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Gradn '01b-
Chad Hobbs, Jared Lyles and Carrie McDonough with Dr. Lewis

Political Science & Public Affairs: First Graduates, 2001

page and photos by Jeremy Lewis
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Political Science (PSC) and Public Affairs (PATS) students at Graduation 2001.
Gradn '01c-Gradn '01a
Chad Hobbs, Jared Lyles and Carrie McDonough, all PSC '01.
Gradn '01g-Gradn '01h
Carrie McDonough, PSC '01, and with her mother.
gradn '01j-Gradn '01k
Gradn '01d-Gradn '01L
Woojung Lee, PSC '01, with her mother and with Dr. Lewis.
Gradn '01e-Gradn '01f-Gradn '01m
Sig Eps: Chad Hobbs, PSC '01, Dan Ogle, PATS '01, with family and with Jimmy Payne '99.
Gradn '01i
Angela Graham Dupree, Political science minor and public affairs club member.
Photos needed: Cara Sadler, PATS '01, and David Abbott, IS '01, escaped!