darden, who changed their majors to Political Science
  • Ann Elizabeth Clancy of Vermont, has been accepted to study at Queens University in Northern Ireland next year with the Irish-American Scholars program. This pays them back for sending us Brian Martin to our constitutional law class in spring 2013! 
  • Skye Esry '16, a freshman from Eufaula, AL, coordinated the Miss Huntingdon Pageant on February 16.
  • Zachary Turner '14 was elected President of the HC student government association, with Will Davis as Treasurer.
  • Russ Barnwell '13 led the College Democrats (including several political science students) in a forum on the Second Amendment and violence; and a rally for higher education. 
  • HC's drama club (including Ann Clancy, Russ Barnwell, M. Bailey Scott and Victoria Luchner) debuted in March with a well-received performance of the play, "Months on End," a comedy of relationships among young New Yorkers. 
  • Victoria Luchner became Ms. Huntingdon, in an event organized and emceed by Skye Esry. A. Kaison Darden and Katie Hall also performed in the pageant along with Jamie Reschke from Dr. Lewis's PACT section. 
  • The following made the Dean's List of High Honors

  • Melanie Blair Casebere, Political Science, Birmingham AL
    Skye  R.  Esry, History & Political Science, Eufaula AL
    Russell Ethan Barnwell, Political Science &English, Jacksonville 
    Jeremiah Cash Stone, Political Science, Northport 
    Jonathan Perry Moore, Political Science, Pike Road 
    Hunter Michael Pattison, Political Science, Shalimar FL
    Ann Elizabeth Clancy, Political Science, Ferrisburg VT
  • and the Dean's List of Honors

  • Walton Thomas Cobb, Political Science, Montgomery AL
Fall 2012
  • Mon. October 15th, 7:30 - 9:00 PM in Ligon Chapel: mock Presidential debate, featuring John Anzalone (Dem, a national campaign and polling consultant) and State Sen. Cam Ward (GOP). President West has invited each PACT class to submit 1 or 2 questions on the six topics that will be addressed in that debate:

  • - Education
    - Health Policies
    - Economy
    - Foreign Policy
    - Entitlement Programs
    - Governance Styles
  • Speaker event at www.AWAC.US, Tues. 9 October 2012: Ambassador Edmund Hull, "The Middle East in Turmoil." Former U.S. Ambassador to Yemen, many high-level posts in State Department. Expert on counterterrorism, fluent in Arabic.
  • A number of political science alumni participated in the fraternity and sorority tailgating shrimp boil for Homecoming, 29 Sep., including R. Walker and Heather Garrett; Patrick Dean; Laura Marie Tyree; Christine Lake -- and current parents, including the Howell family.  Thanks to all for their stories and conversation. 
  • Dr. Jeremy Lewis, political science, will present a paper, "The Impact of Information and Communications Technology on Outward Flows of Official Records: Towards Transparency and eGovernance," to the panel entitled, "Technology in Policy Implementation, Influence, and Innovation," at the 2013 Southern Political Science Association meeting.
  • Dr. Jeremy Lewis, political science, gave an illustrated presentation on Robert's Rules of order, to the student government association, 17 Sep. 2012. 
  • Freshman Forum leaders include Jeremiah Stone '16, president and Skye Esry '16, vice president; and Barrett Leverette '16, secretary.
  • Congratulations to the 2012–2013 Bells and Pomegranates yearbook staff, including:  Zack Turner '14, editor-in-chief; and Farrah Mahan ( Lewis's PACT 103 class).
  • Trace Zarr '13 spent 10 weeks during the summer interning in the Washington, D.C., offices of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions '69 and Congressman Jo Bonner.  He lived in an apartment near the Kennedy Center, the Watergate Hotel, and the Lincoln Memorial.  For Senator Sessions, Trace worked with his defense office, researching topics and attending committee meetings on special interests.  For Congressman Bonner, he conducted tours of the U.S. Capitol building.  His most memorable experience was a tour of the Capitol Dome, overlooking the National Mall. 
