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Awards Day, 2002
page and photos by Jeremy Lewis
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The political science award was given to Amy Garrett '02,
the public affairs award to Julie Stanton '03, and the
award for most promising student other than a senior, to Larry McLemore '04.
Amy and Julie escaped the camera till homecoming and graduation,
but the camera did catch the McLemores!
At Homecoming, "posthumous" awards for the class of '01 were presented to
Jared Lyles, Chad Hobbs, Dan Ogle and Carrie McDonough.

86: Dr. Lewis hands the political science award to Larry.

80: Dr. Salyer obviously
admiring Larry's award.

85: Mother, Lucie, joins Larry.

84: Judge Lucie McLemore with her son, Larry.

88: Grace McLemore, HC alumna and a legal researcher, joins the group.

81: Judge Lucie McLemore with new husband.  Congratulations!