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ASAP 2001: Index.
American Society of Access Professionals.
 Personal Research Notes of the
Annual Symposium, December 2001.
(by Jeremy Lewis, PhD, Montgomery AL; 
these are raw notes -- additions and corrections welcome; revised 26 Jan '02.)
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Index based on final conference programme.
Click on any underlined events or speakers to see the notes.

Day 1: Monday December 10, 2001.

ASAP '01 page 1
Reagan Building Wash DC, Dec 10, '01.
Paul McMasters, Freedom Forum:

ASAP '01 pages 2-3
Privacy I.
Charlene Thomas IRS, deputy Privacy advocate. 
David Sobel, EPIC

ASAP '01 pages 4-5
Mary Ronan, IRS, ex NARA, moderator
Sarah Cohen, Wash Post, Database editor:
Mark Greenwood, Ropes & Gray:
Gary Bass, OMB Watch:

ASAP '01 page 6
On The Hill.
Jim Dempsey, CDT
Kevin Goldberg, Cohn & Marks

ASAP '01 page 7
Court Records: Why They're Open & Ought to Be.
Mod: Rebecca Daugherty, Reporters Ctee
Hon. Rudolph Kass, MA Apps Ct
Dick Carelli, Judicial Conf Info Officer

ASAP '01 page 8
Laura Kimberly, ISOO.
Henry McIntyre, DOD.
Tom Blanton NS Archive.

Day 2: Tuesday December 11, 2001.

ASAP '01 page 9 Tues 11 Dec
Steve Garfinkel, ISOO, ex-GC for NARA & GSA

ASAP '01 page 10 
Privacy II
Frank Reeder, Reeder group
Peter Swire, GWU visiting Professor

ASAP '01 page 12 
Mark Zaid, James Madison Project, DIr., moderator. 
Mark Tapscott, Heritage Foundation Center for Media & Policy.
Aron Pilhofer, Ron Nixon Investigative Reporters & editors.

ASAP '01 page13
E-Govt: what it ought to be
Theresa Amato, Citizen Works.
Bob Carlitz, Info Renaissance,

ASAP '01 page14
E-Govt and records management.
Mike Miller:
Tony Frater, OMB OIRA,

ASAP '01 page 15 
What is/What you say it is.
Miriam Nisbet, mod
Scott Nelson, Public CitizenLit Group
Tim Edgar, Legis Counsel for ACLU
Joe O'Connell, IBB (VOA, radio Marti) ex USIA. 

Dan Metcalfe, DOJ, open mike

Day 3: Business Information Day,
Wednesday December 12, 2001.

ASAP '01 page 17 Business Day
Melanie Pustay, atty DOJ, OIP.
Tom Papson, McKenna & Cuneo.

ASAP '01 page 19 business II
"Working with Exemption 4"
Judy Wise, Navsea, contracting info.
Joycelene Charry, Anteon Corp, contractor. 
Patricia Ann Ades Vanstory, of Hyman, Phelps & McNamara. 
Susan Cornell of NIH. 

ASAP '01 page 20 
Business roundtable:
Unit pricing after MCI v GSA decision.
Tom Wheeler, Piper, Marbury. 
Melanie Pustay, DOJ.
Tom Papson, McKenna & Cuneo:
David Schuman, NASA, McD-Douglas counsel.
Ted Fredman, Navy Counsel

Formal End of Conference

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