  • Rhett Williams '16, Pensacola, Florida, was named Student-Athlete of the Week September 19 for his performance on the field and in the classroom.  He is a Bellingrath Scholar, a member of the Hawks soccer team, a Sig Ep, and a member of College Republicans.
  • Russell Ethan Barnwell (2013, Political Science/English, Jacksonville, AL) worked on the political database at Project Vote-Smart, on the range in Montana. 
  • Ann Elizabeth Clancy (2015, Political Science, Ferrisburg, VT) spent the summer serving as a press intern for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) in his Washington, D.C., office. The internship entailed a great deal of research and daily communication.
  • Trace Zarr '13 (Political Science; Bay Minette, AL) interned in the Washington, D.C., offices of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions '69, June 1–30, and U.S. Representative Jo Bonner, July 1–31. 
Spring 2012
  • Huntingdon's Collegiate Exchange Club, has announced the officers elected to serve for the 2012–2013 academic year:  president, Russ Barnwell '13 (Political Science/English; Jacksonville, AL); and treasurer, Zachary Turner '14 (Political Science; Citronelle, AL).
  • Trace Zarr '13 (Political Science; Bay Minette, AL) will spend his summer interning in the Washington, D.C., offices of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions '69, June 1–30, and U.S. Representative Jo Bonner, July 1–31.  Trace received a resolution from the Alabama State Senate for his work with Alabama Senator Greg Reed last year.
  • Ann Clancy '15 (Political Science; Ferrisburg, VT) will spend her summer (June-August) interning in the Washington, D.C., office of U.S. Senator Bernard Sanders. 
  • Laura Merrifield Sojka, MPA, a doctoral candidate in the University of Alabama, spoke to PSC 215 Southern Politics about her research comparing the progress on women as state legislators in Alabama and Colorado.  She found that disparities in fundraising appeared to caused by intermediary variables rather than gender alone. 
  • Congratulate the following who on 13 April received Political Science Awards for 2011-2012: Russell Ethan Barnwell (2013, Political Science/English, Jacksonville, AL); Ann Elizabeth Clancy (2015, Political Science, Ferrisburg, VT); Julia Anna Denney (2015, Political Science, Valparaiso, FL); Hunter Michael Pattison (2015, Political Science, Shalimar, FL); and Amanda Lynne Wineman (2015, Political Science/History, Cut Bank, MT).
  • The Honorable Reese McKinney, '72, Montgomery County Judge of Probate, spoke to PSC 215 about the work of his office, on Monday 16 April 2012. 
  • Alexander T. Zachos '07 returned to speak to PSC 305 on Thursday 12 April 2012 about the LSAT, law school and his work in pharmaceutical corporate law.  Afterwards, he took part in the Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers waterslide.
  • The following are to be congratulated for their recent awards: William F. Davis, 2014, from Niceville, FL (Biochemistry & political science), admitted to ODK and a Huntingdon Host; Jackson Horn, 2014, (Political Science) a Huntingdon Host; Abby Carter '12 (Psych. with political science minor; Charlotte, N.C.) to ODK; and Alexis Johnson '12 (English with political science minor; Wetumpka, Ala.)
  • Please congratulate the following for inclusion in the Alpha Beta Honor society for scholarship: Russell Barnwell '13 (Political Science/English; Jacksonville, AL.)
  • Legendary marine/best selling author/professor/journalist/theorist, F. "Bing" West spoke Tues 7 Feb. at World Affairs Council. 
  • Congratulations to the following political science majors who appear on the Dean's List of High Honors for Fall 2011: Russell Barnwell, Ann Clancy, Julia Denney, Hunter Pattison, Zach Turner and Amanda Wineman
  • The new course in Southern Politics has started with high enrolment and much enthusiasm. 
Fall 2011
  • Images of home cooked, candle-lit, Italian dinner are now on FaceBook HC Political Science Club page in 2011-121 album; full size images are also listed by number in this folder on web
  • Draft syllabi and new timetables for Fall PSC classes are available on web: click here
  • New booklist, much revised to reduce the cost of books, is posted. 
  • Leading southern Historian, Prof. Wayne Flynt, will speak to a political science class (PSC 207) and then to the public on Tues. 20 Sep. as part of President West's new Public Affairs Forum.  His topic will be "Black, White, and Poor in America." 
  • Conversations at the Carter Center, 2011-12 (possible van trips for the Club, including a museum or CNN tour, dinner and Carter Center museum). 
    • Conversation with the Carters: Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011, 7-8:30 p.m.  (Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter about the Center's peace and health initiatives. Tickets $20 each, beginning Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011.)
    • The State of Democracy in the Americas: Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011, 7-8:30 p.m.
    • Human Rights in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012
    • Dark Forest Black Fly (Uganda, elimination of river blindness): Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2011, 7-8:30 p.m.
    • The Arab Awakening: Thursday, April 19, 2012, 7-8:30 p.m. (Webcast only)
Summer 2011 Spring 2011
  • The senior capstone seminar goes out with a bang! Major Field Scores since 2000 are now posted to scores page by your capstone PIN, and 9 of the top 10 ever, are from the most recent 4 years! Our average has been rising. (Yes, the capstone will still be available as an option.)
  • Three political science majors presented papers to the Alabama Political Science Association's conference in Brimingham, in April: D. Coleman Muzio '11 (on Hamilton and Jefferson) and M. Heath Woodruff '11 (on the progress of China and India) presented revised versions of their capstone papers, while Russell Barnwell '13 presented a revised version of a class paper (on the early ealigning elections of 1800 and 1828).  Dr Lewis presented a paper also (contrasting transparency programs with WikiLeaks). 
  • Congratulations to the new member of Omicron Delta Kappa honor society, Russ Barnwell '13, a political science and English major from Jacksonville, AL
  • Congratulations to Russ Barnwell '13 for being invited to the President's breakfast colloquium on Niebuhr's theology with Stallworth lecturer Dr. Andrew Bacevich. 
  • Congratulate the new President of the Class of 2013/Junior Class:  Russ Barnwell '13 (Political Science/English; Jacksonville, AL.)  Also the new President of the Class of 2014/Sophomore Class: Zachary Turner '14  (Political Science; Citronelle, Ala.) 
  • "A flower for a life:  More than 40 politically bi-partisan members of the Huntingdon community participated in placing 120 flowers along The Hut-Roland pathway  in memory of the lives lost in each 24-hour period because of inadequate healthcare, according to a 2009 Harvard University study.  A flower was placed every 12 minutes from midnight Wednesday until midnight Thursday last week.  The event was coordinated by Russ Barnwell '13 (Political Science/English; Jacksonville, Ala.) and the College Democrats and covered by the Montgomery Advertiser in print and online video. -- Su Ofe, Monday Messages, 7 March 2011
  • "The speaker for traditional day Commencement Exercises [May, 2011] is Dr. Samuel Williamson, vice chancellor and president emeritus at the University of the South....  Dr. Williamson taught courses on intelligence and foreign policy for more than two decades and has written extensively about nuclear strategy and World War I history." -- Monday messages, 2/14/11
  • "Political science students, faculty present at state conference:  Dr. Jeremy R.T. Lewis, professor and chair of the Department of Political Science, and three students will present their original papers at the annual Alabama Political Science Association conference to be held at Samford University later this spring.  Dr. Lewis will present "Redaction and Release Systems Versus Data Dump: Transparency Programs and The WikiLeaks Classified Documents Scandal." Russ Barnwell '13 (Pol. Sci.; Jacksonville, Ala.) will present "1800 and 1828: The First Realigning Elections in U.S. Political History." Cole Muzio '11 (Pol. Sci./History; Millbrook, Ala.) will present "Hamilton v. Jefferson: Contrasting Worldviews that Forged a Hamiltonian Reality for a New Nation." Heath Woodruff '12 (Pol. Sci./History; Wetumpka, Ala.) will present "Political Progress, Economic Progress: How Political Development Influences Economic Development in China and India." -- Monday messages, 2/14/11
  • Congratulate Cole Muzio '11, a veteran of the successful Martha Roby for Congress 2010 campaign, who is working for the Alabama legislature in a Capitol internship this spring term. 
  • "Catie Malone '11 (Pol. Sci./Com. Studies; Ozark, Ala.) will present her paper, "Woodrow Wilson: 'This is War,'" to the 2011 Southern States Communication Association Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, next month.  -- Monday messages, 2/14/11
  • "Colloquy focuses on South Korea: Seven students were among those who participated in a Presidential Colloquy panel discussion about South Korean economics and politics in the Office of the President last week.  Those participating included President J. Cameron West; Dr. Kyle Fedler, vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty; professors Dr. Jeremy Lewis, political science; Dr. James Albritton, history; Dr. Cinzia Balit-Moussalli, finance and economics; and students Russ Barnwell '13 (English/Political Science; Jacksonville, Ala.), Abby Carter '12 (Psychology; Charlotte, N.C.), John Dean '13 (Political Science; Randolph, Ala.), Lauren Miller '13 (Business Ad.; Cheyenne, Wy.), Amanda Jo Napier '11 (English/History; Montgomery, Ala.), Zachary Turner '14 (Political Science; Citronelle, Ala.), and Chimee Zorigtbaatar'12 (Business Ad.; Bulgan, Mongolia). The panel was comprised of Greg Scarlatoiu, director of public affairs and business issues for the Korea Economic Institute, Washington, D.C.; Charles L. "Jack" Pritchard, president, Korea Economic Institute and former ambassador and special envoy for negotiations to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea; and Mr. Aloysius O'Neill, consultant, Office of Korean Affairs, U.S. Department of State. The panel was moderated by Lieutenant General Charles "Chick" Cleveland, retired, Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell Air Force Base." -- Su Ofe 

  • Congratulate the following, who will be Orientation leaders in Fall 2011:
  • Russ Barnwell '13 (Political Science/English; Jacksonville, AL)
  • Zach Turner '14 (Political Science; Citronelle, AL)
  • Congratulate those outstanding students who have been invited by President West and Dean Fedler to the "Future of Korea" colloquium, 3pm Tues. 1 Feb. 2011, before AL World Affairs Council.
  • Congratulate the following, who completed requirements for graduation, December 2010:
  • Kylie Ann Piercy (Political Science), Athens AL
  • Devon Dezmond Beaty (Political Science), Montgomery AL
  • Caitlin Victoria Malone (Political Science, Communication Studies), Ozark AL 
  • Syllabi have been updated for the new term -- and requirements revised.
  • Our Stallworth lecturer this year will be Andrew Bacevich, who has a high reputation for his writings on both religion and international relations (including war).  A club lunchtime event is likely before the evening lecture. 
  • Congratulations to the following, who made the Dean's List of High Honors, Fall 2010:
  • Zachary Allen Turner (Political Science, 2014), Citronelle, AL
  • Russell Ethan Barnwell (Political Science, English, 2013),  Jacksonville AL
  • Mark Heath Woodruff (Political Science, History, 2011),Wetumpka AL
  • ... and those on the Dean's List of Honors, Fall 2010:
  • Eric Houston Lyerly (Political Science, 2014), Birmingham AL
  • David Coleman Muzio (Political Science, History, 2011), Millbrook AL
  • Caitlin Victoria Malone (Political Science, Communication, 2011), Ozark AL
  • Rachael Lindsey Gautier (Political Science, History, 2011), Biloxi MS
  • ... and those from my section of PACT 103 on the Dean's List of High Honors, Fall 2010:
  • Alexandra Kathleen Parquette (Elementary Education, 2014),  Montgomery AL
  • Autumn 2010
  • First, distinguished, guest speaker is tentatively set for 0800 Tues 14 Sep in PSC 201.  If confirmed, event will be advertised on facebook, here, and by email broadcast on Monday 13 Sep.
  • New Political Science Club FaceBook Page (Join by Liking)
  • Carter Center events (possible field trips):
  • A Conversation with the Carters, Tuesday, Sept. 14, 7–8:30 p.m.EST - tickets sold out. Webcast 6-7:30 Central time.
  • After the War: Mental Health and a Veteran’s Journey Home, Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010, 7–8:30 p.m. EST.  PTSD after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Possible club field trip?
  • Justice for the Poor: Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 7–8:30 p.m. EST.  (Efforts to serve justice to poor in Liberia, Congo and elsewhere).
  • US News has a fun feature on comparing the world's best countries.
  • Welcome to these new students in political science: Eric Lyerly, M. Brandon Maddox, Matthew McGill, Evan Smith, Bobby "Trey" Taunton, Garrett Thomas, Zachary Turner and Jamie Waddell. 
  • Spring 2010
  • Training for women on running for office is available from the AAUW, on Saturday, July 24th at the clubhouse at the Prattville Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.  The cost is only $39.00 and two student scholarships are available. Contact Janet Smith.
  • D. Cole Muzio, who has been organizing Republican speakers and debates, convened a debate in the chapel on 1 July, between Republican congressional candidates Roby and Barber.  (Barber also appeared on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, advocating a national sales tax.)
  • Good 9 min segment by Jon Stewart on Comedy Channel about the SC Dem primary choice of the unknown and inarticulate Alvin Greene for US Rep.  (Also skewers the Fox News questioning.) 
  • Bright for Congress is looking for interns; email anna@brightforcongress.com
  • Note that advanced undergraduates and graduates are welcome to submit papers by 12 July to the Georgia Political Science Assoc. conference, held in Savanannah, 11-13 Nov. 2010.  (This would be a great feather in your cap before application to grad schools.)
  • The winner of the Margaret Read Scholarship Medal for the highest grade point average among graduates of the Class of 2010 was Maegan Ashley McCollum '10 (Political Science/English; Eldridge, AL).
  • Congratulations to our graduating political science majors: Maegan Ashley McCollum '10 (Political Science and English, Eldridge AL) who earned the only summa cum laude diploma at commencement; and Lt. Shane Kurt Stinemetz, USMC (Political Science, Prattville, AL), who was commissioned on the stage at the climax of the commencement exercises. The moving, silver sword ceremony was commanded by his father, a Lt. Col., with his grandfather, Col., retd., USMC supporting.  Also graduating was Rick Wilson Riley (History and Political Science, Sylacauga, AL).  Images will appear on the Facebook album for PSC club 2009-10 and high resolution on the web, here and the full set in lower resolution here.. 
  • Congratulations also to our graduating political science minors: Ashley Elizabeth Cromer (History, New Market, AL); George Douglas Fontaine (Mathematics, Panama City, FL); Candace Jenae Goudy (History, Birmingham, AL). 
  • Congratulations to Max Johnson, '13, Political Science; Prattville, AL, who won the college's Jane Williams Award for Sports (involvement in intramurals during the freshman year).
  • AWAC home page and speaker notes have been revised with the latest speakers from Air War College, 4 May.
  • Facebook album for PSC club 2009-10 now includes tagged images of Awards Day 2010. Individual images can be viewed in high resolution on the web, here and the full set in lower resolution here.
  • Congratulate the following, who were recognized at the Awards convocation, 16 April 2010:
  • Maegan Ashley McCollum (Political Science and English, Eldridge AL) who received Tri-Sigma, Alpha Beta, and a Political Science Award. She also received the Frank T. Thompson Award for Creativity (college publications), and the 
  • David Coleman Muzio, Class of 2011, Political Science/History; Millbrook, AL., who received Alpha Beta, and a Political Science Award
  • Political Science Awards also went to: Russell Ethan Barnwell, Devon Dezmond Beaty, and Mark Heath Woodruff
  • Congratulations to Rick Wilson Riley '10 (History/Political Science; Sylacauga, AL.), who has been selected as an intern in the office of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions '69 in Washington, D.C., this May.
  • On 10 March, the club declared a civil rights field day, and visited the Rosa Parks museum, the civil rights memorial, Dexter Ave King memorial church and its parsonage museum.  Images are in the Facebook album, PSC club, '09-10.
  • The political science club was able to listen via webcast to the Jimmy Carter Center in Atlanta on 10 March to hear Paul Collier speak on African political economy.   (This was a welcome addition, since foul weather prevented the trip to Atlanta.)
  • Economist James K. Galbraith will deliver the Durr lecture at AUM, 7:30pm Sat. 17 April. His topic will be "The Great Crisis and the Predator State."
  • The Eisenhower National Security Series will bring US Army War College speaker panels to AUM, 6-9pm, 23 March (Homeland Security) and 25 March (Strategy and Values).
  • Russ Barnwell '13 (Political Science; Jacksonville, AL.), Will Francis, Rachael Gautier '11 (Political Science/History; Biloxi, Miss.), and Max Johnson '13 (Political Science; Prattville, Ala.),  attended a Leadership retreat in Atlanta with our student life staff. 
  • Adam Farquhar (International studies, '08), has earned his Master of Arts in ethnic and religious conflict resolution from Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.  He is employed in Belfast, working on archival information on the religious conflict in Northern Ireland of the 1970s and 1980s. 
  • Emily White '09 has been offered a major scholarship to study for a Master's in Business at Rollins College in Florida. 
  • John Dean would like to revive the College Democrats.  If interested, please contact him, and Dr. Lewis will sponsor the club if there is sufficient interest. 
  • Congratulations to the following who have been accepted to Mercer Law School in Georgia: Maegan McCollum '10 and Ashley Cromer '10.  Maegan has also been accepted to LSU law school and to Cumberland law school at Samford U.. 
  • The 2010 Orientation Leaders include:  Russ Barnwell '13 (Political Science; Jacksonville, Ala.); Will Francis '12 (Political Science/English; Dothan, Ala.); Rachael Gautier '11 (Political Science/History; Biloxi, Miss.); and Max Johnson '13 (Political Science; Prattville, Ala.)
  • Heath Woodruff and Devon Beaty gave guest analysis on WSFA-TV of the State of the Union message, 27 Jan. 2010
  • "Students Serve on WSFA Panel: Heath Woodruff ’11 (Political Science/History; Wetumpka, Ala.) and Devon Beaty ’11 (Political Science; Montgomery, Ala.) served as guest analysts for WSFA’s coverage of the State of the Union Address last week. The local NBC affiliate invited student panelists from Huntingdon, Auburn-Montgomery, and Alabama State University to view the speech in their studios and to respond on camera. Heath and Devon both received air-time in the resulting news report." -- HC Monday Messages, 2/2/10
  • Fall 2009
  • scores page revised several times, with all Fall '09 scores and grades
  • Many, tagged images of guest speaker events, film date and field trips added to Club Facebook album, 2009-10
  • New Facebook album for Alabama World Affairs Council 2009-10| Images on web '09-10 | Hi-res images
  • Images of the club [hi-res] and other guests [hi-res] at AWAC speaker meetings throughout Fall '09
  • Classmates of 2011 and 2013 revised with more photos and interest notes for new students.
  • Senior capstone research projects: biographies, outlines, and PowerPoint slides.  Presenters were Maegan McCollum, Rick Riley and Shane Stinemetz.
  • Health Care bill votes: interactive table in the Washington Post, shows partisan vote, regardless of health industry contributions or percent in district lacking insurance.
  • Model UN team Facebook group page is revitalized, with new officers for 2009-10.
  • Engagement credit: The Club is making a field trip, Thurs. 3 Dec. '09, with ten student seats reserved (more can be requested) to the Carter Center in downtown Atlanta for the evening Conversations event, "US-China relations", featuring former President Carter and leading Chinese diplomats
  • Dr. Lewis's chapter, "From Electronic FOIA (EFOIA) to e-Government: the Development of Online Official Information Services, 1985-2009," is in press for the Handbook of Public Information Systems, Third Edition, Chris Shea and G. David Garson, eds. CRC Press, forthcoming February 2010.
  • Dr. Lewis's chapter, "Tide of Security Secrecy, Tide of Transparency: The G.W. Bush and Obama Administrations, 2001-2009," is in press for the Handbook of Public Information Systems, Third Edition, Chris Shea and G. David Garson, eds. CRC Press, forthcoming February 2010.
  • Images of field trip to Carter Presidential Museum, plus Hallowe'en on campus: low resolution | high resolution | album on Facebook | Video (Caleb) on YouTube | Club at multimedia table, on YouTube
  • Tweet: Carter Center trip Wed 28 Oct: Blount dorm parking 10:30, sign waiver forms, leave 11:00 , return about 10:30 pm.  Museum free. Buy meals.
  • Alabama World Affairs Council's next speaker event, Amb. Ryan Crocker, Tuesday 3 November at 5:30pm in the Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Alabama World Affairs Council's EXTRA speaker event, Gen Michael Hayden, Sunday 3 November at 5:30pm at Taylor Center, AUM.
  • The Club is making a field trip, Wed. 28 Oct. '09, with four student seats reserved (more can be requested) to the Carter Center in downtown Atlanta for the new multimedia exhibits at the Carter Presidential Museum, plus an evening Conversations event, "The Carter Presidency Revisited". Student tickets to the newly redesigned museum are $6, and you should bring money for lunch and dinner.
  • PSC 201 identifications scores now posted.  See Scores page.  Also, be prepared for Scantron test Monday morning, 12 Oct. '09, in the event that I can rewrite questions in time.  Bring Scantron sheet and pencils.
  • Alabama World Affairs Council's next speaker event, Tuesday 13 October at 5:30pm in the Museum of Fine Arts.
  • field trip:D. Cole Muzio and Alexis Johnson of the Political Science Club visited Politics4all.com's social media workshop to see cutting edge software in action at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Montgomery, 8 Oct '09.  Student fees were sponsored by Dr. James Albritton (thanks). Images on Facebook.
  • Devon Beaty '11 and Maegan McCollum '10 discussed Lincoln over lunch with the Stallworth Lecturer, Dr. Ronald C. White, who later lectured on "Lincoln's Sermon on the Mount: The Second Inaugural Address," Tuesday, October 6, 7:30 p.m., Ligon Chapel
  • Contratulations to Catie Malone '11 (Political Science/Communication Studies; Ozark, Ala.), who was named Miss Ozark over the weekend.
  • The Carter Center in downtown Atlanta is holding an evening Conversations event, "The Carter Presidency Revisited", Wed. 28 Oct. '09.  The Club is planning a field trip, has five seats reserved, and will combine this with a visit to multimedia exhibits at the Carter Presidential Museum. The Museum is found at 441 Freedom Parkway and student tickets to the newly redesigned museum are $6.  (The re-opening of the Museum with all-new exhibits is 1 Oct. '09)
  • AL World Affairs Council is holding its first event of the season on Tues. 29 Sep. at 5:30pm in the Museum of Fine Arts: Janet Guyon, managing editor of Bloomberg News, is the speaker.
  • Congratulations to Max Johnson '13 (Political Science; Prattville, Ala.) for being elected president of the Commuter students' association.
  • AL World Affairs Council pages have been revised with new speaker information for 2009-10.
  • Enjoyed the first home football game, and spotted Rick and Heath in the thick of the action.  Here is the list of HC football players in PSC courses, Fall 2009, and the numbers to look out for: 29 Matt Frate DB; 31 Heath Woodruff RB -- but actually wearing 36 shirt; 33 Paul Mielke RB; 42 Heath Shankles RB; 50 Rick Riley OL; 56 Brad Witt LB; 66 Dylan Pugh OL; 93 Jared Sill DL.
  • Summer 2009
  • Jon Lyons '08 works in the Catastrophe Claims department for State Farm Insurance in Jacksonville, Florida (#31 on the Fortune 500 list). He is looking for a house and taking courses to obtain his Associate in Claims (AIC).
  • Larry Newton '09, the former National Vice Chief of the Boy Scouts of America, has been awarded by the the Order of the Arrow's Distinguished Service Award.
  • "Chase Rogers '11 (Communication Studies; Troy, Ala.), made it to the semifinal round of the Alabama Golf Association Match Play Championship in Dothan, Ala., this weekend. Chase was NCAA-Division III's top freshman in 2008, winning the coveted Phil Mickelson Award."  -- HC News.  Chase has taken several political science courses.
  • new speaker events for Alabama World Affairs Council speaker program, 2009-10, and speaker notes page, for AWAC.US
  • Jarret Allen Layson '04, JD, University of Alabama law school '07, is engaged to be married on 15 August 2009 to Jenna Louise Sumlin, in Opelika, AL.  Congratulations to both.
  • Congratulate the following who, in spring 2009, made the Dean's List of High Honors (3.8+)
  • Maegan Ashley McCollum, Political Science, English, 2010, Eldridge AL
    David Coleman Muzio, Political Science, 2011, Millbrook AL
    Chanley Elizabeth Rainey, Political Science, English, 2009 Monroeville AL
    Lindsay Elizabeth Curry, Political Science, 2008, Montgomery AL
    Chrystine Devereaux Lake, Political Science, 2009, Montgomery AL
    Richard Wilson Riley, History, Political Science, 2010, Sylacauga AL
    Mark Heath Woodruff, Political Science, History, 2011 Wetumpka AL
    ... and the Dean's List of Honors (3.6+)
    William Brian Francis, Political Science, English, 2012, Dothan AL
    Caitlin Victoria Malone, Pol. Sci., Comm. Studies, 2011 Ozark AL
    Karin Alexis Johnson, Political Science, 2012, Wetumpka AL
  • Senate internships: Cole Muzio '11 (Political Science; Millbrook, AL), and Shane Stinemetz '10 (Political Science; Prattville, AL), will begin month-long summer internships working for the office of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions '69 in Washington, D.C., in July.
  • Emily White '09, who organized and led our Model United team, has become a Program Analyst for Science and Engineering Services in Huntsville.  She tracks the resources and helps process government defense contracts.  She reports learning a lot and enjoying the people she works with.  She is getting to see a side of both government and business sectors that she has little experience in.  She plans to work for a year and begin grad school in fall 2010.
  • Extensive facelift and some revisions (including tentative events for 2009-10) to AWAC.US
  • New albums of Model United Nations Team: Team at UN General Assembly | team sightseeing in NYC
  • Much improved Model United Nations index
  • added new registrants to Class of 2013
  • Dr. Lewis's chapter, "From Electronic FOIA (EFOIA) to e-Government: the Development of Online Official Information Services, 1985-2009," has been accepted for the Handbook of Public Information Systems, Third Edition, Chris Shea and G. David Garson, eds. CRC Press, forthcoming February 2010.
  • Dr. Lewis's chapter, "Tide of Security Secrecy, Tide of Transparency: The G.W. Bush and Obama Administrations, 2001-2009," has been accepted for the Handbook of Public Information Systems, Third Edition, Chris Shea and G. David Garson, eds. CRC Press, forthcoming February 2010.
  • Dates page has been updated for Fall 2009.